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PCTE                                   Computer – I (BMHCT)                                      1

PCTE                                      Computer – I (BMHCT)                                     2

PCTE                                      Computer – I (BMHCT)                                          3

PCTE                                Computer – I (BMHCT)                                          4

          Student c...
PCTE                                   Computer – I (BMHCT)                         5

PCTE                               Computer – I (BMHCT)     6

Basics of MS-DOS
       A.   Internal Commands
       B.  ...
PCTE                                    Computer – I (BMHCT)                         7

PCTE                                       Computer – I (BMHCT)                        8

Special Effects
         A.    ...
PCTE                                  Computer – I (BMHCT)                                        9

PCTE                           Computer – I (BMHCT)                     10

       21. Introduction to Windows 95        ...
PCTE                                   Computer – I (BMHCT)                                             11

PCTE                                Computer – I (BMHCT)            12

  6. What are major components of a computer?
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Course plan hm-1

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Course plan hm-1

  1. 1. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 1 PCTE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE – PLAN (Jul 10 – Dec 10) SUBJECT: Computer - I CODE: BH – 107 CLASS: BHMCT – 1st Sem. TEACHER: Mrs. Maninder Kaur (MN) Course Description: This course includes introduction to computers that focus on classification of computers, characteristics, hardware and software concepts, operating system and then we’ll have hands on practice in learning MS-DOS and Windows. More specifically, we will cover the following topics:  Computer Fundamentals  Characteristics and classification of computers  Generations of computers  Components of a Computer  Primary and Secondary Memories  Input / Output Devices  Software Concepts  Operating System Concepts  Introduction to MS-DOS  Introduction to Microsoft Windows Course Goals: The basic objective of the course is to introduce the students to the world of computers and computer technology and to give the knowledge about the basic concepts of operating systems, World Processing, Database, presentations & Networking. The students will learn fundamentals of computers, their characteristics and classification, develop an understanding of hardware and software concepts and have knowledge about input/output devices. This course makes you familiar with MS-DOS and also with graphical interface of Microsoft Windows.
  2. 2. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 2 Grading: MSE: 8 marks Hourly Tests: 6 marks Class Tests: 3 marks Assignments: 3 marks Total: 20 marks Rules for Assignments: Purpose: The assignments will primarily be practice problems for the exams. Thus, you should not collaborate on it with others by splitting the work and sharing answers. You will gain the most benefit from doing it by yourself. You can, of course, ask me for help. If someone in the class asks you for help on assignments, handle the situation as if you are a course instructor. Don’t just give them an answer, but make sure they know how to find the answer on their own. If I feel that people have submitted answers that are merely copies of each other, I will grade the one solution and divide the credit for it equally among the copies. Due Date: As indicated in the course break-up below. Late Policy: You must do your work on time because we'll be correcting/discussing it in class. No assignment will be accepted after the due date. If you know that you have a specific time conflict, make arrangements with me in advance for a separate assignment for late submission. Format: All assignments should be done according to the following format:  Assignment must have a cover page including title of assignment, subject, date of submission, students name, class, roll no. and submitted to.  For a sample of cover page, visit my website http://www.eazynotes.com.  Use loose sheets with one side plain and other side lined.  Write questions/headings with black pen and other text with blue pen.  Draw diagrams (if necessary), neat and clean with pencil on plain side of paper.
  3. 3. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 3  Pages should be numbered.  Mention Contents at the beginning and References at the end of each assignment. Tests: Tests can be oral/written/open book. Open book test is so that you can look up formulas or data from the text or lecture notes. You need to be sufficiently familiar with the material in the book to know where to look up the information that you need. The purpose of the exams is for you to demonstrate that you have attained an operational level of understanding of the material. The tests will be conducted on the dates mentioned in the course break-up. No extra test will be conducted for the absentees. If you have any time conflict for the test, contact me in advance so that we can make sufficient arrangements. Keep in mind that there will be no improvement test at the end of the semester. Therefore, it’s your responsibility to give test on time. Class Participation: A large component of your learning takes place in class. The actual concepts of computers are fairly simple, although their implementation is often complicated by real-world constraints. Thus, I tend to give lectures to explain these concepts, and pose questions for discussion that are meant to draw out these implications. I will guide discussion, and add information here and there as necessary to carry the discussion forward or to lead it into a digression that adds depth in a different direction. I will frequently have in-class exercises that you will do as individual/groups. Thus, it is very important that you attend class regularly. I will keep attendance throughout the semester. Please let me know in advance of any scheduled absences. Classroom Policies: Following are the classroom policies and they are meant to be strictly followed:  Be punctual for the class; try to minimize your disturbance if you are late. I may reject students who come after 15 minutes from the scheduled time.
