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Car Detailing: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

Car detailing is a seemingly pivotal step that you need to undertake in order to make your car feel new and shiny! Know more about car detailing and the process before opting for one.

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Car Detailing: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

  1. 1. Car Detailing: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners Car owners and enthusiasts maintain the car to retain its utmost glory. However, there is an ensuing confusion between car detailing and car washing. Though the tasks might seem similar and the terms are often used interchangeably, the difference is significant. While the term car wash is self-explanatory, detailing is certainly different and needs explanation. Also known as auto-detailing, the concept has been explained here for your assistance. Keep reading to find out more. Car Detailing: A Concept Car detailing in simple terms is the task of cleaning and reconditioning the car, both interior and exterior, using special tools and equipment. Adding a cosmetic touch to the car minus painting and repair jobs is also categorized under a process of car detailing. The aim of detailing job is to remove all scratches, vacuum the grime and remove all dust spots from the body to give it a new and polished appeal, fit for display in the shop again. Since the
  2. 2. method adopted for car detailing is more thorough, the results are definitely very satisfying. Car Detailing vs Car Wash Now, these two terms are used interchangeably but have pretty free standing explanations. Unlike detailing, car washing is all about giving the car a quick scrub, removing the visible dirt only. The products used for the processes are also different from each other. While a wash can be completed by either a person or a machine using simple tools such as soaps, water and brushes, auto detailing Calgary based services use clay and high-end wax to finish the process. The cost of undertaking a car wash service is low as compared to get a detailed provision, however, the result varies extensively. The time taken to complete the task contrasts highly. With washing taking only 10-20 minutes, detailing is a long procedure and can take hours, or even days to complete. Understanding the Steps of Detailing There are primarily two steps in auto detailing- exterior cleaning and interior cleaning. Here is a detailed guide to both the steps.  Cleaning the Interior of the Car To begin cleaning the interior of the car, it is first vacuumed to remove all the dirt. Scrubbing is an essential part of the cleaning process. It is pivotal to remove the ingrained dirt that remains hidden under the carpets and seats. It is then polished for the extra shine. Leather and plastic are also covered by most service providers of interior car cleaning Calgary based.  Cleaning the Exterior of the Car The process of cleaning the outside is extensive. Since the aim is to remove all the dirt accumulated on the surface, the procedure begins by using water and soap to soften the dust. Special brushes and cleaning products are employed to remove the filth from the surface as well as the wheels, lug nuts, etc.. Once the dirt is removed, a microfiber cloth is used to dry the exterior. High-quality wax is used to give the exterior a shiny finish that also doubles as a protective layer. This part of the task is time-consuming and needs precision. The remaining parts of the car, like the windows and windscreens, are cleaned methodically for that extra dash of sparkle.  The additional step of cleaning the car engine is usually not opted for the car owners. However, if you plan to resale your car, cleaning the engine bay might be a good idea for a smoother and better performance. The bay is sprayed with water before being wiped with a degreaser. This is a seemingly simple and pivotal procedure! Advantages of Car Detailing Now that you know what is car detailing and the steps involved, it is important that you understand the significance of car detailing.
  3. 3. • Keeping the car in top-notch condition helps raise its value by 10-15%. • Opting for car detailing services helps maintain the exterior, preventing oxidation. • The car feels new and personalized. So, are you ready to opt for a car detailing service? Secure the services of car detailing Calgary based providers at affordable rates and make your car feel brand new! Resource is taken from : http://www.happybays.ca/blog/car-detailing-a-comprehensive- guide-for-beginners/ Happy Bays Car & Dog Wash Emai_Id : info@happybays.ca Phone_no. : 403-247-8338 Website : www.happybays.ca