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Jay Abraham Map


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Jay Abraham Map

  1. 1. Formal Referral System telemarketing Direct Mail + Email + WebCopy Barter Breakthroughs Testing Add Ons + business Cross-selling Risk Reversal 3 Ways to Internet Marketing increase Super-Summit business love is better 2nd time around communication Break even today, break the bank tomorrow USP Client's Marginal New Worth host-beneficiary relationships Strategy of Preeminence Fish where the big fish are
  2. 2. increase # of clients increase the average size of the sale per client THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT 3 Ways to increase business STRATEGY YOU CAN USE TO MAXIMIZE increase the # of time clients return + buy THE VALUE OF ALL OTHER again STRATEGIES IS TO COMMUNICATE ON A REGULAR BASIS WITH EVERYONE work on all three = geometric growth WHO CONTRIBUTES, OR EVER WILL CONTRIBUTE, IN ANY WAY TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS breakthroughs are unconventionally fresh, your challenge is to keep clients constantly superior, more exciting ways of doing connected to you something how valuable you are ask yourself continually quot; Where's the big overlooked opportunity here?quot; keep them thinking how good you are communication always discover the hidden opportunity in how much you care about them every situation the more contact + communication you try to uncover at least 1 cash windfall for have with a person, the stronger + richer your business every 3 months the relationship becomes. in business the secret to keeping + growing clients is to build a foundation based upon multiple keep meaningful communication w/ Breakthroughs streams of idea generation. get ideas from everyone important to you others one of you breakthrough goals is always to make your product or business special, to get your prospects + clients to see your unique, + more advantageous in your business as offering them a superior benefit clients eye or advantage that no other competitor offers them Breakthroughs increase in direct proportion to the amount of networking, brainstorming, you must determine the most powerful and masterminding you do with like minded, benefit or advantage you can possibly offer success driven people outside your industry an existing or future client so it will be totally irrational for them to choose to do business with anyone but your company YOU MUST IDENTIFY WHAT when you limit your business to doing things ADVANTAGE OR RESULT YOUR the same way every other competitor of CLIENTS WANT THE MOST your does, you can only produce modest, you must integrate your USP into all your incremental gains at best promotional, marketing, advertising, + most business people don't realize it, but selling operations business they are in the client and prospect the more clearly you telegraph what makes generating business. that's the basic goal you a better choice, the more often they'll of all marketing choose you over the competition the pint is to focus on the one need, or gap whenever 2 parties come together to that is most sorely lacking - provided you transact business of any kind,1 side is can keep the promise you make always asking the other to assume more or IT IS CRITICAL TO ALWAYS FULFILL all of the risk THEquot;BIG PROMISEquot; OF YOUR USP if you ask someone to take on all the risk, Internet Marketing the USP is the nucleus around which you their 1st inclination is not buy 'Super Summit' build your success, fame + wealth. SO YOU your goal is to eliminate as much, if not all, BETTER BE ABLE TO STATE IT! of the risk in the transaction for your client try it. write 1 paragraph statement of your take away risk, you lower the barrier to new USP. at first you will have trouble action + eliminate the primary obstacle to expressing it tightly + specifically. it may buying take 2 or 3 paragraphs or more. ruthlessly edit away the generalities + focus on a crisp 1 of the biggest quot;competitive edgequot; clear statement that promises the most you advantages you'll ever gain is to always could possibly offer. make it easier for the client to say yes than it is for them to say no. remember axiom: you will not appeal to everybody. in fact certain USPs are you totally + USP designed to appeal to only 1 segment of a completely market guarantee the ASSUME THE RISK IN EVERY purchase for all your employees (or subcontractors) with TRANSACTION YOU HAVE WITH YOUR your client any public contact or client interaction, or CLIENTS anyone who impacts your business -MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND, EMBRACE, + Better Than Risk Free BELIEVE YOUR USP compensating your client for their talk to your staff, write scripts, HOLD dissatisfaction + valuing their time + trust is CONTESTS, + reward people who the concept behind it distinguish themselves promoting your USP consider offering the client something else Risk Reversal immediately following the sale, write, in addition (a bonus) when they agree to e-mail, phone, or visit your clients. During IT'S VITALLY IMPORTANT TO purchase. offer them an exceptional the follow-up, make sure the clients feel BTRF INDELIBLY ETCH A STRONG, money-back guarantee, but allow the client important + special, and that their initial CLEAR, COMPELLING USP IN to keep the bonus if he or she asks for a purchases are quot;RESOLDquot;. repeat your USP THE MINDS OF YOUR refund + remind the clients how it helped them CLIENTS AFTER THEY'VE make their purchasing decision TEST THE MOST SPECIFIC TYPES OF BOUGHT FROM YOU GUARANTEES + BETTER THAN RISK FREE GUARANTEES YOU CAN BEFORE I advice my clients to frequently offer special ARBITRARILY DECIDING ON ONE promotions to their clients by mail, when you put a very specific + dramatic telephone, or in person. performance-based guarantees or risk by offering your clients genuine, specially reversals on your selling proposition, your priced deals, you endear yourself to them a USP can come in sales almost certainly soar. the form of an 1st the client should always see the offer as the longer the guarantee + the more occasional special a logical extension of your basic USP specific the performance expectations you offer. test it yourself make, the more people will buy if your USP is service, your preferred promotions will be service based rather RISK REVERSAL CAN BECOME AN than price based IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR USP 2nd make it very clear that this special offer weight-loss programs guarantee specific is only available to current clients weight loss in a specified period of time give staff reasonable authority to ensure the make a complete list of every obstacle to promise behind your USP your clients that might prevent them from purchasing, dealing with, or choosing you over your competition.
