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New Sap Accnt

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New Sap Accnt

  1. 1. Hi, Credit Review Team: SAP Acct # _1000. Please review this customer that is new to Honeywell and to SAP. Please assign them a credit limit, risk category, and a CA in SAP. The terms for this customer have been set to NET30 terms based on default. If terms need to be changed, please inform the GCTS Aero SAP Customer Master inbox. After the request will be completed, please advice……. of the credit decision. In order to set up a new account in SAP, we need to receive a copy of the PO or a letter from the customer where the customer name and the address would be referenced. This supporting documentation is required by our auditors and also helps to ensure accurate account set ups. Can you please forward this information to the Customer Master Inbox? Hi, In order to change the address of an account we also need to receive the old address of the customer. We also need to receive customer’s confirmation that the old address will not be used anymore, as an address c