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Marketing plan-Just around the Bay

  1. Marketing Plan for Just Around The Bay Restaurant Harikrishnan B Menon CMBA-5 1504
  2. Executive Summary • Just Around The Bay(JATB) is targeted to corporate executives, family get2gether & Food & Wine lovers .This is located in the heart of Mumbai (Andheri West) from afternoon (Lunch) till post midnight . The primary marketing objective is to cater Food & Beverages to at least 20000 people in the 1st year &the financial objective is to achieve revenue of 5 million INR.
  3. Objectives • Food Cost to be kept below 30% of revenue. • Promoting and expanding the business as Unique Restaurant. • Expanding our marketing and advertising in Mumbai to increase our customer base. • Customer Satisfaction. • To create a Healthy and safe Environment.
  4. Mission • At JATB we have a very clear and precise mission, to impress our customers by giving them the highest degree of service possible and by providing them with the freshest, finest & good quality food at reasonable prices, in a soothing and comfortable environment.
  5. Vision • We will maintain our established reputation within our province and community for a high standard of: • ​Food quality, creativity and presentation • Consistent superior service and price value • ​Sanitation, appearance and overall professional attitude​​​​​​​​​​​
  6. Company Summary • The Interior Design • The Restaurant will Feature two venues: – One will be in the restaurant mainly for dining purpose and Family. – Other will be Outdoor for the Customer who wants something not so heavy like lunch and dinner. – Lounge( for waiting) and Bar Facilities will be provided. – Bean Bags will be provided in Lounge.
  7. Company Summary • The Menu: – There will be little bit flexibility in the menu at the starting of the Restaurant. • The Management: – One restaurant manager. – Chef according to need and demand. – One supply chain and inventory manager. – Waiters according to the number of tables.
  8. Company Start-Up • A space has to be rented of in an appropriate location . • Our start-up costs are mostly expensed equipment, furniture, painting, reconstruction rent, start-up labor, and legal and consulting costs associated with opening our restaurant.
  9. Locations and Operations • Andheri West will be strategically suitable because of the following reasons: • In front of Corporate Offices . • It also have residential societies like Raheja’s & Oberoi’s. • It doesn’t have even a single restaurant near this area who provides Food & Wine at the same place .
  10. Operation Criteria: • The restaurant will be located in Andheri West, Mumbai. The restaurant will service lunch & dinner and after-hours dining during the week and weekends. • Buffet will be Provided in lunch and dinner: – 799 INR-for Veg. – 999 INR –for Non Veg. • Mid-Night Buffet Will be available in Weekends upto 12 am-3 am. – 600 INR-for veg. – 800 INR-for Non veg. • Service will be during the following hours: – Lunch-12pm-4pm – Dinner-7pm-11pm
  11. The Menu: • We will provide the following cuisine: 1) Salads 2) Desserts 3) Drinks(Alcoholic, Non-Alcoholic & Wines) 4) Exclusive North Indian Speciality + Some dishes of Chinese and Italian, Thai Food, Sea food, Continental.
  12. Market Analysis • Today in India the trend of specialty restaurants is increasing • Dining Experience • Reasonable Experience
  13. Market Segmentation • Restaurant and Lounge intends to cater to a wide customer base. We Want everyone to feel welcome and entertained. We have defined the following groups as target segments that contribute to our growth projections: – Youths and Teenagers – Families – The peoples will generally fall in between 15 to 50.
  14. Strategy and Implementation • We intend to succeed by giving people a combination of excellent and interesting food in an environment. • We will focus on establishing a strong identity in our community with a grand opening. • We will create an appealing and entertaining environment with unbeatable quality at an exceptional price. • All menu items are moderately priced for the area
  15. Competitive Edge • Competitive edges will be: – An extraordinary contemporary restaurant design – Indian & Continental classic menu with featured menu – Inner and Outer Sector Marketing campaign(i.e “come to town” promotions) • Employee Training, Incentive and Retention program.
  16. Marketing strategy • Marketing strategy will be to promote our food, superior service, and exciting concepts to draw in the local repeat customers. Marketing initiatives will concentrate on the following: • Building and signage(Signage is any kind of visual graphics created to display information to a particular audience). • Customer service • Advertising and promotion
  17. Marketing program • Media marketing:- – Billboard advertisement. – Distribution of pamphlets. – Advertisement in local newspaper and T.V.
  18. Sales strategy • Our sales strategy requires consistently high quality food service , speed and atmosphere. We can accomplish this by: – Hiring employees who genuinely enjoy their jobs. – Continually assessing the quality of all aspects mentioned above. – Interacting with our customers personally , so they know that their feedback goes directly to owners – Evaluating food choices for popularity
  19. Management summary • Restaurant manager • Sommelier • Finance manager. • Supply manager. • Legal advisor. • Inventory manager. • Cashier cum receptionist.
  20. Publicity: Discount Coupons will be available on the Following Websites.