  3. 3. a formal client referral system will bring you an immediate increase in clients and profit add ons= you graduate the client to a larger a referral-generated client normally spends or superior alternative product or package more money, buys more often, and is more of goods or services profitable + loyal than most categories of business you could go after cross sell= is introducing the client an additional product or service that will add or REFERRALS BEGET REFERRALS they increase the result of their transaction with are self perpetuating you or your company every time clients deal w/ you in person, every time through sales staff, by letter, e-mail, or on someone buys the phone, diplomatically ask them for client from your referrals company, you you provide far too important a value + have an benefit to allow all of the friend, coworkers, opportunity to adding product + services family members, and colleagues of your increase the size current clients to be denied access to you adding volume or time options of the purchase refuse to allow yourself to become a adding combinations (packages) commodity. instead focus on your when you close the sale, it's the perfect contribution to clients lives + the ultimate time to make an additional sale- particularly impact that results if there's a very good reason + benefit for HE TOLD PEOPLE WHO REFERRED the client to buy your package deal. 60% of PATIENTS TO HIM TO TELL ANYONE all clients will increase if you do it right + THEY REFERRED THAT THEY offer true value A PSYCHIATRIST I'VE ADVISED MADE WOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY FOR THE HIS BUSINESS BOOM BY FOLLOWING write the names of you 3 best selling FIRST SESSION JUST 1 PIECE OF ADVICE products make now add the end result that clients desire the law of consistency is such that if clients ad-ons work when they buy these items recommend you to someone else, they for you have committed themselves also. alongside list some of the ways in which you might increase the value + benefit of IF YOU WANT TO OPTIMIZE ANY those goods + services to your clients by BUSINESS, THEN YOU WILL HAVE AT adding a product or service to a typical sale LEAST 4 TO 5 DIFFERENT REFERRAL SYSTEMS observe what your clients do before they who are the ideal prospects? buy your services, Can you provide that to Add Ons them, too? what is the benefit your ideal prospect + wants +needs watch what people do w/your service after Cross-selling ways to they buy it, + offer to do it for them for a fee what benefit or result does your competitor come up what you need to know provide see what people buy to go with your with product or service in the pursuit of their end what benefit do you provide result. make it available through you what is the ideal prospect's biggest problem Ask yourself how you would make a clients' that is not being met? end result even more complete what are the demographics of your ideal IF YOU CAN SELL ANY PRODUCT OR SERVICE THAT CAN BE OFFERED ON prospect WHAT I REFER TO AS 'TFN' (TILL clients FURTHER NOTICE) BASIS, YOUR CAN USE YOUR AD ON OR UP SELLING employees TECHNIQUE TO TURN A 1 TIME competitors PURCHASER INTO AN ONGOING, PERPETUAL, WEEKLY, DAILY, prospects who can refer prospects to you MONTHLY OR QUARTERLY LOCKED IN SALES. THE CONCEPT THAT DRIVES prospects who didn't convert THE MUSIC CLUB BUSINESS Internet Marketing other business + professionals give clients three better options + a number 'Super Summit' associations - unions, etc.. of them will choose 1 of the two additions Formal over their initial intent. give them superior Referral make sure you have a good or valuable value in each option you add, and they System product become benefited many more times more than you do from the process revere what you do another approach to increasing the average position yourself as different from your transaction value is to use point of sale competitors promotions. point of sale promotions are nothing more than displays or signage that show interest in your current clients by grab the clients attention right at the point of asking them about themselves sale. explain that even if the referral doesn't buy, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO LOOK AT you will provide a valuable service for them YOUR BUSINESS OR PRACTICE + ASK explain that you get most of SELF quot;COULD I TAKE ANY OR ALL OF your business from referrals THE PRODUCTS OR SERVICES I SELL + give them both logical + REPOSITION THEM TO BE MORE UP emotion reasons why they because you do, you're MARKET? should give you referrals able to invest your money + time in providing a better service test everything. it's simple and the payoff can be enormous in the case of some professionals who until you start testing different responses + cannot ethically take pay set performance levels, your leaving massive for referrals do other stage potential on the table offer to give things like donating for them an with each specific ad compute the cost per money to their favorite getting incentive for prospect, the cost per close, the average steps charities referrals the referral sale per prospect, the average conversion per prospect, + the average profit per sale offer to give their clients a product or against the control service for free