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The Button: PowerPoint Version

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Something to do when ur bored: click a button

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The Button: PowerPoint Version

  1. 1. DA BUTTON!!! The button that hates being clicked on. Click to start
  2. 2. Hello, I am The Button. Please do not click on me.
  3. 3. What are you doing?
  4. 4. What’s wrong with you? Don’t do it.
  5. 5. Ow, my eye!
  6. 6. You’re mean! If you click, you’ll get a big surprise!
  7. 7. My alarm went off! Now the police are coming! DO NOT CLICK!
  8. 8. The police are here to kill you! Wait, still don’t click the button!
  9. 9. Ooh! You are DEAD! Ya know, every time you click, someone’s head blows up!
  10. 10. See? Some ones head blew off!
  11. 11. OK I must stop this by duplicating myself! Don’t click.
  12. 12. Every time you click, I multiply! Click here!
  13. 13. Every time you click, I multiply! Click here!
  14. 14. Every time you click, I multiply! Click!
  15. 15. Huh? I’m not multiplying! You have jammed my system! Click!
  16. 16. Aaaaargh! This is the last straw! If you click, you will meet your doom!
  17. 17. Meet Mr. Sword Dude! His only weakness is the button! Wait… I shouldn’t have told you that...
  18. 18. I’m gonna bargain with you. If you stop clicking, then I’ll let you watch a movie! Wait 5 seconds if yes.
  19. 19. HA HA HA! Fooled ya! Hey, I should keep doing that!
  20. 20. Man! The green button disabled my clicking avoider thingy!
  21. 21. You’re tricky… But I have a plan!
  22. 22. I will use voicing instead of subtitles! And my voice will be an army dude! Let’s try it!
  23. 25. What’s he doing?
  24. 26. It seems to be an army button.
  25. 28. He seems to be pointing guns at us!
  26. 29. THE END Click to get out of here!