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Sample SEO Report

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At TM Blast, I create monthly SEO reports for clients. This presentation is heavily redacted, but should give you an idea on what the SEO analysis could look like for your account

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Sample SEO Report

  1. 1. Month 1 (SEO Report) By: Greg Kristan
  2. 2. Everything Completed During Month 1 Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Bing Webmaster Tools setup Created a captcha box to reduce spam form fills on the website Began optimizing the homepage for a plethora of new non- brand ranking keywords (See later in the presentation for report) Wrote the article for Audio to Text Monthly check-in with (client) Introduced Mulberry Studio to Chamber of Commerce of Cambridge and Rachel
  3. 3. Before and After 1 Month of SEO
  4. 4. More Impressions in Google Means More Keywords are starting to rank for (Client)
  5. 5. More Organic Keywords Ranking (Since Took Over on November 8th, 2018)
  6. 6. The Month of October saw it’s Biggest Growth in New Keywords while Delivering it’s Smallest lost in Keywords
  7. 7. These Were the Ranking Keywords for (Client) Before TM Blast took Over in November
  8. 8. Top Organic Keyword Growth
  9. 9. Audio to Text Insight This page ranks for more than two keywords, but I’m only tracking a handful of keywords daily including some for audio to text These are keywords that never ranked for (Client) until TM Blast uploaded the new piece of content to the website. As a note, we are not on page one yet, so we are not driving clicks yet. This will take time.
  10. 10. Summary of Month 1 Before TM Blast took over, Mulberry Studio primarily ranked for their brand name and a handful of random keywords. Since November 8th, TM Blast has been working to give Google and Bing the understanding of what Mulberry Studio has to offer regarding transcription services While no immediate traffic impact from these results, Mulberry Studio should remember that it can take months to see the impact of SEO for their business
  11. 11. SEO for TM Blast Took Months of Work to Deliver More Organic Traffic and Leads Months of No Growth, but Plenty of Work Now Driving More Organic Traffic Each Month as More Keyword Ranks get to page one of Google
  12. 12. Month Two Plan Get Mulberry Studio listed on Chamber of Commerce Website Publish written content for Video to Text Transcription Continue to optimize homepage, audio to text, and video to text content. Begin adding pictures to Audio to Text and Video to Text Content In Person Meeting during month two Discuss blog post content for (Client)