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Grownups Profile - Digital Marketing Agency

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Grownups Profile - Digital Marketing Agency

  1. 1. we are A digital wing of GIPL
  2. 2. we are { quick facts – gipl } • we are 11 years young • we are small enough to be quick… but experienced enough to think big • we aim to provide 360 degree communication
  3. 3. we are { the group } Grasshoppers Brand Communication Agency which work towards developing Integrated Marketing Communication Solutions, Brand planning, Communication Consultancy, Campaign Planning, Design & Execution, Corporate Identity, Print/Production, Media Releases across Television, Print, Radio, Outdoor, BTL and other offline mediums. Grownups The digital wing of GIPL which works in the sphere of developing compelling and effective communication campaigns and brand image on the online and social media space. We help our clients conceptualize and develop their Online Promotional Strategies, Online Media Planning and Campaign Design & Execution. We also help our clients align their offline campaigns across online mediums. Greenthumb The PR wing of GIPL. It provides services which include strategic PR planning, Media advocacy, Editorial services, Industry relations, Digital PR, Event PR, Industry and Competition mapping, Marketing communications.
  4. 4. we are { the core team GIPL } arjun director-gipl - creative head ex - rk swamy bbdo (bangalore) hemal digital consultant - online head ex – thinkwhynot (mumbai) juhi pr and media relation specialist - pr head ex - turnkey software projects pvt .ltd. (delhi) megha strategy, planning, marketing - account head ex - euro rsgc (delhi) chandan design specialist, art head moddus communication (delhi)
  5. 5. we are { the core team digital } online specialists: gajen - digital marketing manager keshav – online specialist – seo & sem deepika – smo & online writer gaurav - online writer gopal – website design & developer anant – web designer animesh – web developer
  6. 6. we think { our motto} …to make effective marketing communication.
  7. 7. we nest { company presence } have exclusively been in new delhi till now coming soon… in bangalore!
  8. 8. we don’t { things that you should know about us } we don’t believe in hierarchy. we don’t have grey hair but grey matter. we don’t take very long to deliver. we don’t like complicated processes. we don’t believe in a free lunch.
  9. 9. we believe { 3 things about going digital } • the context has changed, ‘on digital media your brand is not what you say, it is now what they say’ • it is the era of experiences & not just ads • going digital is no more a question
  10. 10. we know { our digital philosophy } 934 mn mobile users 137 mn internet users 87 mn mobile internet users 63 mn users on social media 27 mn people using smart phones 3 mn people having tablets in India the way people consume information, the way people buy, the way they collaborate is changing & they are changing at a rapid speed. it’s the digital age. if you fail to adapt to the new marketing climate, you are at great risk of going extinct sooner or later. people will talk about you anyway, so why not join the conversation? being where your audience is good for you and your viewers.
  11. 11. we do { our services } { website design and development - ui and ux design - cms based dev. - web application dev. - open source dev. - responsive websites {search engine optimization - pre optimization seo analysis - keyword research and analysis - competitive analysis - on page optimization - off page optimization { search engine marketing - keyword research - competitive analysis - search engine campaign mgmt - search & display network ads - web & mobile banners: static, animated - plp /micro site dev. - analytics & optimization { social media marketing - social media advertisement - managing business pages - social media content development - social media fan engagement - app creation and integration - insights and analysis
  12. 12. we did { case studies} created: - websites - emailers - virals - banners - plp - posts - infographics - social media apps
  13. 13. websites - static - cms - ecommerce - responsive websites - mobile enabled websites
  14. 14. sri balaji action medical institute ( case study) objective: to design an interactive website and increase the footfall. approach: The website was designed from scratch. The idea was to make an “online hospital”, therefore cutting the hassle and making anything and everything available online. Following are some of the navigations that were embedded on the home page of the website: • book an appointment, • find a specialist, • query and feedback, • medical tourism The patients can view the available slots and book an appointment accordingly.
  15. 15. query & feedback form book an appointment & find a specialist navigation
  16. 16. a special tab was designed where patients can book an appointment. the idea was to make the process of booking an appointment easier and simpler. once the patient books an appointment, she immediately receives a confirmation call.
