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Intro to Campaign Watch

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An introduction presentation to Campaign Watch.

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Intro to Campaign Watch

  1. 1. Competitor Data to Dominate the Competition
  2. 2. Campaign Watch Overview • Competitive Intelligence: • The Most Accurate & In-Depth data. • Over 92M Keywords, 45M+ Website • Desktop & Mobile monitoring • Well-tested Technology: • Founded in 2008, our technology has been perfected over last 9 years. • Unique feature set: • Only competitive intelligence tool that captures conversion funnel from the users perspective: keywords, ad copy and landing pages. • See competitors’ latest offers, promotions, sales, product launches, or A/B split test results. • Alerts Delivered to your inbox: never blindsided by competitor threats.
  3. 3. Multiple User Benefits • Paid marketing manager: Analyze competitors strategy, find winning keyword-adcopy-landing page combination, get stream of landing page ideas, get new keyword ideas • Conversion optimization specialist: Get stream of testing ideas and analyze competitors testing • SEO manager: Get ideas of new keyword ideas and track organic ranking • Product marketing manager : stay on top of competitors’ offers • Channel marketing manager : get alert on potential partner • Competitive Intelligence Officer: Understand other competitors • Marketing ops analyst: Stay on top of new technology “Simplify your life with daily competitor insights you can use” How Campaign Watch Helps Paid Marketing Managers Analyze Competitors’ strategies, find winning keyword/ad copy/landing page combinations, get a constant stream of landing page ideas, and get new keyword ideas. Conversion Optimization Specialists Get a stream of well-thought-out, what-to-test-next ideas from other marketing departments in your industry. SEO Managers SEO traffic value, monitor competitor new SEO rankings and track your ranking. Product Marketing Managers Stay on top of competitors’ offers and positioning. Channel Managers Get alerts on new potential partners. Competitive Intelligence Officers Understand competitors’ offers and positioning. Marketing Ops Analysts Stay on top of new technology.
  4. 4. Define war zone using Auction insights?
  5. 5. Campaign Watch Features & Benefits
  6. 6. Benchmark Against Top Competitors Quickly Identify Strengths & Opportunities
  7. 7. Executive Competitor Dashboard
  8. 8. Conversion Funnel Insights
  9. 9. Visitor Experience: Keyword, Ad & Landing Page View
  10. 10. Use Timeline To See Winning Tests
  11. 11. Competitors Ad Test Results
  12. 12. Competitors Landing Pages Test Results
  13. 13. Compare pages side by side to identify test
  14. 14. Overlay highlights in red what changed Example: More than 10k businesses trust… now 20k businesses
  15. 15. Monitor page changes to see price or specials
  16. 16. Monitor new offers or specials
  17. 17. Google SERP Monitoring on Different Devices Mobile Coverage Desktop & Mobile SERP results, Ads & landing pages.
  18. 18. Competitor Mobile Landing Pages
  19. 19. Any Questions? Info@campaignwatch.com 877 203 2244