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Unit 35 lo4

  2. OH snap Jinx HOMEPAGE
  3. COMMUNICATION WITH OTHERS One of the main features that will be within this application is that the users will be able to communicate with all of their friends and family in ways of messaging and even calling within the app. Throughout the app there will be several features that will be able to be used in order have a laugh with other users. Some of this will include the use of filters, video calls, voice calls and a strong partnership with other organizations will allow the users to make their kind of emoji's that they will be able to use as in-app purchase.
  4. WHAT THE PRODUCT MEANS AND WHY PEOPLE SHOULD USE IT For this app I am looking at creating my very own social media platform, in this the people using this will be able to share and broadcast what they are thinking or doing throughout their day etc. this can be shared with either just friends or everyone who chooses to view your story. People who should download and use my app because it will be a combination of more popular social media platforms commonly known as Facebook and Snapchat. This will mean that they will be able to share their own thoughts and give everyone an image or video of where they might be or what they are doing any time during the day.
  5. SUMMARY OF PAGES Looking over both of the drafts they are going to be very similar due to the very similar intentions with communication with others. To make my app more distinctive I will be making my logo a lot more vibrant and rememberable than others that are currently at the top for most popular social media platforms for example Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook. Secondly, the sign up pages, will be colorful and will be very similar every time when they comparing to others. The only change that will be made will be the choice of colors for this.
  6. LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES Copyright Issues: Social media users need to be more aware, regardless of who they are, of what they post online on any social media website. They should be more aware of what they post, just in case they end up infringing Copyright on some content, and then facing legal action against themselves. For example, on YouTube, a user cannot use a song within their own video for more than 30 seconds, therefore placing themselves in a potential risk. There is however a way of overcoming this and making sure that as a user of YouTube, they are protected, and quite simply this is by gaining the permission of the owner of the song, to use it in their video. Open Meeting Act: The open meetings act ensures that government decision making and legislation should be made publicly. The communications which take place on social media platforms have now gotten to a stage where they pose a threat or can introduce conflict within Open Meetings because it is such a new form of communication and the court cannot provide the guidance for the use of social media, by these people. Freedom of information act: Any information that goes onto or is used in social media and posted online or publicised in general, can be used and seen by the Government, they can see and state/control what each and every single user posts online. Discrimination: Many people across the world do not have access to the internet, and so do not have access to social media. People using social media sites or apps(on mobile devices)m should try and communicate with the whole world, and do this using more than one media platform to do so. Privacy: Many social media platforms, now allow their users to set their own Privacy settings, which allows them to control a number of things, for example, who views their profile, who can post comments and other content on the profile, and who can search for their social media page or channel. This is the one main way in which users can protect their privacy on social media sites, and control who does what on their user profile, as these settings are created and personalised for each individual user of the social media, therefore remaining personal to them and able to be more ‘Private’ than other people on these sites.
  7. GUIDELINES AND CONDITIONS The web standards project (WaSP): When looking at the terms of guidelines and conditions, I would look into using WaSP, due to them fighting for standards that reduce the cost and complexity of development while increasing the accessibility and long- term viability of any site published on the Web. The world wide web consortium (W3C): I would then use the W3C as they work together, in order to develop web standards for websites and such relevant things. Their mission is to “Lead the Web to its full potential”. Terms and conditions: I would go through the standard, necessary ones, and also look at the secondary feature, therefore have to imply more conditions of use and so on, because of this feature. When we look at terms and conditions of already existing Applications and Social Media Websites, we would see that they go through the standard rules of the app/social media, and also the rules that users have to follow if they do choose to sign up and start using the app/ website.
  8. REVENUE OF APP In order to make sure the application is able to make any kind of profit from the use of the app, also having people download the app, the use of adverts will always be most reliable source of income. I will have to pay a certain cost to be able to advertise my app as it depends on what kind of advert I will be looking to use, and where the advert will be placed, but also how big the advert will be. There are varied costs with adverts depending on those factors. In order to be able to gain downloads, site visits and uses, and also gain a significant amount of Subscriptions, I will have to advertise the product really well, and think smartly about how I will advertise it, and where. Social Media Advertising: The ads can vary in cost dependent on the factors discussed above, and also on the Social Media Agency that you choose to advertise with. It varies with a Social Media Agency because it depends on the experience level they have, the size of the Business that you are (How big the app is or social media is), the suite services you wish to hire (and many more factors). Social Media Advertising can cost between $1,000 to $20,000 a month. Source: The reason to why I have chosen this type of revenue source is because I feel that it will be the most effective and it will hold most relevance to the targeted audience for my app as it will consist of the favored clothing brands for example Nike.
  9. CONCLUSION In conclusion, we should see that throughout this LO, this had proved to be very challenging at times due to the fact that we had to make our own app and or website from scratch. Even though I used Snapchat as a back up and outline for my ideas there were still countable times where I was lost for ideas trying to make my own app different so that it would unique in comparison to others such as Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Trying to keep it simplistic, yet professional and clean is one of the best things on it as it created a challenge when I jumped from the original drafts, to what would be the Final versions of the Photoshop Drafts, which would end up being the final look of the app itself if it was to be made. The feature that I had to look into the most was the ‘Connect With Friends’, as it requires both users to have a connection at the same time, and its not actually been done before, therefore there was not much research or ideas to use and look into more.

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  1. More detail – talk about each or most of the pages!! How are your pages suitable for your target aduience