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France Power Point

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France Power Point

  1. 1. France By Jesse
  2. 2. The Flag The French flag is similar to the American Flag. Red, white, and blue . Red represents bravery and strength. White represents honesty and peace of the country. Blue represents the country’s truth and loyalty.
  3. 3. Major Cities France’s capital is Paris. There are two other well known major cities in France are Bordeaux, and Lions.
  4. 4. Paris Paris Paris is the capital of France. It is famous for its attractions like the Eiffel Tower, and its cafes and also the scenery. In 2006 France was the most visited country by tourists. Today, millions of people go each year to see the Eiffel Tower and the other attractions.
  5. 5. The Countryside in France Besides the cities that all the tourists go to France to see, many people also go to the country side of France. Here there are Farms. These farms can be wind farms, dairy farms, etc. The French are also known for organic farming.
  6. 6. French Food The French are also famous for their cuisine. French food known in the U.S. are chocolates, cheese and breakfasts like croissants.
  7. 7. Louvre Museum This is one of the world’s most famous art museum. Here, they hold many famous art pieces including the Mona Lisa.
  8. 8. The Tour de France Every summer in France, thousands of professional bike riders enter in the Tour de France. This race is a 3,600 kilometer, or about 2,300 mile bike race. It is known all over the world. Many tourists come from all over to watch and participate in this race.
  9. 9. The Beaches in France Tourists also go to France to visit the beaches and resources. These are some pictures of what some look like.
  10. 10. Castles in France This is a picture of the Chathar Castle in Duilac, France. All over the country side of France, there are hundreds of castles. Some are still standing, and some are just the remains.
  11. 11. Monet’s Garden Another famous place in France is Monet’s Garden. This is where the famous painter Claude Monet grew up. It is right outside of Paris, France in Giverny. This is where he painted many of his famous pieces.
  12. 12. Notre Dame Notre Dame is a famous catholic church in Paris, France. It is one of the biggest churches in France.
  13. 13. The Seine River The Siene River is a very important river in France. It goes through Paris to the Paris Basin. This river is important because it is used for transportation for the industries in France.
  14. 14. Northern Vineyards in France The Northern part of France is also known for their vineyards. Many tourists come to see them and experience the work that goes on here.
  15. 15. The Statue of Liberty The French have a statue of liberty right outside of Paris. It is just like the one they gave to us after the end of the civil war.
  16. 16. The French Alps Tourists also go to France to ski the French alps. These are a very big mountain range right near the border of Italy.
  17. 17. Chamos Elysees The Champs Elysees is a big arch in Paris, France. This arch is about 6,000 feet tall. It is known as one of the most beautiful arches in France.