Digital Fabrication Studio 0.3 Molding and Casting

Massimo Menichinelli il y a 10 ans

Digital Fabrication Studio 0.3 3D Printing

Massimo Menichinelli il y a 10 ans

Cleaning up the relationship with our government

ePSI Platform il y a 11 ans

Bing gordon-hacking-gamification

altnate il y a 11 ans

Bkkc presentatie impulsgelden

Chris van Koppen il y a 11 ans

Placemaking and the Future of Cities

Jesse Budlong il y a 11 ans

Taming the Big Data Beast - Together

Kennisalliantie il y a 11 ans

Smart Gamification

Amy Jo Kim il y a 12 ans

Europees Project Creatieve Industrie

Fancy van de Vorst - Senders il y a 11 ans

Digital Fabrication Studio.01 _Fabbing @ Aalto Media Factory

Massimo Menichinelli il y a 11 ans

PSFK Future of Retail Report 2012

PSFK il y a 11 ans