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Vhag profile 2013

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Vhag, Goa

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Vhag profile 2013

  2. 2. Introduction toVHAG… Voluntary Health Association of Goa (VHAG) is anon – profit organization, working in the field ofhealth promotion since 2001 in Goa. It is the state unit of the Voluntary HealthAssociation of India (VHAI), the largest health-careNGO in India, linking together over 4,500 memberinstitutions across India with branches virtually inevery state in the country.2
  3. 3. V H A GEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President : RajVaidya, M.Pharm Vice President: Prof. Silvano Dias Sapeco, M.D. Secretary : Dr. Anita Dudhane, MD, PhD Jt. Secretary: Dr. Ashwani Kumar, PhD Treasurer: Dr. G.A. D’ Costa, F.R.C.S.Ed.(Member of theVHAI NationalExecutive Committee) Members:Dr. Madhusudhan Joshi, M.Pharm, PhDMr. M. Sundaram, M.A.3
  6. 6. The Health Promotion Program of VHAGcomprises of the following projects : Breastfeeding promotion program in collaboration with DHS School health program Tobacco control program in collaboration with internationalUnion against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Health promotion among the adult population Malaria Elimination Campaign in collaboration with DHS School Health Camps in collaboration with Sanofi Baseline health Survey with the migrant workers of GSL Breast Cancer Awareness Program TB control Program (Axshya Project) in North Goa Mobile Health Care Project in Quepem Taluka7
  7. 7. BreastfeedingPromotion Program
  8. 8. BREASTFEEDING PROMOTIONPROGRAMAimTo assist three Hospitals (GMC, Asilo &Hospicio) in implementing the 10steps / guidelines of UNICEF tobecome a Baby Friendly Hospital.Full time Counselors in each of thehospitalsPre and Post-natal mothers arecounseled in the OPD & Wards : the importance of breastfeeding disadvantages of bottle feeding exclusive breastfeeding for 6months nutrition for mother and child family planning.TOTAL NO OF MOTHERSCOUNSELLED TILL March2013 ARE 38,8219
  9. 9. 11 Rally and talk to support Breastfeeding on 5th of August 2011 BreastfeedingWeek
  10. 10. 12Talks on: Nutrition/healthy eating habits, Tobacco & Alcohol abuse, Stress management Yoga and relaxation Importance of physical activity/exerciseStudents from 7th – 10th StandardSCHOOL HEALTHPROGRAM
  11. 11. Advocacy sessions in schools :“Make the young children responsible citizens of India andto be ambassadors of the anti-tobacco campaign”.TOBACCO CONTROLPROGRAM14
  12. 12.  Conducted 10 advocacy sessions in 10 schools in North Goaon : “ Harmful effects of Tobacco in Human Health “ Covered 1280 studentsCollaboration with Sesa Goa15
  13. 13. HEALTHPROMOTION INCOMMUNITIES Session on the illeffects ofTobacco16WorldTobacco Day 2011
  14. 14. Press Conference with noted Film Director Shri. RamanKumar was organized on “Banning Smoking in Films”at Hotel Delmon on 1st Dec. 201017
  15. 15. 18HEALTH CAMPS IN THE SCHOOLS VHAG in collaborationwith Sanofi-aventis isengaged in providingearly diagnosis andtimely care to the schoolchildren of VernaIndustrial Area
  16. 16. Due to VHAG’s Intervention alot of students have beendiagnosed for various diseasesand are taking further treatment.VHAG has covered about 5,352till March 201319
  17. 17. 20Immunization18%Undernourished10%Ear/ ENT19%Anemia2%Oral Ulcers1%Obesity1%Heart Problems1%skin problems4%Deworming14%Eyeproblems1%NAD29%Consolidated information of all the schools
  19. 19. 23 In collaboration with sanofi -aventis a half day workshop on breast cancerwas organized on 8th March to mark International Womens Day. Around 100 women attended the workshop Besides there were workshops at SHG’s at Parra & AssnoraBREAST CANCER AWARENESSCAMPAIGN
  20. 20. MALARIA ELIMINATION PROGRAM24In collaboration with DHS3 full time field staff of VHAG have beenworking both in north and south GoaBehaviourChangeCommunication
  21. 21. Objectives:- To identify all the construction sites in target area. To find out mosquito breeding sites in target area. To creates awareness about malaria and prevention of malariain workers. To impart behaviour change communication. To make the construction sites malaria free25
  22. 22. 26
  23. 23. Project AxshyaPROJECT AXSHYA27
  24. 24. Project ObjectivesState Launch – Goa, 27th April, 2011In collaboration with the international Union for tuberculosis and VHAI,VHAG launched the Axshya Project in Goa with the following objective. To improve the reach, visibility and effectiveness of RNTCP through civilsociety support Engage communities and community-based care providers to improveTB care and control, especially for marginalized and vulnerablepopulations including TB-HIV patients.28
  25. 25. Training of CBO’s Training of RHCP’sState level TOT on Soft skills BCC Training of communityVolunteers29
  27. 27. GKS and COMMUNITY EVENTS 12 monthly meetings per district with GKS,Schools and SHGs. (Sensitize, promote anddisseminate patient charter forTB care) 2 Community wide awareness programmers perdistrict per month per NGO.31
  28. 28. Printing and display of Patient Charter Sensitise, disseminate and promote adoption of thePatients’ Charter for TB Care among all stakeholdersVHAG has translated the Patient charter intoKonkani and will be displaying them in prominentplaces across the districts.32
