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  1. 1. Featured Startups: Microsoft BizSpark 8/31/11 12:10 PM Log in Help English Home About Offers Training & Resources Partners News & Events BizSpark Connect My BizSpark Overview Featured Startups Featured Network Partners Featured Startups: Microsoft BizSpark Maximize Your Companys Exposure! Microsoft BizSpark startups from around the world are innovating in both enterprise and consumer solutions which include: online Join BizSpark today and get access to content and services, mobile solutions, collaboration, rich client software, business applications and enterprise infrastructure. These BizSpark Connect where a global network of investors and network partners connect with companies find value in the BizSpark program, because of the access to top of the line Microsoft software, that allows them to the most promising startups. experiment with their solutions and vet their business model, for no cost, while ramping up their businesses. Featured Startups 1800-TEACHER.com MC2 Marketing 4delite miiCard 8KMiles Mingle360 ActionFlow Mintpass Acumatica MixCommerce AdClip Mixed In Key LLC AFTER-MOUSE.COM MMM Services Application Agile Zen Mobile Tracing Services A.I.type ModelIT AisleFinder.com Money Dashboard AlertFox Motolingo Allmyapps Mpoware Find out more now AnswerJoy mtiks Appature Muecs Aprigo Musicshake ArrayShield Technologies Artesian Solutions mySkin MyWebCareer Want to reach AspiraCon myWobile more customers? Assessment Portal Netxcell Autolog nioovo.com Build solutions for Microsoft Avetrium Nimbus Health Bit Flag Solutions Ninite Dynamics CRM 2011 – both on- Buddy Check Network NitrosBase premises and in the cloud. BuzzMinder No Excuse Accounting BuzzNumbers Objective Logistics Get no-cost technical resources Calinda OCR Terminal Cannla Omega Optimsation from Microsoft Platform Ready. Captain Dash OneBe Cardmobili ONOFFMIX Cerebiz OrchestratorMail Cerebrata Ormetis Cieltum Overwolf CionSystems Inc. Pageonce CipherPoint Paraleap Technologies Circle 7 Software Particle Code Citius PerkSpot Become an Early Adopter today Clever Sense Phlook ClickTale Picapp Cmune Piryx Codevine Planium Codility Plentyoffish.com CogniDox Pouring Pounds ColdLight protected-networks.com Connect2field Qbox.com Cooee Quick.tv Corvalius Quilink Covertix Raveable CR2 Technologies Rebel Box Criteo Red Carpet Software CSRware RedCritter Curse Redliner CYNCZ Relay Technology Management Datacastle RelayFoods.com Develomatic Restopolitan dezineforce RIM Systems Digital Folio routeRANK Diner Connection (Moxie Software) RumbaFish DocCenter salenear.me dotbox Scan & Target Dubmenow score.ly Dyyno Scratch Audio Ecovadis Share Dimension Eitbit Shidonni Enroute ShowNearby.com Envault Corporation simplyevents.com EquityNet SimplySim erecruit Siondohttp://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/Partners/Startups.aspx Page 1 of 2
  2. 2. Featured Startups: Microsoft BizSpark 8/31/11 12:10 PM erecruit Siondo Evangelyze Communications SiSense evly.com Skillendar Exceedra SmartTouch Feeva Technology SnipClip Figitt sobees FinanceAcar Socialping Find it EZ Socialwok Flixster SolSpectrum Fortressware Soluto Fresbo World Solvate Fridaynoon sones Frotcom Sopima GameMo Soundtrckr GameWager Søborg Designs Genieo Sparus Software Gestone SpeedMenu Gist spotengine Global Interactive Works Spreety GoGoPin StickerYou Graphic.ly Streumon Studio Gridsum StyleSalt GWeb SundaySky H3 Swap.com HealthSaas Tagle Information Technology Hibernater Taglin Hop-Cube Teamly HR Locker TeamSuppport.com Huddle Techsailor IamINC TEG Business Solutions iDiag theChanner iFacturas The Real Estate Network imleagues ThoughtBuzz Incentings Threeplicate Indisys Tibra Informatica InRev Systems time cockpit (Software Architects) Intuilab Tokii IP-Tech Tooio italki Tripware Kabbage Tweba Kalistick TweetPhoto Keepcon ubitexx KeyLemon uMobilize Promotions Keystroke IT ValueAppeal kidthing Vembu Technologies kinkon Vertelis Kobojo Vignature Komola UG Virsto Software Lavablast Software VisualBee.com Leetchi.com VM6 Software Legal River WeLove LessMeeting Whaboo Liaise Wibiya Linxter Winito Lokad WiseStamp Looppa Wolf PaaS Loopt Xobni Loqu8 Yomomedia Lymbix YourCause Manjrasoft YubiTech Zeeyoo Home About Training & Resources Partners News & Events BizSpark Connect My BizSpark BizSpark Training for Startups Featured Startups News & Events BizSpark One BizSparkCamp for Featured Network Team Blogs Microsoft Action Pack Startups Partners Subscription Interop Solutions Microsoft Partner Network Contact FAQs © 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Terms of Use Trademarks Privacy Statementhttp://www.microsoft.com/bizspark/Partners/Startups.aspx Page 2 of 2