  4. 4. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 4  Student coming late will be considered as late arrival and I will record late arrivals on the day’s attendance.  Three late arrivals equals to one absent. And then entry will be permitted only if you sign an application from the director.  Mobile phones are not allowed in the classroom. If any student found using the mobile phone, he/she has to pay Rs. 200 as fine in the account office.  During lecture delivery, if you have any kind of query, just raise your hand. Queries are important for the understanding of the concepts. So, do ask queries but make sure they are relevant to the subject.  Be disciplined in the classroom and don’t make any noise while we are studying.
  5. 5. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 5 SYLLABUS Computer – I (Theory) BH – 107 Internal Assessment: 20 Max. Marks: 50 External Assessment: 30 Information Concepts and Processing A. Definitions B. Need , Quality and Value of Information C. Data Processing Concepts Elements of a Computer System A. Definitions B. Characteristics of Computers C. Classification of Computers D. Limitations Hardware Features and Uses A. Components of a Computer B. Generations of Computers C. Primary and Secondary Storage Concepts D. Data Entry Devices E. Data Output Devices Software Concepts A. System Software B. Application Software C. Language Classification D. Compilers and Interpreters Operating System/Environments
  6. 6. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 6 Basics of MS-DOS A. Internal Commands B. External Commands Introduction to Windows A. GUI Features B. What are Windows and Windows 95 and Above? C. Parts of a Typical Window and Their Functions
  7. 7. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 7 SYLLABUS Computer – I (Practical) BH – 107 Internal Assessment: 20 Max. Marks: 50 External Assessment: 30 Windows Operations – Practical A. Creating Folders B. Creating Shortcuts C. Copying Files/Folders D. Renaming Files/Folders E. Deleting Files F. Exploring Windows G. Quick Menus Ms-Office 97 Ms-Word-Practical Creating a Document A. Entering Text B. Saving the Document C. Editing a Document Already Saved to Disk D. Getting Around the Document E. Find and Replace Operations F. Printing the Document Formatting a Document A. Justifying Paragraphs B. Changing Paragraph Indents C. Setting Tabs and Margins D. Formatting Pages and Documents E. Using Bullets and Numbering F. Headers/Footers G. Pagination
  8. 8. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 8 Special Effects A. Print Special Effects e.g. Bold, Underline, Superscripts, Subscripts B. Changing Fonts C. Changing Case Cut, Copy and Paste Operation A. Marking Blocks B. Copying and Pasting a Block C. Cutting and Pasting a Block D. Deleting a Block E. Formatting a Block F. Using Find and Replace in a block Using Ms-Word Tools A. Spelling and Grammar B. Mail Merge C. Printing Envelops and Labels Tables A. Create B. Delete C. Format Graphics A. Inserting Clip Arts B. Symbols (Border/Shading) C. Word Art Print Options A. Previewing the Documents B. Printing a Whole Document C. Printing a Selected Page D. Printing a Selected Set E. Printing Several Documents F. Printing More Than One Copies
  9. 9. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 9 COURSE BREAK-UP Subject: Computer – I Code: BH – 107 Class: BHMCT Semester: I No. of Lect.: 26 No. of Assignments: 3 No. of Tests: 2 No. of Viva Voce: 1 Teacher: Mrs. Maninder Kaur (MN) Proposed Lect. Actual Date Lect. Content Assignments Tests Week No. of Delivery Introduction to Course Plan & 1 1. Introduction to Computers 2 2. Information Concepts and Processing 3. Elements of a Computer System 4. Generations of Computers 3 5. Practical: Windows Operations 6. Block Diagram of Computer Assign-1 7. Input Devices Practical: MS-Word 4 8. Creating Document & Document Operations 9. Output Devices 10. Test-1 Introduction to Memory & Types of 5 11. Memory 12. Storage Devices & their Types 13. Practical: Formatting a Document Software Concepts, Compilers and 6 14. Assign-2 Interpreters Introduction to Operating System & its 7 15. functions 16. Various types of the Operating System Practical: Special Effects on Text 17. Cut , Copy & Paste 18. Test- 2 19. MS-DOS and its Internal Commands 20. External Commands
  10. 10. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 10 21. Introduction to Windows 95 Assign-3 10 22. Practical: Tables, Mail merge 11 23. Parts of a Window 24. Viva 25. Practical Discussion of Previous Question 12 26. Papers
  11. 11. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 11 ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS Long Questions: (5 marks) 1. Write all six types of classifications of computers by its size, capacity, speed and functions. 2. Explain the generations of computer. 3. What are essential components of a computer? Draw the schematic diagram of a computer showing its essential components. Discuss the function of each component. 4. List various types of input devices and explain them. 5. What do you understand by Operating System? What are the functions of an Operating System? 6. List various output devices. 7. What is the difference between internal and external DOS commands? Explain each command with syntax. 8. Explain the hierarchy of memory. 9. What are the features of Windows? 10. What is the function of Windows Explorer? Short Questions: (2 ½ marks) 1. What is a computer? 2. Give limitations of computers? 3. What is a window? Explain. 4. Write short note on operating system? 5. Difference between: a. Internal and External Commands b. Hardware and Software c. GUI and CUI d. Multiprogramming and Multiprocessing e. System Software and Application Software f. RAM and ROM g. Magnetic Disk and Magnetic Tape h. Compiler and Interpreter i. Printer and plotter
  12. 12. PCTE Computer – I (BMHCT) 12 6. What are major components of a computer? 7. What is BIOS? 8. What are the parts of a window? 9. What is translator? 10. What the purpose is of drag and drop method? 11. How can you set the screen saver and background of Windows? 12. What do you know about desktop, icon, folder and shortcuts? 13. How can you set date and time in Windows?