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The Most Important Skill Of All

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Most skills have pretty specific areas of application. But social skills are skills that can help you in all areas of life. Find Out How: http://mindpersuasion.com/covert-hypnosis/

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The Most Important Skill Of All

  1. 1. The Uber Skill
  2. 2. I've done a lot of moving in my life.
  3. 3. Various places in college, various jobs, cities, countries, etc.
  4. 4. And there's always one question that needs to be addressed every single time I move.
  5. 5. What to keep, and what to throw out.
  6. 6. Now, some moves are close enough so I just hire a couple guys to come by in a truck.
  7. 7. They take everything out of the old place, throw it in the back of the truck, and then unload it in the new place.
  8. 8. Not a lot of thinking required.
  9. 9. Other times, when I've got to do the moving myself, I have to think long and hard about some of my stuff.
  10. 10. Do I really need it, or is it junk?
  11. 11. One time I found myself living in an apartment that didn't have a big dumpster outside.
  12. 12. So I had to carry my junk at night, down the street, and pitch it in the dumpster behind the supermarket.
  13. 13. If you do this enough, you find that you can really streamline your life.
  14. 14. There're even experts that will help you do this, even if you're not moving.
  15. 15. Ideas in your head can act the same way.
  16. 16. Some of it's junk, and some of it's gold.
  17. 17. Of course, you can't tell if you don't take a good look. Which most people are afraid to do.
  18. 18. Skills, however are always pure gold.
  19. 19. Sure, you may waste TIME learning a skill, but once you've got the skill, you never know when it will come in handy.
  20. 20. There's a theory that since all of us are tied into to the super-conscious, (via the subconscious) no matter WHAT skill we are learning, there's always a reason.
  21. 21. You might not understand why now, but in five years, you'll be in a situation and you'll suddenly remember you've got THAT skill (that you didn't really know WHY you learned in the first place) and you'll be golden.
  22. 22. So there's really never a good argument to NOT learn new skills.
  23. 23. Sure, some particular skills like juggling chainsaws might not be a good idea.
  24. 24. But other skills will DEFINITELY help you.
  25. 25. One of these is how well you communicate.
  26. 26. Your ability to not only get those ideas out of your head clearly and succinctly, but to persuade others of their value, is absolutely crucial.
  27. 27. Well, not really CRUCIAL.
  28. 28. But without them you'll always be dependent on others.
  29. 29. But when you take the time to develop communication skills, you will have a lot more options, a lot more resources, and will be much less likely to ever get "stuck."
  30. 30. Most people spend their time wondering "if."
  31. 31. Or they spend their time "hoping."
  32. 32. I hope she likes me.
  33. 33. I hope they hire me.
  34. 34. I hope I don't get fired.
  35. 35. But when you learn POWERFUL communication skills, you will not need to rely on OTHERS.
  36. 36. Instead of "hoping" for situations to go your way, you can carefully ENGINEER them to go your way.
  37. 37. How?
  38. 38. mindpersuasion.com/covert-hypnosis/