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Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART)

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As enterprises build their cloud adoption strategy, conducting a cloud readiness assessment is of strategic importance. HCL believes that application readiness and compliance controls are the pre-requisites for determining a business-oriented cloud adoption strategy.
HCL’s Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART) enable organizations to assess their “Cloud-readiness” using a powerful self-driven analysis. It uses a broad array of 25 technical, business, compliances and security parameters to perform the cloud-readiness analysis across three different aspects - Technical & Architecture, Application & Security. The Tool is based on Excel based workbook with easy to use methodology for filling the data & then helps generating a standard & basic Cloud Assessment within minutes

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Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART)

  1. 1. CARTing to the Cloud How Organizations Can Virtualize their IT Systems in a Seamless Manner
  2. 2. Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART) evaluates “Cloud-readiness” of an organization based on 20+ parameters spanning technical, business, compliance and security domains. This self-driven assessment takes into consideration aspects like present IT architecture, application and security before presenting a comprehensive analysis. What is HCL Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool
  3. 3. How Will CART Benefit Your Organization? • Will align cloud computing and business strategies for resource maximization • Recommend best suited platform and solution customization • Provide comprehensive costing and ROI before initialization The assessment typically takes 4-6 weeks to provide analysis
  4. 4. CART Prerequisites • Infrastructure & Application Details: HCL will need access to your IT landscape to understand application/workload behavior • Compliances Details: HCL will require regulatory requirement details like audit reports for specific compliances
  5. 5. • Cloud Assessment Report - This includes workload and applications mapped to recommended deployment models in Cloud including IAAS (Private or Virtual) across Public & Private • Deployment Model Choice: Includes Cloud recommendation w.r.t. to PaaS , SaaS or PaaS for specific workloads categories What CART will Yield
  6. 6. Questions • Why it is recommended to embrace Cloud computing • How CART analyzes an organization’s Cloud computing needs? • What kind of ROI can be expected after migrating to Cloud? • Is data security a concern in Cloud computing? Click here for more information on Cloud Consulting & Assessment
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