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How I Decreased my Load Time by 55% in 15 minutes

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For every 1 second of load time, online conversion drops by 7% on average. If you are looking to improve this metric, you should take a look at your JavaScript files and see what can be compressed. This is what I did in 15 minutes to see an improvement by over 50% in the load time.

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How I Decreased my Load Time by 55% in 15 minutes

  1. 1. How I Decreased My Load Time by 55% in 15 Minutes By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. What You Will Need /Cover What is JavaScript 1 Why Speed Improvements are Important 2 Speed Tracking Tool 3 Access to File Manager / Hosting 4 JavaScript Minify Tool 5 Backup of your site 15 Minutes of Your Time
  3. 3. What is JavaScript? https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-javascript-2037921
  4. 4. Why is Speed Important?
  5. 5. Why is Speed Important?
  6. 6. Historical Snapshot
  7. 7. Access to File Manager
  8. 8. Original JavaScript File
  9. 9. JavaScript Minify Tool
  10. 10. Place the Original JavaScript File In and Compress
  11. 11. Delete Old JavaScript Code and Paste in the New Compressed Version
  12. 12. Difference in the Two
  13. 13. Run the Test Again
  14. 14. Be Cautious Though • This site is a WordPress site, so anything could happen when you start to compress code. • You should always have a backup of your site just in case some of the lines of codes do not compress
  15. 15. KPI Improvement (Load Time) • Original Load Time  1.8 seconds • New Load Time  .8 seconds • 56% improvement • Original Page Size  791KB • New Page Size  765KB • 3% Improvement
  16. 16. Closing Thoughts There are more than just JavaScript Files to minify when it comes to fixing load time This was just one example of how you can use a third party tool to identify pages that need to be minified and the results that I saw in less than 15 minutes