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Hair Loss Problems - And Natural Treatments

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Hair Loss Problems - And Natural Treatments

  1. 1. Over the years there have been many differentapproaches to the treatment of scalp disorders. However I have felt for some time that there needed to be a new approach for treating hair and scalp problems; one that can give realistic hope to those sufferers of alopecia and other scalp diseases; revolutionise the way hair care isunderstood, and solve many of the existing hair and scalpproblems. Its essential for the sufferer to obtain effective and practical advice, combined with much needed psychological support.
  2. 2. Extensive research has been carried out to find out exactly what causes the hair and scalp problems that arebecoming more and more apparent in todays modern life.The results of this research have actually changed the way we approach hair and scalp care.
  3. 3. Here are some tips everyone can use to help prevent hair loss and thinning hair:
  4. 4. First of all, its important to understand that hair is a bi-product of blood. The health of our hair is determined bythe health of our body. In other words the composition of our blood determines the quality and growth of our hair. Therefore to treat the hair and scalp, its not possible to obtain a good result by using topical lotions alone. Youcannot feed the hair externally. If you could, the shampoo or conditioner would be systemic and that would constitute a drug!
  5. 5. What causes poor blood quality? Bad Diet, Stress, Trauma.
  6. 6. Diet is a very important factor in good hair and scalphealth. In particular what sort of food we are eating to not only keep ourselves alive, but keep ourselves healthy. Its just too easy to grab some food, and go as the sayinggoes. Unfortunately if we just grab and go, we tend to grab stuff thats not particularly good for us, nor nutritious enough to keep our body in good condition.
  7. 7. Its essential to eat RAW, uncooked, unfrozen food. Notmany of us could sit down and eat raw foods day in -- day out. But we can strike a good balance in our diets. If we are constantly eating cooked, or frozen (then cooked) food, then we are eating dead food, having killed off all the live enzymes. There are food supplements that helpreplenish our reserves of live enzymes, but thats another article!
  8. 8. The improvement of the hair and scalp health relies on the improvement of the bodys health and immune system. The healthier the person, the healthier the hair. Circulation of blood to the scalp is very significant to hairhealth, as without adequate blood supply the hair follicles are not able to receive enough nutrients.
  9. 9. Scalp hygiene is very important. Washing the hair once a day is ideal, providing we are careful with our choice ofshampoo. A natural shampoo, preferably non-hormonal, non-steroidal and completely formulated from naturalingredients, is safe to use by everybody. Daily massaging of the scalp is also recommended.
  10. 10. Stress or trauma can be a factor that promotes poor scalphealth or the onset of a scalp disease such as alopecia. (In fact the author was involved in a bad car accident as ateenager, then some six months later suffered severe hair loss) The extra release of adrenaline and stress chemicalsaffect the composition of the blood, so can cause hair loss. Being aware of this can itself help combat this problem and enable the sufferer to get help sooner rather than later.
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