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Pre legacy part 1

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Chapter 2.3
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Pre legacy part 1

  1. 1. Do you like Legacies? Do you like the Apocalypse Challenge? If you do, then I know without a doubt that you have never played one in your life or you are lying through your little point teeth!!! ........ Sorry about that. I take back my unkind words. There are many of you that have created wonderful stories of your legacies. You have succeeded where many have failed. and I HATE YOU ALL!!!!! ......... Sorry, Sorry you must forgive me, you see I am one of those who have failed. *Snif snif* I have tried my hand at the Apocalypse Challenge 4 times. Yes, I am pathetic. my Sims always die in the early stages. The game is hard without boolprop. *snif*
  2. 2. "Are you done wallowing in self-pity, piercing my delicate ears with you pathetic whining?" *Snif* In a second, I have a few more..... *snif snif* Ok I’m done now! "Plumbob Almighty you are hopeless. Be glad I am no longer confined in that itty bitty head of yours or I'd be giving you a reason to 'snif snif' " Sorry, I'm trying my best. This aggressive yet, very lovely Sim is Me or rather not Me, but a alternate me or maybe...?
  3. 3. "Oh please stop, you'll hurt yourself with the strain of it all. What this single cell organism is trying to say, is that I was created from her determination to complete a legacy (of any type). You see this mental case developed a complex, because of her continued failure with legacies. I manifested into being to ensure she completes one at any cost. I think that's what the Shrink said anyway." Yeah it was hard to understand him with that accent. Long story short she is my evil twin Simself Circe0419 aka Circe.
  4. 4. "hey, goody-two-shoes, I've been meaning to ask why am I a YA? Shouldn't I be cracking a whip over a founders head so we can get this legacy thing started? Is one of those girls the founder?" Well, not really, you see I.... Ok I admit it I have no founder! I didn't make one yet. I couldn't decide what type of person I wanted or the theme or anything. *snif snif* So, I though that maybe if I sent you to Uni. that maybe you would find a founder for me.... Please.. Pretty Please. "PLUMBOB!! Fine I'll find someone, if I’m going to be the one pushing this thing along, then I should pick the founder. I would be afraid of who you'd pick, Goopy most likely."
  5. 5. I do have some taste. In any case, if you are in Uni then you'll have plenty of time to find someone and besides, building a Sorority will be perfect practice. I am Determined not to use the boolprop! Wow did I really say that? No boolprop, no Boolprop, nope not ready, can't do this- "Will you shut it! Go get some Ice cream and cry in a corner. It's time to play. Hey you front and center we got a Sorority to build."
  6. 6. This is Hitomi Higarashi, I did use boolprop, but just to change the names. Come on her name was Viola Almassizadleh. I can't even pronounce that. I don't think I spelled it right either. She is a Family Sim with a LTW to be Captain Hero.
  7. 7. This is Estelle Montgumery, again this one had a bad name too Vamsi Jalowitz. She is Knowlege with a LTW of being a Game Designer.
  8. 8. "Ok ladies, We got a mission; 1.) Make money anyway you can. I am not living outside when seasons is installed. 2.) Make lots of friends. Oh and if you see some Unies all dressed in black suits show a little leg, we gotta bag them as buddies quick. Writing term papers is too slow. 3.) Target Practice. The sooner we find a Vict.. uh Founder the better."
  9. 9. “ 1.) Money gathering as a personal trainer & Barista. Mission Complete.”
  10. 10. “ 2.) Black Jacket trap Successful. Mission Complete”
  11. 11. “ No luck finding a potential founder, too many UGLY things around. However the Sorority House is coming together. With a few more Community trip we may be able to buy beds and stuff.”
  12. 12. This is pretty much the daily routine. Freshman & Sophomore year was down right boring. It's only when my Simself rolled a want for a fruit tree that NPC started to finally show up. Honestly no Cheerleader, No Mascot, No Cow for 2 full Sim years.
  13. 13. “ What are you doing in my Sanctuary of Green!” “ I heard down at the student center that you got a apple tree. Can I help with it?”
  14. 14. “ Two words, Cow Fodder. Do you get me Goopy Streaker?”
  15. 15. And to back that threat up Circe swiped this fella. His name is Cricket. I named him after a friends Cat. Nobody can mess with Cricket, but his Mama. and No, that's not the Goopy-Streaker. I really don't know who that is.
  16. 16. Well, it might be him. What do you think Estelle? "aaahhhhh" Yeah, I didn't think so either. :p
  17. 17. "If 3 Simselves share a desire to 'what's this?' a garden gnome and 2 Townies go trash can kicking on the same lot. How many Sentry Bots would be need to punish the trespassers?" Ha ha I know the answer. Anyone who has played Sims as long as I have would know too.
