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Personnel administration

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Personnel administration

  1. 1. + Personnel Administration
  2. 2. +Personnel Administration  The complex of specific activities distinctly engaged in by the employing agency ( school district , other unit of government , or business enterprise) to make a pointed effort to secure the greatest possible worker effectiveness consistent with the agency’s objectives.
  3. 3. Problems of personneladministration are somewhat proportionateto the size and complexity of the organization.
  4. 4. + Objectives of Personnel Administration  Todo whatever is necessary to make certain that all school employees have the competencies needed for their respective jobs , the will to use their abilities in optimum fashion and the working conditions under which each can exercise and improve his competency in such a way that the educational job of the schools will be done with utmost effectiveness.
  5. 5. + Principles of Personnel Administration 1. Education is the primary purpose of schools
  6. 6. + Principles of Personnel Administration 2. The objectives of the schools are functionality derived from the people who have created them as institutions to meet those needs that they want fulfilled through formal education.
  7. 7. + Principles of Personnel Administration 3. The people who have instituted the schools and all employees within the school system have the same basic interest.
  8. 8. + Principles of Personnel Administration 4. Maximum effectiveness of the means for achieving the people’s mandates regarding education requires the best possible selection and coordination of all elements comprising those means.
  9. 9. + Principles of Personnel Administration 5. School employees are not commodities
  10. 10. + Principles of Personnel Administration 6. Employees have a private life and a right to the privacy of their own affairs.
  11. 11. + Principles of Personnel Administration 7. The human factor is a variable.
  12. 12. + Principles of Personnel Administration 8. The most important single factor in getting the best that a school employee has to offer is how he feels about his work, his associates on the job, and the school system in which he is employed.
  13. 13. + Principles of Personnel Administration 9. Esteem for intelligence and potential of the employee group is a basic necessity and may be demonstrated by the employer group through acts of confidence.
  14. 14. + Principles of Personnel Administration 10. Employee problems have to be dealt with in terms of the situation or the conditions at hand.
  15. 15. + Principles of Personnel Administration 11. All participants in an enterprise are entitled to fair dealing.
  16. 16. + Principles of Personnel Administration 12. The relationships among employees and between them and their employers can to a large extent be summed up.
  17. 17. + The Problem of Personnel Administration  To make and keep clear the concept of personnel as employees who make a contribution to the carrying out of policies through which the educational program is to be made effective.  To bring about recognition of the associate status of all personnel in doing their respective parts to make the schools genuinely effective
  18. 18. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Gain and keep the good will of all employees in order to obtain their spontaneous and readily preferred cooperation.  Reflect in all personnel relationships the way of life of the nation and and of the school district.  Ascertain just what the respective educational jobs are in terms of their purposes, expectations of the people and the school system
  19. 19. +  Identify , describe and classify the respective school jobs in terms of their purposes, the knowledge, and skill demanded for each , and the qualifications that the prospective employee must have to well the work required of him.  Build a reserve or pool of potential employees through the establishment of a recruitment program designed to make available the caliber of employees needed.
  20. 20. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration Select from all available sources the best of the competent individuals in terms of specific job requirements. Assign those selected for employment so as to make maximum and optimum use of the competencies for which they were hired.
  21. 21. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Takethe necessary measures to match the competent employee to the work space e.g. classroom, equipment, and supplies which will be conducive to maximum effectiveness.  Show tactful interest in each employee in order to promote the understanding and confidence which must be present if he is to seek and welcome counsel and aid problems that have implications for well he does his job.
  22. 22. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Exercise circumspection to differentiate between those problems in which the employee will accept help and those which regards as solely his business.  Stimulate each to develop his potentials so that the school system may capitalize upon the diversity of individuality.  Shun assiduously any actions that would be conducive to a monotonous conformity which would repress individual differences and inhibit enterprising deviation in word and action.
  23. 23. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Useappreciation of work done , recognition for the worker to the degree warranted , and the flattery of sincere involvement of the employee in the problems of operating the school system .  Discover both what information is desired by the employee and what he ought to have in addition , the provide both freely.  Insure lines of communication which are open upwards, downwards, and sideways , with safeguards in case some channel becomes blocked.
  24. 24. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Engender among employees a warranted conviction that the lines of communication are for their use , that use of them is urged and welcome, and that their use carriers with it no threat of penalty or prejudice.  Gather case data from which to ascertain the kinds of problems there are, what their causes seem to be and what solutions are suggested in the way of preventive or corrective measures.
  25. 25. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Have the flexibility to devise and use whatever means are called for to meet the problem rather than to fall back on cliches and pat formulas which may be gratifying to the user while helping not all in solving the problem at hand.  Take the necessary measures progressively to establish fairness in all employment relations and conditions , eliminating even the appearance of injustice.
  26. 26. + The Functions of School Personnel Administration  Regard and use the occurrence of each vacancy as a golden opportunity to reappraise the job in terms of its specifics and its relationships within the organization of the school system.  Develop an initially tentative written set of personnel policies which will be modified , deleted from , or added to in the light of experience and as a cooperative personnel and personnel administration project.
  27. 27. + Development of School Personnel Administration  It has developed in various ways beginning with the exercise of the hiring-firing activities , and all that went in between , by the board of education itself.
  28. 28. + Scope or the Personnel Administration Activity  Coordinating individuals , jobs , place of work , time of work , and the equipment and supplies for working.  Concerned with those problems of the employees which have implications for how well they do their work.
  29. 29. + Philosophy of School Personnel Administration  Democratic Philosophy  Pragmatic Philosophy
  30. 30. + Essentials in School Personnel Administration  Do what is necessary to recruit manpower pool of competent individuals from which to select needed employees.  Employ competent individuals to do the various school jobs that have to be done.  Take the necessary steps to retain the competent people employed in the school system and to release them from whatever deterrents there are to their effective functioning in the teaching-learning situation.  Provide for improvement in the competency of each worker.  Arrange for working conditions in which each is free to use his competencies most effectively and is stimulated to do so.
  31. 31. + Methods of Personnel Administration 1. Informally vs. Formally Organized Personnel Administration 2. Autocratic vs. Democratic Personnel Administration 3. Centralized vs. Decentralized Personnel Administration
  32. 32. + The Problem of Personnel Administration  To make and keep clear the concept of personnel as employees who make contribution to the carrying out of policies through which education program is to be made effective.
  33. 33. + Policies for School Personnel Administration  The Nature and Function of Policy  Who formulates policy?  How policy is formulated?  Whom and what policy governs?