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[HATCH! FAIR 2013] Decision Making for Startups - Mr. Nguyen Tat Dac

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Decision Making for Startups
Presented by: Mr. Nguyen Tat Dac, Founder of K23

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[HATCH! FAIR 2013] Decision Making for Startups - Mr. Nguyen Tat Dac

  1. 1. decision making Dac Nguyen K23
  2. 2. Dac Nguyen FPT Software – Software Outsourcing Onebit Software – Software Outsourcing VNext – Software Outsourcing K23 – Online Marketing FYT K1 Member SME Vietnam Consultant Startup Weekend Mentor Kawaii Mentor SEO23Rocket – SEO Tool A33 – Human Resource Software SILO – Ticketing Service JupViec – Local Home Service AYYA – Career Consulting Service 20+ micro-sites (1M traffic/month)
  3. 3. AGENDA Soft Skills vs. Hard Skills Service vs. Product B2B vs. B2C Online vs. Offline Local vs. Global Function vs. UI/UX Tech vs. Non-tech Many Fast vs. One Slow Talent vs. Mass Members Web vs. App Q&A
  4. 4. SOFT SKILLS HARD SKILLS Communication Presentation English Analytical Thinking Coaching Mentoring Leadership, Management HR, Financial Management Sales, Marketing, Branding Product Development (Web, Mobile, Hardware) Customer Service 1/6
  5. 5. SOFT SKILLS HARD SKILLS Trained in soft skill centers Quite OK Easy to learn Take short time to have Trained in universities Seriously bad skill Not easy to learn Take long time to have
  6. 6. SERVICE Training Travelling PRODUCT Restaurant Cafe Phone Maker Hardware (TV, LCD…) Maker 2/6
  7. 7. PRODUCT/SERVICE 90/10
  8. 8. PRODUCT/SERVICE 50/50
  9. 9. SERVICE PRODUCT Intangible Perishable Define quality by Experience Difficult to repeat Intangible Storable Control Quality with Data Repeatable 2/6
  10. 10. B2B B2C Software Outsourcing Spare-parts Maker No-one knows E.g: General Electrics, IBM Chicken Farm, Vegetable Farm, XRay Maker Everyone knows E.g: Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook Restaurant, Health Care Service 3/6
  11. 11. B2B B2C Take years to decide Long term partner High expectation / quality Supply-chain Not many customer $$$$$$/a deal Sale: case by case Invest 1, sell 5, 10 customers, profit 40 Short time to decide No partner Lower expectation (unable to change) Many customers $/a deal Sale Automation Invest 100, sell 1, 1000 customers, profit 900 3/6
  12. 12. ONLINE OFFLINE E.g: Books, Low quality product E.g: Luxury Fashion, Phone Retail, Offline Training, Restaurant/Café, Local Services High investment Low investment Stop easily & quickly 4/6
  13. 13. LOCAL GLOBAL E.g: MuaChung, DiChung, MatTro, HotDeal, MuaRe, RongBay Local founders E.g: Emotiv, SeeSpace, Misfitwearables, Adatao (BigData) Global founders 5/6
  14. 14. FUNCTIONAL UI/UX E.g: MISA (accounting), Traditional HRM High cost Long time-to-market E.g: A33, MoneyLover, Joomlart Low cost Short time-to-market 6/6
  15. 15. thank you