  18. 18. This is Gina, Our resident Diva. Newest Member of Artemis House. By the way, that is the Sorority's name, Artemis House. Artemis is the Greek goddess of the Moon, Hunting, and Independent women. So, what better name for a Greek Sorority then Artemis?
  19. 19. Gina is quite the Popular Sim, Though she is Romance, not Popularity. Everybody likes her. She has a devoted Boyfriend (too bad for him she's Romance) and plenty of Friends (who will no doubt be more then friends in the future) and of course Xavier here.
  20. 20. Nooooooooo!! Diva I mean Gina Nooooo!!.... wait a sec...Zion? oops Gina's Boy toy. I guess I shouldn't go on 3 speed when Xavier is haunting about. I didn't even get a picture of the guy before he Croaked. Poor Devoted fool.
  21. 21. I wasn't going to rez him, but Gina started to cry. I didn't think she cared that much. She is romance after all. “ Hey, Grimmy how's it going. How's the hula twins? No, I am not going to tell you what I'm wearing. Anyway Grimmy, I need a favor.... “ Told you everybody likes her.
  22. 22. I think you made Grimmy a wee bit jealous with the 'please bring my other boyfriend back to life' thing. “ Why do you think that Floating Voice?” .... anyway, Zion can stay at Artemis House. I know he's not of the female sort, but I need character in this place. All anybody wants to do is Garden and 'Research with Someone', Even my Simself. I need some spice.
  23. 23. Spice of Character people! Keep it PG!
  24. 24. "Aw my salmon. I was looking forward to it too." Um Estelle, maybe now isn't the time to develop a bad memory of burnt food. "Maybe it's still good? Do you think, maybe?"
  25. 25. "What tha... Fire Fire! Save the Lucky Kitty!" Finally someone noticed. Estelle just walked away and ate her burnt Salmon. Some knowledge Sim. Aren't they Observant and stuff? She even had a Fear of fire in her panel.
  26. 26. There you are. Shouldn't you be helping me find a founder? "Can't you see I'm in my Sanctuary of Green. This is the only peace I get between Classes, Kitchen fires, rezing stupid House guest that just got to 'grab the cake' , Because SOMEONE doesn't lock the gate. Oh and if you didn't realize we are out of money with all those long distant call to Hades." You didn't have to rez them. What's so bad about a few green tinted ghost? "I'm a Family Sim if you recall and Freaking Family Sims have fears of ghost!" Ahh yes, I did make you family in the hopes that motherly instinct would help move the legacy along. oh and don't look up.
  27. 27. "why- AAAAAhhhh" I told you not to. This is Kenya ... something. She came to a toga party and lets just say she didn't want to leave or rather couldn't leave.
  28. 28. Poor simself Circe, she ran into Kenya a few too many times. "Vat do ve have here. Ah de little Zimzelv created from de Complex. No vorry, ve have you zane zoon."
  30. 30. “ I feel great. Thanks for the session Doc. This little episode has opened my eyes. I feel renewed, yet oddly hostile at the same time, but refreshed all the same!” “ Good good. ve vish you vell. (note; be on good side of dis von) and ask you to remember us as allies in de vuture.”
  31. 31. The Sorority has grown a bit. On the right is new roomie Jane Zaidi. “ Look Janie, a non green-tinted ghost.”
  32. 32. “ What? non green? Is it Red?”
  33. 33. “ Hey, that ghost was green.” “ No no I swear it's white.”
  34. 34. Funny how a ghost can change color when it's scaring. The freaked out lady on the left is Viola. Yep, another Viola. I'm so tempted to change it, but then I'll forever be changing them. There has to be like 5 names in the whole game Viola, Ravi, Marion, Celeste, & Steven spelt 6 different ways.
  35. 35. “ Told you.” “ That doesn't count.”
  36. 36. Zion is the greatest. He helps with the Sanctuary of Green and does all of his class work and term papers himself.
  37. 37. He fixes things around the house. He moved in with maxed mechanical, which is a go thing since he's the one who breaks the computers.
  38. 38. ..... ok, everybody has a flaw or two. so, he would rather sponge bathe, then use the shower room up stairs. He's a Zombie, maybe the high pressure water does damage to the decomposing skin, maybe?
  39. 39. “ There's something Sexy about a Zombie in a suit that's just irresistible.” Zion got into the 'not so secret anymore society'. Now everybody in the house is a member .
  40. 40. Graduation day is almost here for our 3 starting members of Artemis House. That would be Circe, Estelle, & Hitomi. Which means it's time to get in some last minute skilling for the real "Sim" world.
  41. 41. “ I call it Ode to Circe, a mixed arrangement of finely colored tulips.” I get the feeling that my Simself isn't taking this founder search seriously.
