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Video in Marketing

A presentation Morsekode gave to the Business Marketing Association on Video Usage in Marketing. Learn how video is deployed through every facet of marketing and sales today.

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Video in Marketing

  2. 2. 7 out of 10Number of your customers watching online video
  3. 3. The averagemonthly traffic in2014 will beequivalent to 32million peoplestreaming Avatar in3D, continuouslyfor the entire month
  4. 4. It would take over two years towatch the amount of video thatwill cross global IP networksevery second in 2014
  5. 5. It would take72 million yearsto watch the amount of videothat will cross global IP networksduring the calendar year 2014
  6. 6. Million-dollar Idea?
  7. 7. $1.65B Idea???
  8. 8. It all started on April 23, 2005
  9. 9. 8:27PM
  10. 10. “Me at the Zoo”
  11. 11. Google buys YouTube $1.65 billion
  12. 12. User-Generated Content
  13. 13. Engagement
  14. 14. Online Video
  15. 15. "There was a time when music videos were purelypromotional, and that was fine when people werebuying music. Now theyre no longer promotional. Wesell advertising in and around them at a premium.Instead of being a marketing expense, videos can bea profit center." NEW YORK TIMES, 5.13.2010
  16. 16. Video Changed The Music BusinessVideo Killed the Radio StarInternet Killed the Video StarMTV - Music Video - Reality Shows - WebOK Go, Here It Goes Again, This Too Shall Pass
  17. 17. Music Isn’t The OnlyBusiness Changed By Video
  18. 18. Today’s Marketer
  19. 19. Marketer
  20. 20. Distribution Metrics/OptimizationTechnologies Utilization as marketersStorytelling techniques Human Behavior
  21. 21. WHY VIDEO?67% identified online video as a primary focus of their 2009digital marketing campaigns52% planning the launch of an online video project by thesecond quarter 2009Brand awareness was cited by 71% of respondents as theforemost value of online video, followed by leadgeneration (47%), customer retention (44%), andcustomer conversion (41%)
  22. 22. WHY VIDEO?Search optimizationVideo is 53x more likely to appear on first SERP than text pages(Forrester Research study)Purchase rates“Brands using online video have seen lifts of anywhere from 20% - 40% in terms ofincremental buying with online video and rich media over other ad forms.” (Comscore)
  23. 23. WHY VIDEO?Blended distribution (online video can be deployed across multiple channelssimultaneously garnering significant targeted viewership)Video ties well to lead generation strategiesEngaging way to feature product tours, case studies and contextual storiesOffers ideal opportunity to demonstrate complexity in products or features,and reduce down to a simple and digestible narrative
  25. 25. ObjectivesWhat business and marketing goals must you attain?
  26. 26. A great brand islike a great song
  27. 27. Brand Groove™
  28. 28. Style: informative, casual, fun and exciting.Expertise: experts in creative technologies.Integrity: creative yet powerfully simple ideas.Vision: continue to fuel the creative spirit through technology.Trends: they are the trend.User Experience: intimate and approachable.Competition: wide, fierce and continually changing.Audience: creative people who want technology to get out of their way. Apple® Brand Groove™
  29. 29. Expanding Role of VideoLead generationCommunication of key brand messagesProduct introductionsSalesEnhancing the online shopping experienceCustomer service
  31. 31. Rhode Island School of DesignRISD president John Maeda consistently uses video to express the uniqueness of schooland engage with a broad range of audiences
  32. 32. Rhode Island School of DesignVimeo is used to feature student work and provide a unique view into RISD forprospective students
  33. 33. BRANDING
  34. 34. LONG-FORMAT BRANDED ENTERTAINMENT Focus on enhancing connections with the brand through display of it’s experience
  36. 36. CISCO’S ASR 9000 router The launch campaign focused around a humorous video about a bumbling tech reporter: Interestingly, Cisco CEO John Chambers is featured in the video The launch strategy included deployment across a focused and supporting range of platforms that each offered additional content including a blog, Facebook group, Twitter, YouTube and a preview launch site including interactive video.
  37. 37. SALES
  38. 38. Use of video by online retailers in December 2009 68%18% Use of video by online retailers in December 2008
  39. 39. Simon and SchusterInteresting use of video andother platforms by bookpublisher allowing the audienceto get to know authors throughinterviews and other features.Goal: put a face to the books;give personality to thepublisher; create a personalconnection that ideallyshortens the sales cycle.
  41. 41. Target®Use online video to promote branded cookware by Giada Di Laurentiis
  42. 42. PFI WesternUse video to not justaugment but “transform theretail experience acrosschannels”Integrated with televisionshow “Shopping WesternStyle” on RFD-TV & anonline lifestyle magazineFAQs submitted andfeatured as ‘TV’ content
  43. 43. PFI WesternAlso using video to introducepromotional contests and solicituser-generated video
  45. 45. WacomExtensive range of videos provideproduct support/answers to FAQ’s,product information and user casestudies
  46. 46. Metrics of Video
  47. 47. Metrics of VideoAll major search engines now include videoVideo content is weighted higher than textYouTube processes 1 billion more searchesper month than Yahoo!VSEO relies upon well crafted metadata
  48. 48. Ogilvy’s PPI™Number of conversions Post-Play InteractionEngagement after conversionSharing/social activityComments
  49. 49. Ogilvy’s PPI™Push Social Behavior - Sharing - Gaming - BloggingPush Commerce Behavior - Buy something - Sell Something - Save something
  50. 50. MK In-View Content ChainsEmbedded content playerReach, linkDeeper dive to additional content
  51. 51. Video Trends
  52. 52. Video TrendsA Wall Street Journal article in June, 2010 notedthat consumer online video viewing habits areshifting from daytime to eveningLonger-format branded entertainment Branded content migrating online
  54. 54. TECHNOLOGYHTML5Apple’s iPad only supports HTML5 video (and notFlash)
  55. 55. TECHNOLOGY High quality video is becoming more accessible New HD digital camera from Olympus used to shoot their television commercial: Cannon 5D/7D
  57. 57. WHAT NOT TO DO…Worst practices in online video per Forrester Research include: Isolated experiences Videos disconnected in a separate section, not placed contextually with related content and text Obtrusive experiences Pop-ups or auto-play, particularly with sound and/or when it interferes with expected navigation Barricaded experiences Requiring downloads, registration or sign-in before viewing
  59. 59. Maximize traffic to videos Optimize video for search Distribute video across the web Add content to the Web page Reduce video load time Enable video sharing
  60. 60. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR VIDEO USAGEClearly identify (multiple) business and brand goals to be addressed and therole video can playEnsure content strategy is well-grounded in brand messaging - BrandGroove™Effectively integrate videos with other marketing and social media efforts
  61. 61. It’s probably time to dip your toe in the water.
  62. 62. CONSIDER US A RESOURCEMorsekode.comMark@Morsekode.com Joe @Morsekode.com952.853.9555