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Sm mc donalds

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Sm mc donalds

  1. 1. CASE STUDY ONMcDonald’s
  2. 2. Team PandavaaZ Hardeep Singh Sharad Nidagundi Jayateerth Joshi Nitin Katwe Keerti Patil Juana Fernandes
  3. 3. Facts• McDonalds Is The Worlds Leading Global Foodservice Retailer With More Than 33,000 Locations Serving Approximately 64 Million Customers In 118 Countries Each Day.• More Than 80% Of McDonalds Restaurants Worldwide Are Owned And Operated By Independent Local Men And Women.• In India, McDonalds Is Managed By Two Indian Entrepreneurs. Amit Jatia, Vice Chairman, Hardcastle Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. Owns And Spearheads McDonalds Operations In West & South India.
  4. 4. Facts• Vikram Bakshi, MD And Joint Venture Partner, Connaught Plaza Restaurants Private Limited, Owns And Operates McDonalds In North And East India• McDonalds Now Has A Network Of Over 235 Restaurants Across The Country• The Company Invested Six Years To Develop Its Unique Cold Chain• India Is The First Country In The World Where McDonalds Does Not Offer Any Beef Or Pork Items.
  5. 5. How People Process & Physical Evidence UtilizedPeople• All the employees and staff members.• Providing Quality Employment And Long-term Careers.• Leveraging World Class-training Inputs To Create Ambassadors Of The Brand And Creating Food Service Professionals With Global Attitudes.• The Brand Currently Has Over 8000 Employees In India
  6. 6. How People Process & Physical Evidence Utilized• Stars As Per Their Performance.• Gives Employees Larger Role In Decisions.• Philosophy Of Quality, Service, Cleanliness And Value Is The Guiding Force Behind Its Service.• Fast Friendly Service.• Provides Clean, Comfortable Environment Specially Suited For Families.
  7. 7. How People Process & Physical Evidence UtilizedProcess• Supply Chain Is Three Tiered, Consisting Of Farms, Processing Plants, And Distribution Centers.• The Company Has Selected The Farmers Who Can Meet Its Quality And Supply Standards And Directly Sources The Produce From Them• Company Has Tied Up With Various Local Suppliers Like Vista Processed Foods Pvt. Ltd. A Joint Venture Of OSI Industries Inc., USA, And McDonalds India Pvt. Ltd.• The Next Level Of Supply Chain Activity Is The Distribution Of Processed Food To The Outlets.• Transporting The Processed Foods To The Outlets Using Temperature Controlled Transport Vehicles.• Foodland Provides Logistics Support To McDonalds By Providing Cold Storage Facilities.
  8. 8. How People Process & Physical Evidence UtilizedProcess• Food Manufacturing Transparent To Customers.• Training To The Licensees.• Invented The Most Efficient Cooking Equipment.• New Methods Of Food Packaging And Distribution.• McDonalds In India Followed The Same Tradition.• Spent Rs. 50 Crores On Market Research.
  9. 9. How People Process & Physical Evidence UtilizedPhysical Evidence• Creating A Right Ambience In Its Outlets. .• Positioned Its Outlets As A Restaurant That Caters To The Typical Indian Family.• Physical Environment Reflected That Image With The Atmosphere Being Informal And Bright.• Outlets Were Spacious For Kids To Play Around.• Families Had The Facility To Conduct Events Like Birthday Parties.
  10. 10. How People Process & Physical Evidence UtilizedPhysical Evidence• The Physical Evidence Appearance Affects Not Only The Impression Outsiders Have Of A Business But All The Way That Business Functions.• The Outlets Were Made Non-smoking Zones To Reflect The Sensibilities Of Indian Families• Staff Members.• Location & Appearance.• Buildings Maintenance.
  11. 11. Reasons That Have Contributed To TheIncreased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• Fast Food Is The Term Given To Food That Can Be Prepared And Served Very Quickly.• Low Preparation Time Can Be Considered To Be Fast Food.• Served To The Customer In A Packaged Form For Take- out/Take-away.• Franchise Operations Which Are Part Of Restaurant Chains Have Standardized Foodstuffs Shipped To Each Restaurant From Central Locations.
  12. 12. Reasons That Have Contributed To TheIncreased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• The Capital Requirements Involved In Opening Up A Fast Food Restaurant Are Relatively Low.• Common Menu Items At Fast Food Outlets Include Fish And Chips, Sandwiches, Pitas, Hamburgers, Fried Chicken, French Fries, Pizza, And Ice Cream, Although Many Fast Food Restaurants Offer "Slower" Foods Like Chili, Mashed Potatoes, And Salads.
  13. 13. Reasons That Have Contributed To The Increased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• In 2006, The Global Fast Food Market Grew By 4.8% And Reached A Value Of 102.4 Billion And A Volume Of 80.3 Billion Transactions. In India Alone The Fast Food Industry Is Growing By 40% A Year.• The Growth In Nuclear Families, Particularly In Urban India, Exposure To Global Media And Western Cuisine And An Increasing Number Of Women Joining The Workforce Have Had An Impact On Eating Out Trends.
  14. 14. Reasons That Have Contributed To TheIncreased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• The Main Reason Behind The Success Of The Multinational Chains Is Their Expertise In Product Development, Sourcing Practices, Quality Standards, Service Levels And Standardized Operating Procedures In Their Restaurants, A Strength That They Have Developed Over Years Of Experience In India.
  15. 15. Reasons That Have Contributed To TheIncreased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• Gender Roles: Gender Roles Are Now Changing. Females Have Started Working Outside. So, They Have No Time For Their Home And Cooking Food.• Customer Sophistication And Confidence: Consumers Are Becoming More Sophisticated Now.• Paucity Of Time: People Have No Time For Cooking. Because Of Emergence Of Working Women And Also Number Of Other Entertainment Items.• Double Income Group: Emergence Of Double Income Group Leads To Increase In Disposable Income.
  16. 16. Reasons That Have Contributed To TheIncreased Popularity Of Western Fast Food Chains In India• Large Population: India Being A Second Largest Country In Terms Of Population Possesses Large Potential Market For All The Products/Services.• Relaxation In Rules And Regulations: With The Economic Liberalization Of 1991, Most Of The Tariff And Non Tariff Barriers From The Indian Boundaries Are Either Removed Or Minimized.
  17. 17. THANK YOU