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Media Pitch Update

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Media Pitch Update

  1. 1. Our Pitch By Danny, Rhian, Harry and Hayley
  2. 2. FILM TITLE… Our film will be called ‘A Friendship to Die For’ A group of friends suspect that there’s a killer within their group. Inspiration… we got inspiration from a film called • This film is about a small group of teens who are in the woods and one of them is killed, the friends turn on each other because they are suspecting each other for the murder.
  3. 3. Stimulus • Based on pretty little liars and gossip girl • Theme of murder between friends • How some of friends find the murderer of another friend • Trust, friendship, hope, death.
  4. 4. Key Characters • These are our main characters of our film, We have included stereotypes of teenage characters. • Hayley – (Caring friend) • Danny – (Bully/ Pressuring friend) • Rhian – (Victim) • Murderer
  5. 5. Target Audience • Ages: 15-24 • Males and Females • We have chose this target audience because the teen thriller genre will appeal to the people of ages of 15-24 because the characters will be relatable to them.
  6. 6. Target Audience One film that we looked at the target audience for that would be similar to our film was ‘The Strangers’ as this film is similar to ours we thought that we would look at the target audience and compare how the plot of this would be compared to ours. As most of 74% of the people that watched the film were aged 15-24 this age group would be appropriate to aim our film opening.
  7. 7. The second film that we looked at was ‘House at the end of the street’ this film is similar to our film and the most popular age group was 15-24.
  8. 8. Genre • Our film is a Thriller • It focuses around the themes of trust and friendship. • It also has a large mystery in it.