  42. 42. Now here is a girl that takes things seriously. She's been at this for hours and has yet to tire. That people is determination. You hear that Simself Me? This ones got potential.
  43. 43. Here is Jessica, the former Cheerleader, now current Artemis Member. Thanks to her term papers got turned in on time. :D
  44. 44. And she also feeds Cricket. I like to keep it her job, just in case there is an "accident" I would be heartbroken if poor hardworking Hitomi had a craving for cake one day. Speaking of which, she's still body building on the treadmill. “ Hey! We got a problem!”
  45. 45. “ Fire! Somebody get me a wet towel, a bucket of ash, Marshmallows, come on people move move!”
  46. 46. What Happened!? One sec she's Skilling like a good Sim and then bomb fire. Did the Treadmill explode?
  47. 47. Thank heavens, though I am surprised you're helping. “ The fire is too close to my room and we're out of Marshmallows.” *Sigh*
  48. 48. “ Ok, let's have a look here. Yep, Hitomi Higarashi, so is anyone going to plead? I have a full schedule so make it quick. I'm trying Grimmy, but Gina won't stop crying and she's in the way. Stupid narrow hallway!
  49. 49. I.. I didn't make it. *snif snif* No, Hitomi you were too young too pretty, and too dedicated to die. *snif* Poor Poor little Hitomi. Did I work you too hard, did the Treadmill Explode or was it SSC (Sudden Sim Combustion) Why!?
  50. 50. "Will you Shut up! Plumbob! I am not going to listen to your whining. There is only one thing to do"
  51. 51. “ Hey, Grimmy, no Jessica has been feeding Cricket regularly. No, It's not Jessica. I'm calling about Hitomi. Yeah, the SSC victim.” Wait Circe I thought you said you had no money left. How are you going to rez Hitomi if.. No you wouldn't. No, Circe, you can't do that too her.
  52. 52. I hope your happy. You just turn a honest, hardworking, Sim into a--
  53. 53. Hideous creature? She's ok! But how? “ Did you really think I would allow another Sponge Bathing Corpse in the house. One is enough thank you.” What about the money? Did we subscribe to the frequent buyers program? “ Well that did help, but I sold the treadmill and flower workbench to break even. I still wounder if it really was SSC or not. I have heard stories, but I have never seen it.”
  54. 54. “ That gives me an idea! An excellent Idea!” “ Ok, Thanks Circe, but I gotta go. I make it a point not to involve myself with anything that Causes the " Montgomery Burns" hand thingy.”
  55. 55. What is this Mr. Cow? Cheating ring above ones head is never a good sign.
  56. 56. “ Try and hit on my girl, I see. Well, Cow we got problems, you and I. So, let's discuss this shall we?”
  57. 57. Ooww, didn't your mom teach you that taken girls are off limits? It's one thing to have an enemy, it's another for that enemy to be a Zombie. Zion continued to go slap happy for sometime and it never ended in a fight. Pity.
  58. 58. I almost feel sorry for him, almost.
  59. 59. “ Zion sweetie, believe me it was all one sided. You Know I only have eye for my honey zombie.”
  60. 60. “ I know it sweet lips. I just don't trust the Cow. How dare he try and take my sweet lips from me.” “ I know what will cheer you up.”
  61. 61. Yeah, I think that did it.
  62. 62. What's up Circe? You only go to the Sanctuary of Green when your stressed. "I feel as if my time here is finally at an end. THANK PLUMBOB!!"
  63. 63. "Please let me spin into something pretty." *crosses fingers*
  64. 64. *Sigh* " I can't cut a break. " So, tell me after all the knowledge you have acquired here in college, have you found the future founder of my legacy? " Oh yeah, That is what I was here for wasn't it." WHAT! Please, don't tell me you forgot. "Don't worry, I won't tell you" *scream*
  65. 65. "He He, You are so much fun to torture. I found your oh so precious founder." *sigh of relief* I had faith in you the entire time. I knew you would pull through. "Sure you did, excuse me while I roll my eye."
  66. 66. “ Where to Miss?” “ Is it possible to drive out of ' a livin' hell'?” Will Circe chosen founder be able to take up the job as leader in this unknown Legacy and who is this founder anyway? Will we ever find out what happened to the treadmill? SSC maybe? Will the Driver be able to drive out of hell? Most likely not. We you see if these questions are answered in our next installment.
  67. 67. That ends my Pre-legacy that's not really a legacy yet, story. I hoped you enjoy it. All CCs were created by extremely talent people, not me. Well, the dress Circe is wearing is mine, but everything else is not. If you would like to know about any items you have seen you can sign my guest book. Happy Simming!