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Infographic digital ecommerce journey from Paris to Singapore

http://www.insg.co/hireme | It's not a resume, not a CV. I draw my life to find my next digital challenge in Singapore :) Let's ride with me on this Digital journey from Paris to Singapore. And, don't hesitate to reach me if you have something for me !

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Infographic digital ecommerce journey from Paris to Singapore

  1. 1. Hi, I’m GREGORY TASLAUD Digital Optimizations Create, Test and Learn Work with passionate people eCommerce Pronounced Tasslo This is not a RESUME It’smyLIFE WORKED FOR SKILLS & TOOLS THINGS I LIKE CREATED Running Music Sneakers Karting Food & Wine DIGITAL JOURNEY #curious #entrepreneur #startup #humble #smile #hireme I’M BACK IN SINGAPORE! Let’s continue our Digital Journey Together NEXT STATION #runkeeper #halfmarathon #soundcloud #samplinghouse #fun #racing #huarache #blazeofglory #cooking #french Magento Unbounce WordPress WooCommerce Zendesk Jira HTML Adwords Analytics Entrepreneurship Online Advertising Ad Serving Digital Strategy Conversion Optimization Search Engine Optimization Management A/B testing Search Engine Marketing A B SEO Online payment Recurring payment FIN n° Affiliate network Smart Adserver 1980 1988 1996 1998 2000 2004 2006 2008 2010 2011 2012 2014 2015 Destruction Derby Broken Sword Formula One Video Games Accounting Diploma Generation Y Born in France N°1 MarketPlace a real Start-up ! Helped companies to reach Power Seller level eCommerce Product Manager Created a start-up as part of a larger company Focus on SEO & SEM Landing Pages A/B Testing & Leads – Budgets +++ Digital Marketing Director Worked for 2 companies met a lot of great people and learned about a new culture Spent 1 year in SG First Computer Floppy Disk #kid Team Fortress Classic Soldier Self-learner: HTML Websites Domains Webmastering Sampling Music First Modem Monetization Agressive Strategy Micropayment Ad Server Banners Landing Page Digital Goods SMS Webmasters Traffic Manager Helped Small businesses Built Crazy WordPress Affiliates Websites Optimize Smart Adserver Processes First Company Defined & Optimized eCommerce strategy to convert visitors to happy customers eCommerce Director Tertiary Sciences and Technologies Technological High School Diploma Subscription based eCommerce Candies and chocolates every months in a Box Delivering happiness Founder Back to France 2016 I’M READY DIPLOMA N°1 eCommerceMarketplace, bought 200M by Rakuten in 2010 N°1 in private lessons in France Turnover: 120M€ Home Cleaning Services French web division photos products Web Agency Specialized in Niche Websites European leader in website monetization Turnover 185M€ French web division skincare N°1 Confectionery subscription based eCommerce in France IN PROGRESSIN PROGRESSWORK in/gregorytaslaud greg@insg.co gtaslaud inSGco www.insg.co +65 8809 1025 LET’S CONNECT