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Creating value through technology

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Creating value through technology

  1. 1. Pavan Kumar Vijay
  2. 2. Technology is an Innovation
  3. 3. Innovation Explained….. "All innovation begins with creative ideas . . . We define innovation as the successful implementation of creative ideas within an organization. In this view, creativity by individuals and teams is a starting point for innovation; the first is necessary but not sufficient condition for the second".
  4. 4. Some Major Innovations Invention of the Wheel by Mesopotamians in c3500 BC….
  5. 5. Some Major Innovations Graham Bell Invented Telephone …
  6. 6. Some Major Innovations Law of Gravity by Newton… “It takes courage to question the obvious, Newton founded why the apple had to fall”
  7. 7. Innovation & Invention “The Difference”
  8. 8. Innovation: Reached a Long Way Science Innovation Banking & Technology Finance
  9. 9. Still, a link is missing….. Innovation is missing in Legal System
  10. 10. Do you think innovation is not possible in legal system??Innovation is possible in anything as long as its about new ways of creating Value. Be it for…………… Clients Shareholders / Investors Society Employees
  11. 11. Now, technology filing the gap.. Technology brings in….. Innovation@work Multiplying Value Increasing efficiency
  12. 12. Initiatives so far… www.mca.gov.in
  13. 13. Initiatives so far… www.corpfiling.co.in
  15. 15. The answer is… NO, there is a long way to go ………………..
  16. 16. So..… Now choose your way…
  17. 17. Creating Value through Technology
  18. 18. Exploring Technology@work In Business Planning In Business Application In Business Administration In Research & Analysis
  19. 19. In Business Planning Real time information availability Tools for analysis on various parameters Online Business Collaborations Easy Resource accessibility
  20. 20. In Business Application Solution Standardization Knowledge Sharing to improve return on investment Delivery Excellence on Time & Quality
  21. 21. In Business Administration Enterprise Resource Planning
  22. 22. Research & Analysis Knowledge Portals Exhaustive & Customized Database Advanced Search Engines
  23. 23. Will technology take away our work? “BREAKING THE MYTH” No, technology will not take away our work rather it is going to multiply our work.
  24. 24. Whether professionals can grasp such changes?? “THE SURVIVAL MANTRA” Learn, Unlearn & Relearn
  25. 25. Now, the implementation…
  26. 26. Innovation+Technology@work Compliance model of takeovercode.com
  27. 27. Conclusion “Things will never be the same…… so change the future before future changes you”