or at a discount and tell WHEN YOU TEST ONE APPROACH them that this is something that the person AGAINST ANOTHER + CAREFULLY referring you to them has bought them ANALYZE + TABULATE THE RESULTS, offer to give the referral a special incentive YOU WILL BE AMAZED THAT ONE APPROACH ALWAYS SUBSTANTIALLY have your client call or directly contact the Testing OUT PULLS ALL THE OTHERS BY A referral TREMENDOUS MARGIN do something in advance of asking for the TEST EVERY SALES VARIABLE. any referral for the person for who you want to positive or negative data can help you get referrals. THIS WILL INDUCE THE manipulate dramatically the effectiveness of LAW OF RECIPROCITY your sales efforts. keep in frequent contact w/ people who NEVER TEST BIG IF YOU CAN TEST have provided referrals in the past SMALL ASK FOR REFERRALS WHEN CLIENT IS A/B SPLITS ALLOW YOU TO TEST TWO MOST RECEPTIVE APPROACHES WITH ONE HOMEPAGE DON'T BE BASHFUL; ASK FOR when advanced test quality of response REFERRALS instead of mere quantity THANK YOUR CLIENTS FOR whatever you think is your best selling price REFERRALS probably isn't help your clients locate referrals for you. ask them, quot;WHO DO YOU KNOW WHO______?quot; a health club's new clients are 80% from referrals. when new people are introduced, the emphasis is on service + results. when they sign up, the club gets them to commit to consistently come into the club and use it- then they get them to promise to refer friends so they can help them out, too. after the new clients get results they were after, the club asks them to write a letter of recommendation
  4. 4. THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT STRATEGY YOU CAN USE TO MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF ALL OTHER STRATEGIES IS TO COMMUNICATE ON A REGULAR BASIS WITH EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTES, OR EVER WILL CONTRIBUTE, IN ANY WAY TO YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESS your challenge is to keep clients constantly connected to you the next time you come home + find a stack how valuable you are of so-called junk mail in your mailbox, don't pitch it into the garbage. take a few minutes keep them thinking how good you are to read a letter or two. communication how much you care about them is one of the least expensive + most effective ways for you to tell you full sales the more contact + communication you story to your clients + prospects have with a person, the stronger + richer the relationship becomes. in business the a sales letter is nothing more than a secret to keeping + growing clients is to conversation between 2 friends. 1 person keep meaningful communication w/ gaining knowledge from another everyone important to you it must get readers headlines are the key attention w/ powerful trading your products or services for things headline offer the reader a desirable reward for your business needs or wants is called reading the letter business barter the letter must show clear + distinctive components don't rule out barter simply because you're advantages in the body copy of sales in a profession + not a hard industrial letter the letter has to prove or validate your claim product of benefit or advantages through factual start by going to the most direct + logical examples (testimonials) prospects first, and then propose a direct the letter must persuade the reader to reach exchange of your goods + services for out + seize the advantage you promise theirs trade retail dollar to retail dollar your facilities facts about your whenever you require reputation +the standing research unlimited time to something right now, + the of your business take your goods or person or company you are location Barter services trying to trade w/ doesn't night + weekend hours 1 on 1 need or want to. offer the he may assign the barter prospective trade this option credit you are details about employees experience, facts that may offering him to credentials, + skills impress you Internet Marketing anyone else reader special delivery or production process which 'Super Summit' your competitors don't have Direct Mail insist on assignability for any item or service you ever receive credit for + E-Mail + usage of data, records, documents + case studies Web-Copy ground rules never try to trade your good or services at anything else than retail value names of prestigious past or present clients + their endorsements the use of 3 or more separate transactions to achieve your ultimate barter objective pick up the phone + call our client service it still won't be triangulation order lines profitable unless you ask the reader to act go to the nearest location now if used correctly, telemarketing can produce don't let another day go buy without sending explosively profitable results for almost any for this free information business or professional practice i ask the reader to respond immediately to a telemarketing works best when you prepare specific offer totally at my risk the way for it with a letter or ad that causes prospects to write to you for more i limit the time + restrict the quantity of the information offer, and clearly explain why don't jump into telemarketing w/ both feet i explain in detail the loss of sampling until you've tested it on a small scale + opportunities