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Enough Said

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Enough Said

  1. 1. Brevity is the soul of selling. Enough Said.
  2. 2. Doing more with less doesn’t mean settling for less. Enough Said.
  3. 3. We work. Enough Said. We listen. You win.
  4. 5. Here it is. We hate marketing buzzwords, cliches and ad-speak as much as your customers do. Enough Said is a creative group that believes when you say something simply, honestly, with style and conviction, you don’t have to go on and on about it.
  5. 6. Enough Said is an independent group of award-winning writers, designers, inventors and brand strategists with the chutzpah to cut to the chase.
  6. 7. We work like hell. Enough Said. We’re smart from the start. And we let the results speak for themselves.
  7. 8. When you work with us, you will get the top of the strategic and creative food chain delivered right to your door. You’ll get the benefit of our work ethic and commonsense approach that makes for powerful solutions. And great relationships.
  8. 9. Not our overhead. You’ll pay for the ideas in our head.
  9. 10. Or the B.S. You’ll get brainpower without the bureaucracy.
  10. 11. We know a lot about creating simple and memorable ideas. We know a lot about developing strategy. We know a lot about interactive media.
  11. 12. NOW THERE’S A CONCEPT. CLARITY & CREATIVITY. Typical Enough Said scenario: “ W e ’re writing or need product concepts written for a round of innovation work we plan to do. We want some help writing blockbuster concepts that nail the idea and help consumers get it quickly.”
  12. 13. Ginsana
  13. 14. ONCE UPON A TIME, IN A LAND FAR AWAY... Typical Enough Said scenario: “Honestly, we don’t have a brand story worth listening to. We know we have one but we haven’t been able to articulate it really well. We need some help creating a compelling story around who we are, why we’re different and why customers should want to do business with us.”
  14. 16. SO, WHAT ELSE YOU GOT? Typical Enough Said scenario: “Our management and channel partners expect new and innovative new product ideas from us. #@!*! We’re meeting with WalMart in a month and we don’t have anything new and exciting to show. We need some smart, new product ideas to get the people we do business with excited about what we’re bringing to the table!”
  15. 18. DON’T JUST SIT THERE, SELL. Typical Enough Said scenario: “We want to crack new markets but we aren’t exactly sure how to turn all our research into great brand messaging. We know our positioning we know what consumers want, but how do we take all of it and turn it into a compelling selling approach that sells?”
  16. 20. WHAT NOW? WHAT NEXT? WHY NOT? Typical Enough Said scenario: “We’re done sitting around waiting for things to change for the better or for other people to figure it out. We want to get our brands in shape and get traction right now. We want to work with talented, positive people who can help us hone our business strategy and innovate our way forward.”

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