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Blast off

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Blast off

  1. 1. By Jordan and Lucas If you come to space with us you’ll have a paradise rush!
  2. 2. Lift off from…
  3. 3. Then we will travel to the moon.
  4. 4. Then we will land on the moonThe Moon is Earths only Moon. It has six times less gravity than Earth. The first man on theMoon was in 1969. That man who was on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. He was on theApollo thirteen. Neil Armstrong died at age of 82.
  5. 5. We will know travel to the ISS.“Here we are, the International Space Station”. Here we will test youragility and play twister in 6x less gravity than Earth. We will also providean all day buffet.( NO SODA ALlOWED.) We will also provide portableT.V. devices( only 2 channels because WE’RE IN SPACE).
  6. 6. Then we will travel to Mercury
  7. 7. Then we will arrive on MercuryMercury is the closest planet to the Sun.Earth’s moon is close to the size of Mercury.Since the extreme tempetures we will bring abucket of water time how fast it evaporates.
  8. 8. Then we will travel to Mars.
  9. 9. Then we will arrive on MarsHere we will have a mars rover race. We will also search for Martians becauseover the past year there have been pictures of “Martians” multiple times.
  10. 10. Then we will travel to Jupiter
  11. 11. Then we will arrive on Jupiter Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system. It’s the sixth planet from the Sun. And it’s a gas giant. And it has the Great Red Spot on it. It is the Giant of all Gas Giant.
  12. 12. Then we will travel travel to Uranus
  13. 13. Then we arrive on UranusFirst, don’t laugh. Second, it’s a planet. Scientist have a lot of theoriesabout Uranus and how its tilted. Some are that an astroid hit it.
  14. 14. Then we will travel to Halley’s comet
  15. 15. Then we will arrive at Halley’s cometSome comets tails can be up to 60 million miles long. They can get to wickedTemperatures. It takes 74 to 75 years for earth to see it.
  16. 16. Then we will be traveling back to Earth Earth is the third planet from the Sun.
  17. 17. We will be still traveling to Earth The Earth is 70% water and 30% land.
  18. 18. Then we will arrive back on Earth Hope you have a good trip!
  19. 19. We will hope you enjoy your trip We hope you come back next Year   