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Fastr - Whatsapp for Customer Service

Plan for Fastr (Dec 2013)

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Fastr - Whatsapp for Customer Service

  1. 1. fastr Re-imagining CARE (confidential plan)
  2. 2. Problem Friction Time
  3. 3. Market Gap People to People People to Business Phone Mail Live Chat Phone
  4. 4. Solution A native app where customers can talk seemlessly, easily and fastr® with businesses. SAVE    PRECIOUS   TIME     CONNECT   WITH   BUSINESSES   BUILD   RELATION-­‐   SHIP   Go to where your customer is going…
  5. 5. $5 Billion+ in 2017 Market Size $36.5 billion+ by 2017 $3 Billion+ ENTERPRISES CUSTOMER SOFTWARE SERVICE SPEND (WORLDWIDE) Total Addressable Market SPEND ON NEW MEDIUMS TO INTERACT WITH CUSTOMERS Serviceable available Market $200 m fastr® Target Share of the Market Source:  Gartner  
  6. 6. 3x  Instant  messaging   volume  by  2016   5x  Produc<vity  using  text   to  handle  volume  of   customer  service   requests   1  Number  of  seamless,   one-­‐stop  apps  to   connect  with   businesses   Market Trend
  7. 7. BE PROACTIVE and let customers before a problem bubbles up Real-time analytics to ensure that you are on top of your customer happiness BENEFITS OF FASTR EXPERIENCE INSIGHT EFFICIENCY Reach out to the customer with the medium that is gaining popularity Text is more pointed & productive to handle more volume per customer service agent
  8. 8. BUSINESS MODEL We will serve different sizes of enterprises with a clear, differentiated model Easy to Manage: Mobile to Mobile B2B Enabling Businesses to Manage Vendors, Customers and Suppliers through Fastr LARGE ENTERPRISES Enable companies to access and talk to customers through distributed desktop software $5/month $25/month $1000/month (excl. VAT)
  9. 9. HOW IT WORKS With   Message   Segmenta<on   Profile  Info   API   Customize  towards  your   Enterprise  with  our   Experienced  Business   Partners   With   No  Training  required.   Crea<ng  a  personal   connec<on   TECHNOLOGY  FADES  INTO  THE  BACK   GROUND.     MAKE  CARE  PERSONAL.     CREATING  A  CONNECTION  
  10. 10. PRODUCT
  11. 11. (0) 646422698
  12. 12. Your verification code is: 23456. Register and talk to your business 23456
  13. 13. Gregory DSouza greg@dsouza.cc icantwait
  14. 14. Add a business Carrier 4:00 PM 100%
  15. 15. Talk.  
  16. 16. Inform.  
  17. 17. Mone<ze.  
  18. 18. SATISFACTION– PARADIGM SHIFT “The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, does not need to talk to you. It just works” – Jeff Bezos Your customer is NOT a TICKET – Build a relationship Customer Experience is at the CORE of very successful business We want your customers to treat you as a friend - just like on Whatsapp! Mobile is bigger than the hype.