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Nazi architecture powerpoint

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Nazi architecture powerpoint

  2. 2. HERMANN GIESLER German architect during Nazi Era Academy for Applied Arts in Munich 1933- Master of building of districts in Sonthofen 1937- professor
  3. 3. ORDENSBURG Sonthofen Training area for DAF  German labor front ideological and political training for party members of the NSDAP Countryside to inspire political leaders of the NSDAP instead of DAF
  4. 4. THE PLAN 2,500 people hall Indoor market Dining hall and kitchen Hospital Theater Lecture halls Library Stadium Outdoor 100 meter swimming pool
  6. 6. ALBERT SPEER Architect Minister of Armaments and War Production for the Third Reich "the Nazi who said sorry“ Zeppelinfeld stadium in Nuremberg  Party rallies Reich Chancellery
  7. 7. ZEPPELINTRIBUNE Where rallies were held Capable of holding 340,000 people 130 anti-aircraft searchlights “cathedral of ice” The Cathedral of light above the Zeppelintribune
  8. 8. REICH CHANCELLERY Office for the chancellor of Germany Now called Kanzleramt Old and New Chancellery shared the large gardens with the underground Führerbunker, where Hitler committed suicide at the end of World War II in 1945.
  9. 9.  Cost immaterial 4000 workers in shifts Completed in under a year Cost over 90 Million Reichsmark  Over 1 billion New Reich dollars today Chancellery: gallery, 1939.
  10. 10. Location of Old (15) and New Reich Chancellery (1) with Vorbunker and Führerbunker (10).Bronze eagle from theNew Reich Chancelleryat the Imperial WarMuseum. Nazis used the eagle to associate their power with pagan gods and ancient empires
  11. 11. Similarities?Differences?Purpose?