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From Skeptic To Advocate

My Presentation for Blog World Expo 2009. Session: Saturday, 10/19 Room 222 at the LVCC.

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From Skeptic To Advocate

  1. from skeptic to advocate making the business case for social media greg verdino | gregverdino.com | crayonville.com |
  2. my name is greg and i’m just like you Blog Twitter Facebook Posterous Blog Blog
  3. i’m chief strategy officer at crayon helps brands leverage social media from a strategic perspective to join the conversation and achieve transformational change we work with clients like:
  4. my clients are just like yours were Blog? Twitter? Facebook? NO NO NO Posterous? YouTube? Flickr? NO NO NO
  5. what’s the business case for social media? against • I don’t care what my customers think • I don’t want stronger customer relationships • I have all the new ideas I can handle • I’d rather my customers didn’t talk to each other • My customers are complainers • My ads are great but my product sucks
  6. when a client says no, they’re really saying… I am… a) ignorant b) scared c) lazy d) stuck
  7. know what case you need to make ignorant scared I a lazy stuck educate assure motivate jumpstart
  8. educate the ignorant outdated perceptions vs current reality • Google this: “best social media stats”
  9. assure the scared fear of failure vs the guidance to succeed
  10. motivate the lazy hardly working vs working harder
  11. jumpstart the stuck nowhere fast vs knowing how to get started
  12. not for me how
  13. not for me how • Hands on demonstration • Clear explanation • Keep it simple • Make it personal • Come armed with tangible benefits • Can the jargon, speak their language • Know your stuff & know their business • Not a pipedream but a plan
  14. what else?
  15. let’s keep in touch greg verdino crayonville.com gregverdino.com @gregverdino gregverdino@ 631.747.1451 crayonville.com