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Handy Culture Deck v1.0

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The Handy Culture Deck provides an inside look at the uniquely Handy company and culture we are building to achieve our mission. It outlines the things we believe at Handy and the ways we try to live up to them.

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Handy Culture Deck v1.0

  1. Customers Professionals
  2. Need to be
  3. These are all areas where we are working to improve.
  4. - Jim Rohn
  5. We have lots of room to grow in these areas.
  6. Sometimes, we mess up and forget this equation. We’re working on it ;-)
  7. It can wait til tomorrow => Simple growth Today not tomorrow => Compound growth Time Bookings
  8. survival today—not tomorrow. Our
  9. Demand Supply
  10. We know we still have a long way to go.
  11. Why? Wouldn’t you want everyone to be happy working at Handy?