for free bonuses the reader determined that you stand at least a fair will lose by failing to respond in time jay's tips chance of turning a good profit i provide a better than risk free guarantee be an interested + knowledgeable person that makes it short of ludicrous not to take me up on my proposition communicate to the prospect that you understand their need + problems i tell the reader precisely + in progressive telemarketing steps exactly how to respond let them know you have the solutions for them your sales letter should be warm, human, sincere, honest, personal, and 1 on 1. your create a mutually convenient appointment brochure or your company service report when prospect calls you time should be technical advise them don't sell them reprint or excerpt your best testimonial, guide them professionally endorsements, + recommendations. as with its counterpart Direct Mail, you need NEVER USE A BROCHURE IN THE MAIL to ethically lead your prospective client to W/O AN ACCOMPANYING SALES action, telling him what to do, when to do it, LETTER TO AMPLIFY IT how, when, etc. you can use telemarketing to find out why people don't buy from you to convert them
  5. 5. 1. compute your average sale + your profit per sale 2. compute how much additional profit a most businesses generate a substantial client is worth to you by determining how amount of profit from clients who keep many times he or she comes back repurchasing, again + again 3. compute precisely what a client costs by acquiring clients at a break even or a slight dividing the marketing expenses by the # of loss + making substantial profits on back clients it produces end repurchasing is one of the most overlooked + underutilized methods of client Client's Marginal Net Worth 4. compute the cost of a prospect the same growth + generation available to you way until you know exactly how much combined 5. compute how many sales you get for so profit a client represents to your business many prospects for the life of that relationship, you can't determine how much time, effort, + expense 6. compute the marginal net worth of a you can afford to invest to acquire a client in client by subtracting the cost to produce the Break even today, break the bank the first place client from the profit you expect to earn from tomorrow the client over the lifetime of his patronage many companies increase their clients + profits merely by shifting their focus from trying to make a huge profit on the utilizing existing goodwill + strong bonded acquisition of the client to making their real relationships that other companies already profit on all the repeat purchases that result have established with people who are prime from those new clients prospects for your product or service the goal is to make the 1st purchase so ask self: quot;who already has a strong much more appealing that people find it relationship with people to whom I might be harder to say no than yes able to sell a noncompetitive but related determine who in your marketing area is give salespeople greater financial incentive product or service already selling to the clients you want to be to bring in new, first time clients can contact the non-competing businesses + reaching,and who has their trust, respect+ produce tremendous results in the right ask them to introduce your product or goodwill situation service to their audience. supply them w/ plenty of info on what you sell, + some testimonials attesting to its quality to put your clients needs always ahead of your own they would be selling something that either goes before, goes along with, or follows the customer= a person who purchases a product or service that you sell to people commodity or service all you have to do is contact those client= A person who is under the protection companies and make it easy + of another customer vs. client advantageous for them to refer their clients to you. Always think of them as CLIENTS 1. your product or service is absolutely think of your clients as dear, valued friends noncompetitive to host's product or service the biggest mistake people make in Internet Marketing 2. it's not going to take away or supplant business is that they fall in love with the 'Super Summit' any income or profits the host would wrong thing. they fall in love with their ordinarily realize product, service, or company 3. it augments their profits you should believe passionately in your CLIENTS product, service, or company. BUT YOU 4. they don't have to lift a finger or spend a SHOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR VENDORS dime. if they do wish to participate, that's CLIENTS even better EMPLOYEES 5. you'll create all the marketing material - TEAM MEMBERS subject totally to their approval THE MORE VALUE YOU GIVE OTHERS, host-beneficiary relationships approaching the host 6. you'll indemnify + hold them harmless - THE MORE VALUE YOU GENERATE plus you'll unconditionally guarantee every you need to recognize the impact you have item or service sold on people's lives in the business you are Strategy of Preeminence 7. the host company can have all orders conducting. what you render, and the way and or services routed through them for you render it, has changed their lives, + verification their families 8. point out it's purely bonus