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Interview Process

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Interview Process

  1. 1. Interview Process By Tabitha Smith & Megan Hultz
  2. 2. Locate Prospective Employees • Recruit Minorities, Immigrants, and Older Workers ▫ Offer application forms in English & Spanish ▫ Create training programs for people who aren’t familiar with U.S business practices ▫ Seniors are able to work flexible work schedules • Partner with Government Agencies ▫ Recruit the unemployed and former welfare recipients • Use Employees as Talent Scouts ▫ Ask your own employees if they know someone ▫ If they have encountered a good salesperson when shopping at another store ▫ Know of a customer whom they believe would make a good employee  Some retailers provide incentives to employees for referrals  This type of recruiting has proven successful • Use Storefront Creatively ▫ Effective sign such as: “ Thank you! Business is great@ Because things are so good, we’re hiring additional staff. Please stop in to discuss career opportunities.”
  3. 3. Screen Applicants to Interview • Screening processes match a applicants qualification with the job description ▫ Automated prescreening programs offer a low cost method of identifying qualified candidates ▫ Applicants answer basic questions using a keyboard or telephone buttons in response to a computer program ▫ Questions are tailored to the retailers specific needs and environment
  4. 4. Screen Applicants to Interview (cont.) • Application Forms ▫ Job application forms contain information about the applicants employment history, previous compensation, reasons for leaving his/her previous employment, education, training, personal health and references. ▫ Managers should use this information to determine whether the applicant has the minimum qualifications ▫ This information should be used for the interview • References and Online Checks ▫ Use to verify the information given on an application form ▫ Ask references questions like:  How would you rate Pa’s customer service skill in relation to other retail sales associates you have worked with?
  5. 5. Selecting Applicants • After screening applicants, the selection process typically involves a personal interview • Managers need to be well prepared and have complete control over the interview • Preparation for the Interview ▫ Objective of the interview is to gather relevant information  Ask candidates how they have handled actual situations they have encountered in the past