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. 34
  32. 32. Trainings/Workshops conducted State Level Workshop “Tobacco Control and the Role ofEnforcement Agencies in Goa” District Level Workshop on Role of Enforcement Agencies(North & South Goa) District Level Workshop on Tobacco Free EducationalInstitutions (North & South Goa) Training of Enforcement Squads – North Goa Training of HOD’s – South Goa State Level training of Enforcement Squad36
  33. 33. State Level Workshop “Tobacco Control and theRole of Enforcement Agencies in Goa” – 29th May2012
  34. 34. WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY 31st MAY 2012
  35. 35. DISTRICT TASK FORCEMEETINGS4 by North Goa District Task Force6 by South Goa District Task Force39
  36. 36. District Level (South Goa) Workshop on Role of EnforcementAgencies – July - 2012
  37. 37. District Level (North Goa) Workshop on Role of EnforcementAgencies – Aug. 2012
  41. 41. Tobacco News – 2012-1345
  42. 42. Tobacco News – 2012-1346
  43. 43. District Level (North Goa) Workshop on Tobacco FreeEducational Institutions – Dec. 2012
  44. 44. District Level Workshop(South Goa) on Tobacco Free EducationalInstitutions – Dec. 2012
  45. 45. Training of Enforcement Squads – North Goa – Dec. 2012
  46. 46. Training of HOD’s – South Goa – Jan. 2013
  47. 47. State Level training of Enforcement Squad
  49. 49. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION No proper health facilities No proper water facilities Poor irrigation facilities Large number of school dropouts Large number of unemployed people especially youth Poor public transport Poor access to villages located on hills Most villagers are poor and need to struggle for livelihood.53
  50. 50. Activities conducted in Quepem Health Camps in the Schools Health Camps in theVillage Dental Camps in the village Dental camps in the schools Eye camps in the village Eye Camps in the schools Conducting Health Awareness talks in the villages andschools Doing follow ups54
  51. 51. School Camps Screening of about 4000+ students till date for various healthproblems such as-Anemia-Thyroid-Heart problems-Skin problems-Immunization status-Vision, hearing problems-Dental caries-Deworming-BMI calculation55
  52. 52. 56
  53. 53. Monitoring of general parameters like Height and Weight as well asvital parameters like Blood pressure and pulse rate.57
  54. 54. 58
  55. 55.  Children who require treatment are either given so bythe project team or referred to appropriate healthcentres along with counseling of their parents/teacherregarding their health problem and further line ofmanagement. Follow up with school teacher/parents regarding thechildren who were advised on further management.59
  56. 56.  Imparting health education to all school childrenon important health issues like-Personal hygiene-Dental hygiene-Nutrition-Cleanliness-Ill effects of tobacco, alcohol etcBy means of health awareness talks and IECmaterial in the form of posters, flipcharts etc.60
  57. 57. Sister Rajani Kamat giving heath awareness talk to studentson Nutrition61
  58. 58. Demonstration of certain activities like Hand-Washing, Garbage Dumping etc by means of role-play62
  59. 59. Village Camps•Screening of about 1400 villagers till date forVarious illnesses like-Cataract/vision problems-Hearing problems-Hypertension, ischaemic heart disease andOther heart related ailments.-Kidney problems-Respiratory ailments esp. COPD in smokers-Skin problems-Thyroid disorders-Other ailments63
  60. 60. 64
  61. 61. Measuring the blood pressure65
  62. 62. Providing medicines for those requiring treatment66
  63. 63. First-aid services are also provided during the camp inthe form of wound dressing etc67
  64. 64. Dental Camps Conducted68
  65. 65. Eye Camps Conducted69
  66. 66. Diabetes Screening Camps Conducted70
  67. 67. • Cases which require further treatmentare referred to district/tertiary hospital as wellas private hospitals.• Follow up of cases requiring furthertreatment is done either with the patientor with the respective panchas of thatparticular ward71
  68. 68. Imparting Health awareness with the help of IECMaterials such as posters, flipcharts etc.on topics like Ill effects of tobacco/alcohol Nutrition Personal hygiene Sanitation Women related problems Other social issues72
  69. 69. Awareness Talks in the villages73
  70. 70. • Dietary advice is given to Hypertensive anddiabetic patients. These patients are alsoadvised on the importance of regular monitoringand medication.• House visits are made by the project team so asto enquire about the socioeconomic status,sanitation facilities and other psycho-socialproblems, as well as to develop a repo with thevillagers.74
  71. 71. 75Ongoing projects…Continue with our flagship programs :TB Care & Control Program (Axshya)Tobacco control (Smoke- free Goa campaign)Health promotion in schoolsMalaria Control ProgramBreastfeeding promotion ProgramSchool health Program with Sanofi-IndiaMobile Health Care Project
  72. 72. 76FUTURE PLANS…Work towards a ArogyapurnaCanaconaVHAG is keen on starting a projectto reduce the prevalence of alcoholin Goa.More health publications for thepublic
  73. 73. THANKYOU77