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Powerpoint For E200 Technology

  1. Technology Changing Education Next Technology Resources that makes Education and Learning easier and more interactiv
  2. Next Technology is constantly changing around us everyday, tasks are becoming easier and easier to operate. Such tasks are included in the educational system. Students of today’s generations have grown up around computers, internet, mp3 players, video games, etc and these students have developed a different sense of entertainment through technology, i.e.-computers and of course the internet. Teachers and school administration alike are/were finding it difficult to help their students focus through out the school day because of their normal source of entertainment through technology. Many educators and experts have developed and used different sources of technology through out their class rooms and computer systems through internet to help students learn in different methods of teaching them on a daily basis. In my opinion, these emerging technologies in the classroom are helping and will help better educate the students of today’s generations.
  3. Emerging Technologies in the iTunes U classroom •Summary 1 •Summary •Summary 2 •Review •My Reflection •My Reflection SMART Boards •Summary 1 Click Next to •Summary 2 go to the Next •My next Reflection slide, click home to come back to this page.
  4. Description: “itunes u” was created to manage, distribute educational audio and video content for students for a specific university as well as the broader Internet on Apple’s itunes. Institutions are given their own iTunes U site that makes use of Apple’s iTunes Store infrastructure. The online service is without cost to those uploading or downloading material. Content includes course lectures from college and just recently grades k- 12, language lessons, lab demonstrations, sports highlights and campus tours provided by many top colleges and universities from the US, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand K-12 sub-portals within the iTunes U K-12 destination include: The Florida Center for Instructional Technology, offering multimedia content, resources for digital literacy, and professional development content; Maine's Department of Education, which is also providing professional development resources, digital content, and various educational resources; Utah's Electronic High School, which includes a wealth of curriculum resources, news for teachers, safety and counseling tips, and district-specific resources; Pennsylvania's Allegheny Intermediate Unit, a service and resource center for Pennsylvania educators, which is providing school information, professional development tools, and other content; and Several individual New Jersey school and district sub-portals, including East Orange Next
  5. Mary Ann Wolf (executive director of SETDA) states “The idea of the initiative, according to SETDA, is not only to bring state and district resources to K-12 educators within their own states, but to provide nationwide and global access to educational content, curricula, learning materials, news, best practices, and other resources. quot;This comprehensive collection of quality digital content offers teachers and students a single location to access resources on topics from Florida history to the Navajo language to nano technologies,quot; said Mary Ann Wolf, executive Next director of SETDA, in a statement released Tuesday at the NECC 2008 conference in Texas, where the initiative was unveiled. quot;Teachers can now access these resources in real-time to support teaching and learning. The new K-12 resources on iTunes U address the critical need to engage students through technology-based resources in the core curriculum areas.quot; Mike Flanagan, state superintendent of public schools for Michigan. quot;MI Learning on iTunes U presents a unique opportunity to engage students, teachers, and parents in Reviews new ways of learning. With the growth of mobile devices and interactive media, we now have a variety of content options that helps learning happen any time, anywhere, and not just inside the classroom. That is true innovation.quot;
  6. I believe iTunes U is an excellent technology source for teachers and for students. The possibilities are endless with this program. An University can be made easily on this program where the teacher literally lectures his/her students, and the may view this on their time. This allows for a whole new level of learning and especially online education. iTunes U also gives students k-college extra help in certain areas/subjects and then some. This is definitely a new exciting resource for both teachers and students to view subjects, schools, and curriculum all over the globe.
  7. The SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that can improve the way students and instructors meet, teach, train and present. It combines the look and feel of a regular whiteboard with the power of a computer so users can save and print notes, collaborate on electronic documents, share information and run multimedia materials. With this new electronic whiteboard, educators can e- mail all notes to their students, or they can post notes as HTML files so that others can view them from a Web browser. Next
  8. SMART Boards come equipped with OptiPro, a new screen surface designed for use with today's brighter, higher lumen projectors. OptiPro reduces glare by providing a crisp, clean image, even in harsh lighting environments. In addition, when combined with an LCD panel or projector, the SMART Board becomes a large, touch-sensitive screen. Thus, users can rely on their fingers to move between spreadsheets, word Next processing documents, CD-ROMs or Web sites. The Board also features a pen tray that allows users to write notes over
  9. Being someone who has personally worked with the smart board both as a student and a cadet teacher, I can say this board truly makes education interactive and fun. This board allows s much such as class notes and e-mailing notes, internet, Microsoft office presentations and more. This allows students and teachers to have fun and be more up close to technology and interactive with their subjects in front of the whole class.
  10. The Web site provides online tutorial assistance for students struggling with their math homework. When students are stuck on a particular problem, they can go to the site and select their textbook and problem number to begin a tutorial on their specific problem. The site gives hints, asks Socratic questions, uses graphs and figures, and shows a step-by-step description of the solution through to the final answer. Students can use the site for help on tough problems or to check their work at home, while teachers can use the site in class to demonstrate different problem solutions. Next
  11. Next offers math help for middle school math all the way to college algebra Specific math problem help using video aid to help guide you step by step for specific math problems in specific books. 24/7 math tutors Workbooks, Games, practice tests Step by step Math problems answers for over 140 text books
  12. In my opinion, Math is one of the hardest subjects for schools for many students. Personally I struggled to get A’s and B’s in math, and when I was completing my homework, I would get confused and never have any help, is a great site to understand and learn math outside the classroom. Next
  13. iTunes U, SMART Board, are 3 technologies that I believe are advancing technologies that help students and teachers alike in education in order to enhance learning into a fun, and entertaining. These Technologies are proof of how technology is very useful, and is constantly changing around us, and how we learn. These technologies are truly changing how we learn through visual, hands-on, technology and interaction through media. Click home to start over