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  1. Business Transformation: The New Path to Profit for Public Relations John Foley, Jr. 11/10/2015 - 12:30PM
  2. Grab Your Phone…
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  4. Your Sneak Preview
  5. How the PR Industry Is Changing 1 2 The Hybrid PR Professional
  6. Got Game? Crucial Skills for the Modern PR Professional Networking 3 4
  7. SUCCESS Creating Your Business and Marketing Plans The Future 6 5 6
  8. How the PR Industry Is Changing
  9. The Industry: • Grew by 7% in 2014 • Cracked $10 billion in fee income • Size at around $13.5 billion • PR employment is up to 85,000 in 2014, compared to 80,000 in 2013. PR is Growing
  10. Targeting is Key Build Relationships Research Expand Your Definition of “Influencer”
  11. Know Your Audience!
  12. Final Piece of The Puzzle = Data and Analytics
  13. The Roads are Crossing
  14. • 44% concerned with finding skilled and well-educated talent • 24% struggling to master digital and other new technologies Bridging The Talent Gap
  15. • 23% of firms looking for talent in research and analytics fields • Better conduct market research • Provide insights and analytics that help your clients measure ROI Good at Math? More Opportunity Awaits
  16. The Hybrid PR Professional
  17. TechCreatives are assets who can not only design, but shepherd artistic ideas and new concepts, across various mediums and new technology through the design and implementation phases of an idea or project.
  18. • Passion for and expertise in at least one form of technology • Attention to detail • Strong problem-solving skills • Curiosity • Willingness to learn • Networking skills What’s In Your Toolbox?
  19. Got Game? Crucial Skills for the Modern PR Professional
  20. • Know your audience • Speak to them directly • What problems are they facing? • What urgent needs or goals do they have? • Keep them punchy and to-the- point Headline Writing
  21. Storytelling: Your Story Should… • Be True • Have a Human Element • Differentiate Yourself • Highly Targeted
  22. Converting Traditional Tactics into Modern Tactics
  23. Email Marketing
  24. Inbound and Content Marketing Go Hand-in-Hand
  25. • $28.72 billion -- mobile advertising projected to reach in 2015 • Two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone • 19% of Americans rely on their smartphones for online services and information • 15% of smartphone owners ages 18 to 29 use their phones for most of their internet access. The Current State of Mobile
  26. • Google rewards mobile- friendly sites • Mobile space is highly fragmented • Targeting and segmenting are key • Which sites and channels do your audience favor? Integrating Mobile Into Your PR Efforts
  27. • 74% -- the number of online adults using social networking sites • Spending as little as 6 hours per week on social media boosted lead generation for 66% of marketers • 6 hours per week on social media also helped 91% of businesses increase exposure The Current State of Social Media
  28. Integrating Social Media Into Your PR Efforts • Include social media share links to your press releases • Posting your commentary makes you a go-to source for:  Breaking News  Analysis of an industry trend  Other timely info • Stop and listen!
  29. 88 % of marketers struggle to figure out how to measure the ROI of their social media efforts Social Media Measurement And Analytics
  30. Data Mining • Look at purchase trends • Look for patterns • Build stronger customer profiles from: Sales Customer Surveys Questionnaires (use discounts or contests)
  31. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit ipsum cillum dolore eu fugiat lorem pariatur. Networking
  32. Offline/Local Networking 1. Industry groups and associations 2. LinkedIn Groups 3. Help A Reporter Out – Premium.
  33. LinkedIn • Join Groups  Two PR-Specific ones  One local, if possible  Groups related to your client’s industry • Research journalists and other key people
  34. Twitter • 316 million monthly users as of October 2015 • Start a test account • Follow people in your field or industry • Watch and engage with journalists and influential bloggers • Runs on the currency of sharing • Don’t over self-promote – share relevant info • Use the hashtag to your advantage
  35. Facebook • 1.49 billion active monthly users • Research your audience • Ability to write longer messages • Tie in photos and videos • More self-promotional • Use Groups  Share industry insights and knowledge  Boost your reputation  Build customer loyalty
  36. YouTube • 1 Billion Users • Hundreds of millions of hours of video are watched every day • #2 Search Engine! • Short videos with an entertaining or educational focus perform best
  37. Instagram • 400 million active monthly users • Visually engaging • You can show photos of:  Your Products  Your Happy Customers  How Your Product is Made  How Your Service is Done  Your Staff Going About Their Day • Lead Gen Opportunities
  38. Help a Reporter Out • Outreach Tool • Provide insights and expertise to journalists • Establish your brand as a go-to resource
  39. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit ipsum cillum dolore eu fugiat lorem pariatur.Creating Your Business and Marketing Plans
  40. 6 Steps to Creating a Business Plan 1. Embrace the process 2. Evaluate your current clientele 3. Determine exactly what services you plan to offer 4. Write your business plan 5. Hop on board the learning train! 6. Practice what you preach
  41. Introduction: Your Look Into The Future These topics can be addressed in this section of the plan: • Business goals/mission • Business description • Date of business formation • Business philosophies/identity, including culture • Location(s) • Directors
  42. Introduction (continued)… • Management team • Key competitive advantages • Strategic positioning • Strategic alliance(s) • Vision of the future & primary objectives of transformation • Resources required (capital, human)
  43. • Identify your product and services • Market Analysis • Analyze your current customer base • Marketing your goals and strategies • How will you measure your success? Product and Service Mix
  44. Organizational Structure
  45. The 4 P's of classic marketing: • Product • Price • Promotion • Place Two additional "P's" to the marketing mix: • Process • Physical (evidence) The Marketing Plan
  46. Content Grid Connecting Needs Solution Education Researching Solutions Demos Narrowing Vendors Proposal Stage Negotiating Purchasing Brand/Awareness Inquiries / Leads Closing Sales BuyersJourney Business Objectives Stories White Paper eNewsletter Articles eBooks Product Info Data Sheets Pricing Sheets References Video Webinars Proposals Video Demos Infographics Video Demos Infographics Webinars ROI Info Case Studies White Paper Testimonials Industry Research Solution Info Guides Connecting
  47. What’s Your Value Proposition?
  48. Company Weaknesses
  49. Winners Stand Out
  50. Tactical Starting Point Tactical Comes After
  51. • Growth of the role of niche influencers in PR • Visual media • Stronger focus on brand storytelling • Measurement and Analytics • Choosing the right channels • Avoid over-pitching media contacts Trends
  52. Embrace Change
  53. Questions?
  54. Questions?For Having Me!
  55. Questions? • Email: • Call: 978-694-9992 • Tweet: @JohnFoleyJr • Connect: