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Pests.Toxicology.Food Notes

  1. Pest Management- Food Production- Toxicity Notes Chapters 11 & 20
  2. Classification of Pesticides Specific Types:
  3. Chemical Classes of Pesticides
  4. Benefits of Pesticide Usage
  5. Problems Associated with Pesticide Usage
  6. How Pesticides Function
  8. Cultural Methods
  9. Biological Methods
  10. Genetic Methods
  11. Fig. 13-30, p. 299 What Can You Do? Reducing Exposure to Pesticides • Grow some of your food using organic methods. • Buy organic food. • Wash and scrub all fresh fruits, vegetables, and wild foods you pick. • Eat less or no meat. • Trim the fat from meat.
  12. Food Production and Distribution
  13. Traditional Farming
  14. Modern Farming
  15. U.S. Crop Yields
  16. Animal Farming
  17. Biotech Crops in the United States
  18. RISKS AND HAZARDS Risk is a measure of the likelihood that you will suffer harm from a hazard.

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  1. Figure 13.30 Individuals matter: ways to reduce your exposure to pesticides. QUESTION: Which two of these actions do you think are the most important?