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40 years of Spielberg's Jaws 

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40 years of Spielberg's Jaws 

  1. 1. 40 years of Spielberg's Jaws
  2. 2. Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss While the movie "Jaws" kept us on the edge of our seats with fear, behind-the-scenes things didn't look nearly as tense! The stars of the film, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, and Richard Dreyfuss share a laugh with Steven Spielberg as he directs them in a scene of a movie on the boat, "Orca."Photo: Universal Studios/Getty Images.
  3. 3. Steven Spielberg If you still have nightmares about "Jaws," you're not alone -- but this silly shot might help alleviate them! Steven Spielberg put himself right in the belly of the beast so to speak as he goofed off on set. Spielberg is pictured lounging inside the mouth of the mechanical great white shark, nicknamed "Bruce" in the 1975 movie. AP Photo
  4. 4. Robert Shaw and Jaws "You're gonna need a bigger boat," indeed! Robert Shaw, who plays shark hunter Quint, is pictured standing above the massive mechanical shark while shooting a scene of the movie. The filmmakers had difficulty throughout production and went over budget because many of the mechanical sharks kept malfunctioning. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
  5. 5. “Richie Helmer touches up the shark.” Boat operator Charlie Blair confirmed to author Matt Taylor that Bruce’s upkeep was basically a 24-hour job. Bruce’s technical snafus were one of the main reasons for the film’s drastic delays and overwhelming budget. Edith Blake/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  6. 6. Jaws An underwater view shows the terrifying, albeit the mechanical, great white shark from "Jaws." Anonymous/AP Photo
  7. 7. Kathleen Carroll and Robert Shaw New York Daily News reporter Kathleen Carroll got an on-set interview with Robert Shaw during the filming of "Jaws." In her interview from June 21, 197 she wrote, "Spielberg had paced the film beautifully so that one is always on edge, tensed for those scary moments that turn out to be false alarms (a black fin, in the water, for instance, that is eventually exposed as a bathing cap), and left somehow totally unprepared for the real shocks." Louis Goldman/New York Daily News
  8. 8. Roy Scheider Roy Scheider, who plays chief Martin Brody, stands on top of the boat, "Orca," while crew members get ready to film a scene of "Jaws."Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
  9. 9. Steven Spielberg and his camera crew Steven Spielberg wasn't afraid to get his hand dirty -- or wet,rather -- when filming his 1975 blockbuster, "Jaws." He is pictured here with his camera crew braving the waters in Martha’s Vineyard to shoot a scene from his film. Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
  10. 10. “Panicking on State Beach.” Alves and Spielberg avoided using the color red throughout the film as much as possible, since they wanted the bloody attack scenes to stand out and be a bigger shock for audiences. It worked — especially during this scene, which was shot with blood still in the water. Lee Fierro played the mother of the boy on the raft who gets devoured. She told author Matt Taylor, “They filmed the attack shots the same day they filmed the parents running down to the edge of the water, so that there would actually be blood floating around as everybody gathered their children.” The Vineyard’s tourist season was set to kick off near the end of filming, so getting the crowd scenes shot in time was crucial. Jackie Baer/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  11. 11. Jaws A group of extras are filmed running out of the ocean in a panic during a shark attack scene in "Jaws." Archive Photos/Getty Images
  12. 12. Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss are pictured next to a hanging shark carcass while shooting a scene of "Jaws." AP Photo
  13. 13. Richard Dreyfuss Richard Dryfuss is all smiles on the set of "Jaws" as he straps on scuba gear and stands in a cage in the water. Something tells us that his character, marine biologist Matt Hooper, would not have found the same scenario quite as amusing! Archive Photos/Getty Images
  14. 14. “Shark mauls Ted Grossman.” Ted Grossman was a professional stuntman who coordinated Jaws’ death-defying scenes. He’s credited as “estuary victim,” since he’s the guy whose leg was torn off and seen sinking in the lagoon. Grossman’s other glamorous duties included fetching a dead, 900-pound shark for filming. Edith Blake/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  15. 15. This is a great shot of one of the platform sharks. Edith Blake/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  16. 16. In this classic, three determined men fight to destroy a killer shark that's prowling the waters off Amity Island. Globe Staff
  17. 17. Co-producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown on the water during fiming. Globe archives
  18. 18. The film used a barely functional shark in Cow Bay during the filming on Martha's Vineyard. Moonies Media
  19. 19. A swimmer, played by Ted Grossman, is attacked by a killer shark within view of children as a companion tries to save him. Universal Pictures
  20. 20. Richard D. Zanuck produced the record-setting film with David Brown.Universal Studios
  21. 21. Esteben Spielberg behind the scenes during the making of Jaws. Globe archives
  22. 22. What is left of the "Orka," the boat featured in the filming of Jaws, lies rotting on the shore of Menemsha Creek. Owned by Lynn Murphy, the boat has been picked apart by souvineer scavengers over the years. Several "Orkas" were used in the filming of the movie, but only one remains on the island. This one was used in the sinking scene where Quint was eaten by the shark.
