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Social Media Workshop Templates

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A collection of worksheets for social media workshops to foster a thorough understanding of social media and develop first activities for brands.

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Social Media Workshop Templates

  1. 1. WORKSHEETS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS A collection of worksheets for social media workshops to foster a thorough understanding of social media and develop first activities for brands. Created by The Main - a strategy consulting firm for digital marketing based in Hamburg, Germany.
  3. 3. THE MAIN SOCIAL PLUG ‘N‘ PLAY CHOOSE A PATHWAY STAGE, DESCRIBE YOUR CURRENT MARKETING ACTIVITIES & DISCUSS HOW SOCIAL MEDIA COULD OFFER SUPPORT EXERCISE #2: SOCIAL PLUG ’N’ PLAY 2. 6. 7. 2. 6. 7. WHICH MARKETING ACTIVITIES ARE IN PLACE OR PLANNED? WHICH SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING CHANNELS & ACTIVITIES CAN SUPPORT THE MARKETING MIX IN THIS SPECIFIC STAGE? (Use the Social Media Marketing wheel to chose & keep questions to consider in mind) WHAT ARE THE STRENGHTS OF YOUR CHOSEN CHANNELS & ACTIVITIES? (e.g. Easy to apply, channel already set up, highly relevant for target group, etc.) Are customers using this specific channel? What are they expecting in this specific channel? Why is the channel/activity/ idea relevant for our customers? What would you tell about the brand and products? Are there interdependencies or interplays with other marketing channels/activities? Is this specific channel/activity ongoing or limited in time? Is the activity serving rather the brand or the product? Which brand-user interactions are possible? Which user-to-user interactions are possible? How do you differentiate from competitor brands? QUESTIONS TO CONSIDER Name(s) of stage(s)
  4. 4. THE MAIN ROADMAP FILL IN YOUR MARKET, DEFINE YOUR OVERALL OBJECTIVES AND DEFINE STEPS HOW TO REACH YOUR OBJECTIVES EXERCISE #3: ROADMAP WORKSHEET Define relevant Social Media channels by analyzing Consumer Behavior Social Media /Mobile Touchpoints Competitor Social Media Marketing Data (Web, Customer-Database, Buzz, etc.) _________________________ Set up & implement: Monitoring Ongoing Data Tracking Data Evaluation & Interpretation Reporting & Optimization _________________________ Set up a Social Media Strategy Brand Communication & Campaign Planning Channel & Channel-Interplay Strategy Content & Issue Management Strategy Social Media “Media” Strategy KPIs & Scorecard _________________________ Set up and implement: Internal and external Processes (with users, suppliers, etc.) Approvals, Policies & Guidelines Content & Platform Issue Management Monitoring & Reporting Data-Operation (Media, Web, Social Media, Database) _________________________Develop creative Concepts for: Content Platforms Tools & Apps Creatives _________________________ Train, hire and integrate: Community Management Amplification Management (Key Influencer Manager) Data Analysis Content Production/Editor Tracking & Data Evaluation /Analyst _________________________ Develop, produce & implement: Content Advertising Media Platform Set-Up Apps, Tools, Widgets, etc. _________________________ 2. ANALYSIS CREATION& TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY PROCESS& ORGANISATION CONCEPT COMPETENCIES& RESSOURCES CREATION& TECHNOLOGY COUNTRY 4. 1. NEXT STEP #5 NEXT STEP #4 NEXT STEP #3 NEXT STEP #2 NEXT STEP #1
  5. 5. THE MAIN GMBH Holstentwiete 15 D-22763 Hamburg +49 (0) 40 29 81 20 77 40 info@themain.de