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  1. 1. Subcultures through the Decades <br />
  2. 2. 60s- Mods <br />Most important factors of the mod subculture is there fashion was often tailor-made suits. There music selection was a variety of pop music, including African American soul, Jamaican ska, and British beat music and R&B; and Italian motor scooters.<br />Mods were reflected in this light as effeminate, stuck-up, emulating the middle classes<br />The mod fashion was brands such as Fred Perry and Ben Sherman shirts, Sta-Prest trousers and Levi's jeans. <br />
  3. 3. Punks seek to outrage others with the highly theatrical use of there clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics, tattoos jewelry and body modification.<br />The ideologies for Punks are mostly concerned with individual freedom and anti-establishment views. <br />Come from all different backgrounds. Anti- racist subculture. <br />70s - Punks<br />Not only did they wear drainpipe jeans and leather clothing there footwear was an important factor such as Converse sneakers skate shoes, brothel creepers, or Dr. Martens boots.<br />Two dance styles associated with punk are pogo dancing and moshing. <br />Mostly listened to punk rock music such as Sex Pistols. <br />
  4. 4. 80s- Skinheads <br />Originated among the working class in the 1960s and had a huge impact in the 1980s.<br />The skinhead culture was greatly influenced by West Indian (specifically Jamaican) rude boys and British mods, in terms of fashion, music and lifestyle<br />The skinhead subculture was associated with black popular music genres such as soul, ska, rocksteady and early reggae<br />Three notable groups that formed in the 1980s associated with white power skinheads are White Aryan Resistance, Blood and Honour and Hammerskins.<br />Originally, the skinheads were not for politics or race. <br />However, attitudes toward race and politics have become factors by which some skinheads align themselves, especially when they had engaged in violence against South Asian Immigrants. <br />