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Fragile Earth Studios Backgrounder

Fragile Earth Studios is a project sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that leverages data visualizations, simulations, and games to better understand real-world challenges.

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Fragile Earth Studios Backgrounder

  1. 1. Why Games? Earth’s Shadows “Sit still and listen” is an outdated teaching ios In this multi-player style. We need to A’s St ud provide content setting, continents are delivery methods that OA h projected as shadows can better serve mes N art students in the on the walls blending ga g as digital age. Games data, science, and art. have the power to gin nga E se provide environments ile that encourage ge sa autonomous learning len ag exploration. ch al rld Community and Communication Fr e ca nm aker eal -wo NOAA’s Fragile Earth Studios has investigated the use If w of game and virtual world technologies in learning communities with widely dispersed audiences and found that games and simulations provide powerful tools for educators to teach and share knowledge effectively. Evaluation Both students and teachers reported that NOAA’s games were: Educational while focused on specific concepts; interesting and engaging while effective for learning concepts; and successful in helping stu- dents to feel that their actions made a difference. ty tivi lc rea ba f glo ge o Games Make People Care newa ra People play games not just for fun, but also for the foste n satisfaction of solving complex problems requiring 303.497.6831 We ca reasoning and perseverance. If we made solving real-world challenges as engaging as video games, fragileearthstudios@noaa.gov we could harness a new age of global creativity. fragileearthstudios.com
  2. 2. Who we are Portfolio products ROV Exploration Navigate though a detailed underwater ecosystem using a remotely operated vehicle. Online Conferences TerraViz NEIS Fragile Earth Studios ‘Science came to play’ provides development at the NOAA Games and Instantly access data A four dimensional from the distant past Who We Are What We Offer services for a variety of Simulation Summit held high performance projects both internal and on January 11-12, 2011. to the distant future visualization located anywhere on Fragile Earth Studios is We seek out beneficial external to NOAA. environment for a project sponsored by partnerships providing Participants attended Earth from a single NOAA’s information. application. the National Oceanic consulting on game, We provide curricula and from 10 federal and and Atmospheric visualization, and resources for students state agencies and Administration (NOAA) simulation interested in a better universities. that leverages data development. understanding of the visualizations, power of games. Topics included best simulations, and games We provide unique practices and reviewing to better understand access to science fragileearthstudios.com evaluation methods for real-world challenges. content and scientists. gaming and simulation. Experience Solutions Started in 2005, Fragile Earth Studios’ Fragile Earth Studios designers, scientists, represents one of the and educational first concerted efforts experts provide ReGenesis Virtual Hawaii within government to unique access and Travel through time Voyage across the develop material for experience to seeing the result of open ocean in an games, simulations, design interactive player choice on the adventure to learn and virtual worlds. media solutions. Earth’s climate. about Polynesian culture and celestial navigation.