  17. 17. medical tourism navigation to make things easier for international patients Patients can collect & store all their reports online. blogs & articles
  18. 18. results: increase in the website traffic by 2000 visits per month followed by 70-80 appointment booking through the website that resulted in increased revenue for the hospital. it also increased in the queries and positive feedback for the hospital
  19. 19. Client: Punj Lloyd Squash Masters Idea: as per the target audience defined by the client, this event based website was given a full picture effect. the idea was to give the website a very clean design where in the audience could find all the necessary information with the links upon scrolling to the bottom of the page. back
  20. 20. Client: dr. c.v. raman university Idea: this website was designed keeping in mind the target audience (rural and semi urban), therefore, the interface is kept simple. All the information that a parent or student would look for is provided on the homepage. back
  21. 21. Client: idiscoveri Idea: the client wanted to showcase their various business verticals on the homepage. so, we created widgets for the same while keeping the layout wholesome, informative yet clutter free back
  22. 22. client: india shoes and accessories show Idea: to make the website in sync with client’s offline campaign. back
  23. 23. Client: India fashion forum Idea: the website was high on cms and the design was integrated with the offline campaign back
  24. 24. client: cac connect Idea: it was to be a members only website. The registered members had an option to login & get all the important Information plus they also had their own user dashboard. back
  25. 25. emailers- viral campaign ( case study ) client: world phone objective: to promote “free ISD calls from world phone” plan approach: a surd character was designed and the entire story revolved around him. result: the campaign generated heavy sales for the plan.
  26. 26. approach: it was a series of 5-6 emailers that were used from introducing the campaign, to refer a friend, registeration, account activation to account renewal facilities. Each carrying the story forward with the central character.
  27. 27. emailer campaign ( case study ) client: care india campaign: help the Uttrakhand flood victims approach: we designed emailers which were sent across to people asking them to generously donate and help the flood victims and share the same with friends and family. a strong call to action made it an impactful campaign. result: massive donations from all across india
  28. 28. social media marketing ( the scope ) • online brand audit • online brand planning and strategy • content curation • facebook applications • campaign planning & execution • online reputation management
  29. 29. social media marketing { case study I } client: action hospital campaign: heart makeover initiative (world heart day) objective: to establish SBAMI and its doctors as the leaders in cardiac care, increase awareness towards healthy living and to create a buzz around the brand by engaging people approach: phase 1: informative content including tips, facts, exercises and recipes was shared prior to the quiz. a mnemonic was designed for the same phase 2: an informative, heart knowledge based quiz was conducted phase 3: a live chat session was organized one day prior to the event phase 4: announcement of results and audience gratification
  30. 30. Phase 1
  31. 31. Phase 2 & 3
  32. 32. Phase 3
  33. 33. phase 4
  34. 34. result: the posts engaged an average of 8373 people every day and the total number of page likes increased by 300. social media marketing { case study I }
  35. 35. social media marketing (case study II) client: aisect campaign: aisect-nsdc rojgar mela objective: to generate awareness about the melas and invite registrations for the same approach: for 20 melas, 20 unique designs based on the bollywood theme. As per the schedule, the design was posted 2 days prior to every mela.
  36. 36. result: the campaign engaged 14,569 users and reached was 12,3987 users organically. social media marketing (case study II)
  37. 37. social media marketing { some effective creatives } a snapshot…
  38. 38. Infographics for UNICEF
  39. 39. Infographics for UNICEF
  40. 40. Infographics for UNICEF
  41. 41. twitter campaign { case study I } client: Gingr campaign: #holimoments approach: build an interactive community to celebrate the spirit to holi & make it a mirthful experience. In order for an entry to be qualified, 2 conditions were mandatory- use of #holimoments & @_gingr result: trended on number one in india. 1800 tweets generated 100600 impressions in 9 hours. 204 new followers
  42. 42. twitter campaign { case study II} client: fortis mamma mia campaign: #mymamyteacher approach: the brain wave was to engage the online audience emotionally. “mothers are the first educators who instill faith, values & confidence” the audience was asked to tweet. result: trended on number two in delhi. 500+ tweets in less than 6 hours
  43. 43. search engine marketing { case study } client: dr. c v raman university campaign: invite applications for “open & distance learning education” objective: to attract admissions and applicants for distance learning courses and promote cvru as a leading university in the targeted states approach: with a budget of Rs. 4 lac., using google and facebook for promotions we categorized our ads into four categories and ran display and text ads on google and facebook
  44. 44. result: our ads received approximately 10.5 lac impressions and 11,335 clicks. we managed to retain the top 2 ad slots in google and display network for our ads 457 total conversions (unique leads) were received during the campaign run time. apart from the branding and promotion, we also provided valuable lead data and market insights of what programs are being searched the most by the target audience. search engine marketing { case study }
  45. 45. search engine optimization { case study } client: dr. c v raman university objective: to improve branding and increase organic traffic to website. approach: SEO Implementation: keyword analysis was done for the client and their competitors. a list of keywords to be targeted was prepared. webpages were optimized with right keywords and with right placement & density. content for entire website was rewritten from scratch. The issue of duplicate pages was resolved by using proper canonical tags throughout the website. the social signals of the website were improved by cross promoting the brand across different social media channels. results: a massive increase in organic search traffic (average 2000 page views per day) Top SERP ranking for brand based keywords Exposure to new long-tail search queries
  46. 46. we have { our clientele } care india Idiscoveri action group of hospitals university of southampton images group aisect group of institutions world phone Ipas india punj lloyd squash masters apollo tyres j9 mobile - jagran group shell lubricants
  47. 47. ..you online! we see