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Keep your pet safe this summer with 5 effective tips

Summer can be a difficult season for the pets due to the unbearable heat and humidity. Now keep your pets safe with the right tips and techniques to follow.

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Keep your pet safe this summer with 5 effective tips

  1. 1. Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer With 5 Effective Tips With no signs of the temperature lowering any time soon, pet owners need to be extra cautious about their four-pawed friends. Summer can be an extremely difficult season for the pets. Injuries and infections are common, and trips to the vet become regular. But before you start panicking, there are effective ways to deal with the summer heat. With a few simple yet effective tips, you can keep your pet protected this summer. Want to know how? Keep reading to find out more.
  2. 2. Walk Your Dog with Caution During summer, you have to plan your dog’s walking schedule carefully. Avoid taking them out during the day’s heat. Also, it is pivotal to understand that it is not only the heat that can affect the dog, but the humidity can have its effect as well. Too much humidity prevents the dog from cooling itself, triggering the temperature to skyrocket to dangerous levels. Hence, plan the walk when the heat is low or better after sundown. If the dog’s temperature rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit, you should immediately rush to the vet. Never Ever Leave Them in the Car No matter how many windows you crack, the interior of a car can get extremely hot. In fact, the temperature inside a car can rise by 19 degrees Fahrenheit in almost 7 minutes. On an already hot day, this can be more dangerous than you anticipate. Don’t leave the poor thing in the car. If the place of visit doesn’t allow a pet, keep the furball at home. Try to Recognize the Signs of Heat Stroke Heavy panting, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, extreme drooling, rapid heartbeat or even weak and wobbly legs are signs of a heat stroke. If the required action is not taken on time, the consequences can be severe. Animals are at a higher risk of heat stroke. If you notice similar symptoms in your dog, refrain from placing him/her in ice cold water for it can cause shock. Place your pet in a cold place and use a wet towel to drape the body. Repeat the process as many times as possible, and rush to the vet immediately. Give Them Regular Baths Pets get hot a lot faster than you expect. Also, it is easier for the parasites to breed on their fur during the hot months. To combat such situations with can contribute actively to harming them, you need to ensure that the pet is taken for a proper wash as frequently as possible. There are numerous service providers of dog wash Calgary based. You can take your furball to any one of these providers to give a nice, soothing wash. Limit Their Outdoor Activities If you take your dog outdoors to exercise, you might want to rethink it. While exercising outdoors is a big no-no, the intensity and duration of the exercise even indoors should be done in sync with the temperature. If you still insist taking your dog outside, walk them on the grass as asphalt can burn their paws. Also, carry water to avoid dehydration. Use sunscreen to prevent the dog from getting sunburns (yes, they get that too!).
  3. 3. Thus, ensure that your dog is well-protected during the summer by keeping these effective tips and techniques in mind. Your pet deserves every bit of attention and you need to make sure that the pet is safe from the rising heat and temperature. You can take them in for the self-serve dog wash Calgary based to relieve them of the excruciating heat outside. Keep them indoors, and keep them hydrated. Stay safe and happy! Resource is taken from : http://www.happybays.ca/blog/keep-your-pet-safe-this-summer-with-5-effecti ve-tips/ Happy Bays Car & Dog Wash info@happybays.ca 403-247-8338 www.happybays.ca