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Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems

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Presentation by Paul Higgins, Co-founder of Crowd Valley, for the UK Technology Strategy Board's Special Interest Group conference on the Internet of Things, 22nd November 2012.

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Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems

  1. 1. Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems Paul Higgins Co-founder, Crowd Valley November 22, 2012 Internet of Things Special Interest Group
  2. 2. Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems• How crowdfunding works• Opportunities in crowdfunding• The importance of ecosystems• Where crowdfunding is going next
  3. 3. Background – Grow VC• Global marketplace for startup funding• Founded 2009• “Everyone Funding Startups” – 2011 - $25M raised – 4,000+ startups – 190+ countries – Several raised rounds, first exits• Launched spin-off Crowd Valley in 2012 to provide: – Customisable technology – Shared business networks – Back Office financial services
  4. 4. Crowdfunding is…
  5. 5. Crowdfunding platforms can provide…• Matchmaking between investors and entrepreneurs• Standardised documentation, e.g. Shareholder Purchase Agreements• Efficient access to capital• Validation of an idea• Relationships with new potential customers• Access to talent
  6. 6. Where crowdfunding is today Source: crowdsourcing.org
  7. 7. Crowdfunding must be part of existing ecosystems• Crowdfunding does not happen in a vacuum• “Invest in Lines, not Dots” – venture capitalist, Mark Suster: Images from bothsidesofthetable.com/2010/11/15/invest-in-lines-not-dots
  8. 8. Building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in your cityFunding platformsAngel networksInvestor pitch eventsGovernment programsAcceleratorsIncubatorsUniversities
  9. 9. Crowdfunding is about more than just startups…• Raising advances for a film documentary in New York• Expanding a mezzanine fund for Oil & Gas investments in Rio de Janeiro• Reducing risk by „leading‟ rounds alongside new angel investors in Kiev• Doctors financing R&D for new medical device companies in Sydney• Alumni supporting their university‟s entrepreneurship in San Francisco• Offering debt opportunities based on real estate in Geneva
  10. 10. Where crowdfunding is going next• Powerful and informative provider of data• Efficient marketplaces in diverse sectors• Integration with the rest of the ecosystem – Universities – Incubators – Angel investors – VCs – Institutional funds• Co-investment models – Active models where investors select companies one by one – Passive models where investment decisions follow the crowd
  11. 11. Crowdfunding in connected ecosystems Paul Higgins @paulhigginz paul@crowdvalley.com