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Hamid Fakhri
Cell Phone: +98 9190047443
Phone: +98 71 37519557
E-mail : h.fakhri81i@gmail.com
Gender/Marital status/Child:...
M.Sc. Thesis: Water Injection Simulation Considering the Effect of Inorganic Scale
Deposition in the Oil Reservoir ( using...
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  1. 1. Hamid Fakhri Cell Phone: +98 9190047443 Phone: +98 71 37519557 E-mail : h.fakhri81i@gmail.com Gender/Marital status/Child: Male/Married/No Date of Birth: 21st of December 1981 Place of Birth: Sarvestan, Fars, Iran Nationality: Iranian Address: : 1st home on left side , Lane 10 , Fazel Street , Navab Safavi Blvd. , Shiraz , Fars , Iran Postal Code: 71677-76577 Objective: Applying for Job position Experience 2014-Now: Seeking job 2009-2013: Reservoir Engineer at Reservoir Department of Iranian Central Oil Field Company, Tehran , Iran Conduct Basic Reservoir engineering study Calculation of gas water contact using RFT, DST, FBDST, Production log test and well production data Fluid PVT Data gathering, Analysis and matching equation of state using PVTI software Gathering core data and perform routine and special core analysis Gathering Well Production and pressure data, Review and check validity and matching with correlation using VFPi Software Collecting Well test data and evaluation using Saphir software Perform material balance in gas wells using MBAL software Worked with petrophysicist and geologist to understand reservoir characteristics Worked with drilling engineering to cut cores and perform test at proper intervals Worked with production and completion engineer for workover jobs Perform history matching in gas fields using eclipse 300 software Production prediction in conventional/fractured oil and gas reservoir using Eclipse 100&300 Using salt saturation data in gas wells for rate calculation of produced water in absence of produced water measuring 2007-2008: Well Test and Well Services, Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Siri Island, Iran Record Data of natural flowing oil wells, Pump assisted oil production well and water injection wells on offshore platform Measuring oil and gas production rates Worked as a member of group during repair operation, change filter of water injection wells Perform Static, Drawdown and falloff test as a member of Well test group Training Courses 2013: Sarvestan and Saadatabad Production unit, Fars, Iran, 3 months 2003: Production unit No.4, Ahwaz, Iran, 1 months 2004: Lavan offshore oil field, Lavan, Iran, 2 weeks Education 2004-2006: Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)-Tehran-Iran MSc/MEng Degree in Reservoir Engineering (Dual-Degree with University of Calgary) ( GPA=17.63 out of 20)
  2. 2. M.Sc. Thesis: Water Injection Simulation Considering the Effect of Inorganic Scale Deposition in the Oil Reservoir ( using Stars of CMG software) 2000-2004: Petroleum University of Technology (PUT)-Ahwaz-Iran B.Sc. degree: petroleum production engineering (Total GPA=17.22 out of 20) B.Sc. Thesis: Effect of Asphaltene Deposition on the Displacement of Oil by Water Publications Simulation and Experimental Studies of Mineral Scale Formation Effects on Performance of an Iranian Carbonate Oil Reservoir under Water Injection, SPE113109-MS, 2008, Aberdeen, UK Courses Well test analysis , Well log interpretation , Reservoir engineering I,II , Advanced Reservoir Engineering , Production and well completion I,II , Drilling engineering , Reservoir rock properties , Reservoir fluid properties & PVT , Naturally fractured reservoir , Reservoir Simulation , EOR , Essentials of geology , Structural and petroleum geology , Geophysics , Fluid mechanics , Two phase fluid mechanics Software Courses Eclipse 100 , Eclipse 300 , PVTi , VFPi , Flogrid , Flowviz , Office , Imex , Winprop , Petrel G&G , Petrel RE , Puma flow , Fraca ,condor flow Software Skills Eclipse 100 , Eclipse 300, PVTi , VFPi , Mbal , Saphir Familiar with Matbal , Crystal Ball and Pansystem Softwares Language Skills English (Ielts Certificate), Persian Research Interest Reservoir Simulation, EOR/IOR , Well Testing and Well Logging Personal Information Refrences A.Jahankhah : Reservoir Department , ICOFC ,Tehran , Iran , +98 21 87522632 R.Ghanavati : Well Services and Wireline Manager, Sirri, IOOC ,+98 21 23944410