income for on the phone clients = employees, clients, them treat them like a friend suppliers in person they can share in the profit, they can get so it means thinking about the client as more much per client, so much per prospect, than just a checkbook. it means seeing him lead, or inquiry. it could be a fix fee for or her as a valued business partner, doing it. someone whose well-being and success is if you're the host. you make the easy directly tied to your own money just for endorsing someone else in doing so you sometime the host company is enrich your own apprehensive about entrusting you w/ their life, the lives clients names. i always warrant personally around you, a successful business does not just start in writing, under penalty of punitive your family, their with just a great idea or product, rather is damages, i w ill not make their names family, starts with a desire to provide a solution to available to anyone else, or i won't use employees,etc. another's problem them for other than the express purpose quot;how do i know it's not going to take away you must first identify what your client really we'll do a small test 1st + measure my clients?quot; needs, even if your client doesn't recognize what it is he needs we'll create the product +service your most what your really selling is a solution to their quot;i want control. i don't like you having comfortable with problems objections control you control the money, + i'll collect from you how do i know i'll get paid
  6. 6. over 80% of all lost clients didn't leave for an irreparable reason you can instantly take action + get many, even most of the clients back when they come back, they tend to become one of your best, most frequent, and most loyal client groups' they also turn into your best single source of referrals until + unless you first identify how many of your old clients are no longer actively dealing with your company, you can't begin to immediately improve on that figure something totally unrelated comes up. they intend to come back but never get around to it they had a problem or unsatisfying last purchase experience with you 3 reasons people stop buying their situation has changed to the point where they no longer can benefit from love is better 2nd time around whatever product or service you sell 1st, tell them the truth. they haven't been buying product or services from your firm for quite a while + you sense something is wrong sincerely ask them quot;is anything wrong?quot; before they have a chance to answer add quot;have we done something wrong?, did we offend you? because if we did, it certainly wasn't intentional. is everything alright w/ your point of focus should be on them your business, job, family, health, etc.?quot; the important point is to focus on is to do what do you say whatever it takes to make them happy and aware that their well being + satisfaction is of the utmost importance to you. if the client definitely won't come back to this attitude + approach is so dramatically you, thank him for helping you identify different, unexpected, and impactful, it weakness in your service that you can fix or frequently turns the tide + breaks through to eliminate. and in doing so massively the lost client and actually wins him back increase your future success suspect= anyone who maybe, possibly, somehow could or might someday have the capacity to buy your service suspect vs. prospect prospect=someone who is qualified today ads in magazines or newspapers, brochures or letters, telephone calls, radio or TV spots, should offer very specific Internet Marketing qualifying propositions so that when they respond they're qualifying themselves 'Super-Summit' compiled= a categorical list of people who have similar things in common 2 types direct response lists=include people who've actually responded to previous solicitation list is the most important GET YOUR HANDS ON A STANDARD RATE + DATA SERVICE DIRECTORY ($400 PER YEAR) 1-800-851-SRDS call them and ask them if they would be willing to make their clients or prospects ask yourself quot;what other industry would available to you normally be selling to my clients?quot; compile your own list communicate + reward them frequently don't overlook the value of your own list whenever possible, also secure your clients E-mail address + permission to communicate information + offers of value + importance to him Fish where the big fish are i had a chiropractor client who targeted the 50 primary personal injury attnys in his marketing area. each + every month, for the next year, we sent a letter to every one of those attnys telling them about my client chiropractor + his areas of specialization + reporting on cases he worked on. within a matter of 9 months my client had picked up 15 of those 50 attnys + his practice tripled i consulted for a PT (physical therapist) who has built the 2nd most successful PT practice in CA. he did it by identifying the 1200 physicians + chiropractors in his marketing area who were most likely to have the kind of patients who would need physical therapy. we then took the prospect list + systematically mailed them, + called them., + mailed them, + called them over a period of a year. he picked up 400 of those 1200 physicians + chiropractors as referring clients