Diagnose the Common Problems in the Car Before it too Late

Hayes European
16 Aug 2018

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Diagnose the Common Problems in the Car Before it too Late

  1. Diagnose the Common Problems in the Car Before it too Late
  2. Owning a car is not at all a difficult task, but taking care of it properly is the most daunting and time- consuming task.
  3. There are many problems associated with the car are encountered by the owner itself and hope that will not occur while you are traveling.
  4. Thus, the car problems can range from the simple to complex issues, in which you need a most experienced mechanic for its repair.
  5. Most of the car problems take more time to get repaired and sometimes that needs to be taken to a garage.
  6. Here the below points define the common problems in the car face by the car owners and basic knowledge about the problems arises in the car.
  7. When you turned on the ignition key to start the car, if you are not hearing any types of cranking noise then something wrong happens with the starter or the battery.
  8. If your engine won't start with a cranking noise, then check out the battery for identifying it is weak or completely discharged.
  9. For better verification, you can also test other parts of the car such as lights, radio or fan, and the windshield wiper.
  10. If you find that they do not work, then the battery of your car is dead completely or may have faulty battery connections.
  11. When you hear a clicking noise while staring your car, then it an indication that the starter motor of your car is not operating properly.
  12. Check the lights and windshield wiper of your car because they may have the problem with the starter.
  13. You will find whether it is jammed or could have some problem with the starter motor. Then locate the starter motor and tap it with a spanner.
  14. If your car contains a manual gearbox, then try to push and start or call your mechanic for getting the towing service.
  15. If the engine stops cranking after you release the key or if you find the engine of your car cranks very slowly, then you may have a weak or dead battery.
  16. First and most important things are to check the connection of the battery terminals thoroughly.
  17. If it is needed, then you can also clean and tighten the battery terminal and recharge the battery
  18. You can also move your car by following the jump-starting method which is mentioned in your user manual in detail or push-starting a manual gearbox.
  19. After selecting the transmission gear, if your engine is running, but the car unable to move, then the problem related to the car's transmission drive.
  20. In the manual shift transmission cars, first, you need to check the conditions of the clutch and adjust the clutches to solve the problem.
  21. The burned clutch facing may result in frequent slipping off the car and need immediate replacement.
  22. In the automatic transmission system check the transmission fluid level and the level of the ATF dipstick to run the car engine smoothly.
  23. The most common problems related with your car indicate the possible automotive problems and their probable causes.
  24. You can save your car from costly repairs by taking the timely actions of fixing the problems.
  25. You first need to visit a qualified mechanic for examining, diagnosing and repairing the car.
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