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English Presentation

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English Presentation

  1. 1. The U.A.E National DayBy: Hassan Douglah
  2. 2. What is the U.A.EThe United Arab Emirates,abbreviated as the UAE, orshortened to "the Emirates", is acountry situated in the southeast ofthe Arabian Peninsula. The U.A.E is afederation of seven emirates (states),each governed by a hereditary emir.The U.A.E’s national language isArabic and Islam is the officialreligion.There are approximately eight and aquarter million people living in theU.A.E but only 19% of those areEmirati, or ‘locals’.
  3. 3. The Emirates• The seven emirates are:Ras Al KhaimaUmm Al QuwainFujairahSharjahAbu DhabiDubai
  4. 4. Brief history of the U.A.E UAE forms and joins A leader dies the Arab UAE’s first Invasion of Diplomatic First a new oneA Discovery League meeting Kuwait Relations Elections takes over The Strategy 20051950s 1971 1981 May 1991 1998 December 2006 January 2007 After independenc UAE unveils a e, Abu national Dhabi, Sheikh Sheikh development Ajman, Khalifa Maktoum bin strategy Dubai, announces Rashid al- aimed at Fujayra, plans for the Maktoum, making it a Sharjah, and UAEs first UAE PM and world leader. Umm al- elections. Half vice-president Dubai and Qaywayn of the and ruler of Qatar become become the UAE restores members of Dubai, dies the two UAE. Sheikh UAE is a diplomatic the during a visit biggest Zayed Bin- beginning relations with consultative to Australia. shareholders Sultan Al member of Iraq; they Federal He is of the London Nuhayyan the Gulf UAE forces were severed National succeeded by Stock takes over Cooperation join the allies at the Council will be his brother, Exchange, the country. Council; its against Iraq outbreak of elected by a Sheikh the worlds UAE joins first meeting after the the 1991 Gulf limited Mohammed third largestOil is the Arab is held in Abu invasion of number of bin Rashid al- stockDiscovered League. Dhabi. Kuwait. War. citizens. Maktoum. exchange.
  5. 5. Any questions?
  6. 6. Why is the U.A.E National Day Celebrated? It marks the UAEs formal independence from the United Kingdom and the eventual unification of the seven emirates in 1971 which combined to form the modern-day country. However, Ras Al Khaimah did not join in until 1972. Even though the U.A.E is now completely independent there are still signs all over the country that show that the U.A.E has a treaty with the United Kingdom, the most obvious one being the shape of the coins used.
  7. 7. 50 fils 20 pence
  8. 8. How is it celebrated?People celebrate bypainting their face with theflag’s colours. They also goout on the streets and do amaseera (parade), in whichthey decorate their carswith flags and pictures ofthe leaders.There are also differentcelebrations that are heldin each of the differentEmirates.
  9. 9. Celebrations in FujairahThe main event that is held inFujairah is the Al Saif TraditionalSword Competition. There is aparade here as well but it issmaller than the one held in AbuDhabi and Dubai.There are also children programsheld in Fujairah which includes awide variety of activities like 5-v-5football with a huge prize for thewinning team. Alongside thesefestivities there are several placesthat hold traditional folk danceseach hour.
  10. 10. Celebrations in Abu Dhabi In Abu Dhabi an annual motorbike parade is held along the Corniche, which is followed by a firework display. Traditional horsemanship can also be watched during the National Day in the Yas Marina circuit. There is also an official ceremony in which the official heads of the U.A.E attend. This ceremony is usually a play that shows the history of the U.A.E
  11. 11. Celebrations in DubaiThe celebrations in Dubai iswhere the money comesout. The Dubai Fountaindoes a show to the U.A.ENational Anthem every twohours. People drive from theDubai Mall to the JBR(Jumeirah Beach Residence)in a huge parade. Streets getblocked and the parade runsfrom 9pm until 1am.
  12. 12. Dubai Fountain Beginning of the Dubai Parade
  13. 13. Any questions?