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Microsoft Teams A New Way To Manage Projects, Connect, and Collaborate With Your Peers

Every so often a new product comes to market that disrupts that way we used to do things. Say hello to “Microsoft Teams”. It’s the new kid on the block that will make you rethink how you manage projects today and collaborate with your teams’ members.

This presentation provides a detailed overview of Microsoft Teams and show some best practices for leveraging its functionality to better unite your teams.

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Microsoft Teams A New Way To Manage Projects, Connect, and Collaborate With Your Peers

  1. 1. Microsoft Teams: A New Way to Manage Projects, Connect, and Collaborate With Your Peers How to successfully adopt Microsoft Teams within your Project Management Practices By: Haniel Croitoru
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  3. 3. HANIEL CROITORU I’m passionate about process automation, and I work at . LEADCONSULTANT | OFFICE365 MVP | SPEAKER
  4. 4. 80% of PM’s time is typically spent communicating Communication Project Plan Status Reports Risk & Issue Log Meeting Minutes Action Items Decision Log Change Request Log COMMUNICATION IS KEY
  5. 5. Source: PMI’s Pulse of the Profession™ In-Depth Report: The Essential Role of Communications 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 Project Goals Met Project Delivered Within Budget Project Delivered On Time Effective Ineffective
  6. 6. Communication needs to be effective at all levels of the project team and organization COMMUNICATE AT ALL LEVELS
  7. 7. Provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time, in the right format COLLABORATION GOAL
  8. 8. Reality Check: Information is poorly managed today REALITY CHECK!
  9. 9. Office 365 continues to evolve OFFICE 365 SUITE
  10. 10. Constantly updating and impossible to stay current https://products.office.com/en-us/business/office-365-roadmap OFFICE 365 ROADMAP
  11. 11. In some cases, there’s more than one app to choose from YOU HAVE OPTIONS!
  12. 12. Which tool is best to choose? OFFICE 365 SUITE
  13. 13. PowerPoint vs. Sway PRESENTATIONS
  14. 14. Word vs. OneNote vs. Email NOTE TAKING
  15. 15. Power BI vs. Excel CHARTS & REPORTING
  16. 16. Project vs. Planner vs. Tasks TASKS
  17. 17. It isn’t always easy to know when to use what HARD TO KEEP UP!
  18. 18. It goes into much greater depth and can be found @ WhenToUseWhat.com DOWNLOAD THE WHEN TO USE WHAT IN OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE USER GUIDANCE WHITEPAPER! Microsoft Teams Enterprise Guidance coming soon
  19. 19. Your decisions will be based on these questions Information What Info is required? How often does it change? What are the source(s)? How will it be used / accessed? What format is it in? Who will need it? KEY QUESTIONS
  21. 21. A hub for managing team-related chats and other artifacts stored in Microsoft Office 365 Groups and other LOB systems TEAMS
  23. 23. Enable users to respond when they can ASYNC COMMUNICATION
  24. 24. Leverage Skype for Business-like instant messaging PEER-TO-PEER
  25. 25. Each Team can have multiple channels to keep conversations focused TEAM CHANNELS
  26. 26. Keep conversations fun and informative through images, links, and memes RICH CONTENT
  27. 27. Meetings automatically synchronize with Skype for Business MEETING SCHEDULING
  28. 28. Email conversations can be brought into Team by emailing a channel EMAIL CHANNELS
  29. 29. Leverage Skype for Business-like instant messaging REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION
  30. 30. Conduct real-time online conversations with your team members AUDIO/VIDEO CHATS
  32. 32. Provide access only to those who should have access to the Team USER ACCESS
  33. 33. Teams can be public to the entire organization or private to specific users TEAMS PRIVACY
  34. 34. Users can be added from another team ADDING USERS
  36. 36. Bots, Connectors, Webhooks, API’s… the future of integration
  37. 37. Enrich your team’s by incorporating external information INTEGRATIONS
  38. 38. Ability to add tabs
  39. 39. Planner integration
  40. 40. Integration with other applications using connectors (https://dev.office.com/microsoft-teams)
  42. 42. Bots simplify the FAQ and todo experience BOTS
  43. 43. Microsoft Teams leverages Bots to educate your users BOT INTEGRATION
  44. 44. Microsoft Teams leverages Bots to educate your users BOT INTEGRATION
  46. 46. Most organizations today require some level of access on mobile devices MOBILE NEEDS
  47. 47. Easily follow conversations and access the Team’s OneNote on the go MOBILE APP
  48. 48. Email is so 2015! BUILDING SUCCESS
  49. 49. Email is so 2015! KEEP ALL CONVERSATIONS IN TEAMS • Encourage all team members to discuss project matters in channels • Leverage channel emails for conversations with external users • Use the @ mention to inform team members about topics of their interes
  50. 50. Connectors to various other systems bring in vital information LEVERAGE CONNECTORS • Build and Deployment status from VSTS TIP: Leverage webhooks for other sources not natively available as connectors
  51. 51. Core component of Teams LEVERAGE ONENOTE • Great for capturing unstructured content • Inherent part of Teams and Office 365 Groups • OneNote is also accessible on mobile devices
  52. 52. Save time for team looking for information LEVERAGE TABS • Create tabs with important and frequently accessed project information • Use SharePoint to access your project’s documents • Use the Web Site tab when a specific app is not available for the app you need
  53. 53. For project-specific information, keep access limited. For internal group, make them public LIMIT ACCESS • Control who can create Teams • Control who gets Teams functionality
  54. 54. Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit
  55. 55. Microsoft Teams resources • Learn more about Microsoft Teams • Introducing Microsoft Teams – webcast and announcement • Microsoft Teams technical community • Training and enablement • Yammer group • How to get Started • Step-by-step intro for using, enabling, and managing the Microsoft Teams experience • Microsoft Bot Framework Preview • Microsoft Teams Developer Preview • Microsoft Teams training on Microsoft Virtual Academy • Microsoft Teams Tech Community • Success with Teams • Microsoft Teams Quick Start • Microsoft Teams Customer Success Kit
  56. 56. LEAD CONSULTANT | OFFICE 365 MVP | SPEAKER Thank You! Organizers,SponsorsandYouformaking thispossible. Message Me On LinkedIn or Email linkedin.com/in/hanielcroitoru haniel@2tolead.com Download the full whitepapers at http://www.whentousewhat.com http://Office365Intranets.com