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Introduction to SharePoint Information Architecture

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SharePoint Information Architecture is the art and science of organizing and labeling the content (documents, data, sites) to support findability and usability

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  • Please add a few more slides to the document. Has the potential to be a great resource
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Introduction to SharePoint Information Architecture

  2. 2. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond About Me  Gregory Zelfond  10+ years of experience with SharePoint  SharePoint advocate, blogger  Love to solve business problems using code-free, out of the box SharePoint configurations  Owner of SharePoint Maven (sharepointmaven.com)
  3. 3. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond About SharePoint Maven I HELP ORGANIZATIONS TO UNLOCK THE POWER OF SHAREPOINT MIGRATION CONSULTING TRAINING
  4. 4. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond What is Information Architecture Information Architecture is the art and science of organizing and labeling the content (documents, data, sites) to support findability and usability.  Effective information architecture will: – Assist users in understanding and interacting with a solution – Mean the difference between users quickly embracing a new technology, or becoming frustrated and disengaged
  5. 5. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond 4 Major Information Architecture Components Information Architecture Site Hierarchy Navigation & Search Taxonomy (Data Structure) Security
  6. 6. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond #1: Site Hierarchy Determine how many Site Collections you are going to have
  7. 7. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond #1: Site Hierarchy Determine Site Collection Structure (for each site collection) Department Sites Project Sites Business Portals External Sites
  8. 8. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond #2: Navigation & Search  How will users find information?  Hierarchical or Keyword?  Navigation Structure  Views / Groups / Filtering
  9. 9. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond #3: Taxonomy (Data Structure) What is Taxonomy?  The classification of organisms in an ordered system that indicates natural relationships  Division into ordered groups, categories, or hierarchies What is Metadata?  Data that describes additional information about a file or a document Metadata/Taxonomy Examples  Department Names  Client Names  Project Names  Document Types  Geography (location)
  10. 10. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond #4: Security  Controls who can access information  Controlled via SharePoint Groups  4 Basic permission Levels, can be customized – Full Control (Admin) – Design (Read/Edit/Delete/Design) – Contribute (Read/Edit/Delete) – Read Only  Security can be set at the following levels: – Site (preferred) – Web Part (try to stay away from it) – Folder (don’t event think about it) – Document/Item (don’t event think about it)
  11. 11. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond Want more info? Please reference my blog post below about SharePoint Information Architecture http://sharepointmaven.com/introduction-to- sharepoint-information-architecture/
  12. 12. sharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfondsharepointmaven.com @gregoryzelfond Need help with SharePoint?  SharePoint Site Configuration and Customization  Document Migration to SharePoint  SharePoint Implementation Strategy  SharePoint Training  SharePoint User Adoption  SharePoint Governance  SharePoint Project Management
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