  23. 23. Characters Mike Brody and Kathryn Morgan gasp for air while searching underwater for the killer shark. Globe archives
  24. 24. Cindy Grover is knocked overboard when a great white attacks and frantically tries to swin to shore. Globe archives
  25. 25. Spielberg (centre), producer Richard Zanuck (red shorts) and actor Roy Scheider (at rear) soak up the sun and ride the waves in between takes. Photograph: Ronal Grant Archive
  26. 26. Crew filming the famous dolly zoom scene with Roy Scheider (sitting on the right of picture). Photograph: LFI
  27. 27. The system of hydraulics are revealed under the mechanical shark as it is hoisted from the water. Photograph: Allstar
  28. 28. Filming in the shallows: A camera crew film a bathing scene. © 1974 Jackie Baer /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard
  29. 29. Spielberg takes a call during filming. Photograph: Allstar
  30. 30. Spielberg and Scheider discuss a scene on set as extras look on. Photograph: Rex Features
  31. 31. Star maker: Spielberg talks with actor Roy Schneider (Chief Brody) and Lorraine Gary (Ellen Brody) on set. © 1974 Jackie Baer /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard
  32. 32. Characters Quint, Chief of Police Brody, and Matt Hooper try to wrangle the shark. Globe archives
  33. 33. “Clay model sculpted by Joe Alves.” These clay models of Bruce were the template for Mattey’s mechanical construction. Alves explained to Taylor: “We had to decide how big the shark was going to be, so I started by drawing a 20-foot shark, then a 30-foot shark. The 30-foot shark seemed too big, and the 20-foot shark seemed too small. I had originally wanted to make the proportions of a twelve-and-a-half footer, then double the size. That’s how I wound up with 25 feet, which was credible.” Joe Alves/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  34. 34. “Inside Bob Mattey’s machine shop.” Several sharks’ jaws were loaned to the crew by San Francisco’s Steinhart Aquarium. They were essential in creating realistic and terrifying details. oe Alves/Courtesy of Moonrise Media
  35. 35. Jaws Beast from the deep: A new Jaws platform shark created for the underwater cage sequence is prepared for action in MGM’s studio tank. © 1974 Cal Acord /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's
  36. 36. Constructing a shark at Bob Mattey’s machine ship in Sundland, California. © 1974 Joe Alves /Courtesy of Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard Moonrise
  37. 37. Going for the kill: A camerman follows Jaws as the shark heads towards Orca II. © 1974 Cal Acord /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard
  38. 38. The attack: The platform shark leaps aboard Orca II The attack: Jaws leaps aboard Orca II. © 1974 Cal Acord /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard
  39. 39. Fearsome: Jaws leaps aboard Orca II. © 1974 Cal Acord /Courtesy of Moonrise Media From the book JAWS: Memories From Martha's Vineyard
  40. 40. end
  41. 41. cast 40 years of Spielberg's Jaws images and text credit www. filmconnoisseur.blogspot.com. www.nydailynews.com www.theguardian.com Music Jaws Music, John Williams created olga.e. thanks for watching