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Proving that zero search volume keywords are worth optimizing for in seo

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If you are performing keyword research and bypassing terms with low search volume, I'm here to show you what you're missing. In this presentation, I'll share that a topic with zero searches per month is my 2nd biggest organic landing page for traffic.

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Proving that zero search volume keywords are worth optimizing for in seo

  1. 1. Proving that Zero Search Volume Keywords are Worth Optimizing For in SEO By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Topic With No Search Interest According to Google
  3. 3. Is My 2nd Biggest Organic Landing Page via Sessions in 2018
  4. 4. And the Top Organic Page According to Google Search Console
  5. 5. Google Search Console Tells Me This Query Gets Traffic…
  6. 6. What is Going On?!?!
  7. 7. Don’t Worry, I’ll Explain!
  8. 8. Google See’s 15% New Queries on a Daily Basis
  9. 9. 20% Of Mobile Queries in Google are Voice
  10. 10. 25% of All Searches on Bing are Voice
  11. 11. Query Length Longer via Voice Input According to Bing
  12. 12. Where are We? • At this point, I’ve shared my blog post receives a lot of traffic, but it should not according to Google • Voice search and new queries are emerging in the market • Why does any of this matter?
  13. 13. Think about It • 15% new queries daily in Google means Google won’t be able to always show exact search volume for every word b/c they are playing catch up • Voice search is changing how we search • This trend will be present on tools like SEMrush
  14. 14. SEMRush Has Not Added this Query to their Database
  15. 15. All of these Queries have 10 Searches Per Month
  16. 16. Let’s take that Second Query and Put it into Google
  17. 17. Top Organic Listing • There is an answer box for this query in Google, so Google uses this for voice search answers • When you put this ranking URL directly into SEMrush, you will something that will blow your mind
  18. 18. Top Ranking Page Drives 27k Organic Visits Monthly
  19. 19. Best and Vitamin Keywords in Aggregate for Ranking Page
  20. 20. Covering a Topic Could Cover Thousands of Additional Searches with *Low* Volume
  21. 21. Enough Said