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Auto power supply ppt

  1. Mr. Md. Wazeed Mr. Furqhan Rabbani Mr. Abdul Javed (10RT1A0203) (10RT1A0229) (10RT1A0231)
  2. ObJECTIV E The main objective of this project is to provide uninterrupted power supply to a load, by selecting the supply from any source out of 4 such as mains, generator, and inverter and solar automatically in the absence of any of the source.  In this project uses four switches to demonstrate the respective failure of that power supply. When any of the switches is pressed it shows the absence of that particular source, switches are connected to microcontroller as input signals.
  3. The demand for electricity is increasing every day and frequent power cuts is causing many problems in various areas like industries, hospitals and houses. An alternative arrangement for power source is a must. The project can be further enhanced by using other sources like wind power also and then taking into consideration for using the best possible power whose tariff remains lowest at that moment.
  4. Microcontrollers are widely used in embedded systems products. Microcontroller is a programmable device. The Intel 8052 is, single chip microcontroller (µC) which was developed by Intel in 1980 for use in embedded systems.
  6. Keil software  Keil compiler is a software used where the machine language code is written and compiled. After compilation, the machine source code is converted into hex code which is to be dumped into the microcontroller for further processing. Keil compiler also supports C language code.
  7. Power supply can be control in :- 1) industries 2)Hospitals 3)Schools 4)Multiplexes 5)Banks etc.
  8. Power supply can be controlled from four different sources if any problem occurred in one source then other sources can be used. Disadvantages  Cost of equipment is very high  Its very difficult to install and maintain the kit.
  9. We conclude that main objective of this project is to develop an “AUTO POWER SUPPLY CONTROL FROM 4 DIFFERENT SOURCES: SOLAR, MAINS, GENERATOR & INVERTER TO ENSURE NO BREAK POWER”. It has been developed by integrating features of all the hardware components used. Presence of every module has been reasoned out and placed carefully thus contributing to the best working of the unit.
  10. . We can implement GSM technology to inform the technician from which source power supply is coming.