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Heartwood - Virtual Training for Operations & Maintenance

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Heartwood empowers companies and organizations to:
Accelerate user learning
Reduce Operation & Maintenance training costs
Decrease the need for expensive live training
by deploying 3D Interactive Training technology and applications.

We help Operations & Maintenance workforce learn complex procedures by allowing them to practice on equipment virtually, via 3D Interactive Training applications.
This fully interactive virtual training provides a modern day alternative to training manuals, videos, passive e-learning and hands-on experience that enables the user to ‘Learn by Doing‘ anytime, anywhere, on any platform – Web, PC, Mobile and Tablets.

As a market leader, we support a strong base of customers and partners including Apple, Pratt & Whitney, Audi, Sikorsky, Oshkosh, Raytheon and the U.S Navy.

Our Brand Promise – is to equip you with the gold standard in effective learning solutions, without the burden and risk of the learning curve coming to you.

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Heartwood - Virtual Training for Operations & Maintenance

  1. 1. Heartwood was founded with a vision to “revolutionize the way information - rich learning content is engaged with, understood, and retained” Founded in Silicon Valley, 2002.
  2. 2. “How is your training conducted Today?”
  3. 3. Practice on actual equipment response #1
  4. 4. Practice on actual equipment response #1 Disadvantages NOT effective Starting/Ending Point Equipment Cost Repair & Maintenance Cost NOT Portable NOT Scalable
  5. 5. PPT. Style e-learning courses or video response #2
  6. 6. ???
  7. 7. Disadvantages A lot of SHOWING, not much DOING NO practice, NO Training Default to Response #1 - practice on equipment PPT. Style e-learning courses or video response #2
  8. 8. If… Live Training – expensive, not scalable eLearning – no practice, not engaging … How do we Bridge this GAP?
  9. 9. I hear, I FORGET I see, I remember I DO, I understand. Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC)
  11. 11. 10,000 hour Rule
  12. 12. “...Innate gift and talent and a certain amount of intelligence are important, but what really pays is ordinary experience... the magic number..for Mozart and for so many outliers...appears to be 10,000 (hours)” Malcolm Gladwell
  13. 13. “An average high schooler will have played 10,000 hours of games by graduation – only 100 hours less than they will have spent in the classroom.” Jane McGonigal
  14. 14. From learning by listening to learning by doing… Education and learning will become as much fun as videogames. And we call it ‘full body learning.’ Bing Gordon Partner, KPCB
  15. 15. If it’s supposed to be all VISUAL, Then why am I still TALKING?
  16. 16. DEMO VIDEO
  17. 17. OUR PRODUCT OFFERING 3D INTERACTIVE TRAINING Learn-by-doing Visual & Interactive Portable
  18. 18. Mobile & Touch Centric Generation T (Touch) GUI to NUI (natural user interface) Tablet - hero of tomorrow’s training novel
  19. 19. Recap 1. Learn-by-doing, not-seeing : No practice, No training 2. Capture today’s knowledge for tomorrow’s workforce 3. Mobile & Touch centric 4. Train anytime, anywhere – Portable|Scalable|Modular
  20. 20. Using 3d interactivity is compelling, …but why with heartwood?
  21. 21. Just because they have counted The trees… …doesn’t mean they have seen the Forest
  22. 22. OUR PRODUCT OFFERING Everything – by - doing TRAINING - by practicing TESTING - by performing CHECKLIST - by guiding
  23. 23. Training by practicing Testing by performing CHECKLIST by guiding
  24. 24. OUR PRODUCT OFFERING Mobile | web | touch Built like Apps Simple to Use Frictionless Experience
  25. 25. OUR PRODUCT OFFERING ‘Stunning’ visual quality Engage, then Educate! No more ‘Death by PowerPoint’
  28. 28. CONTACT US! info@hwd3d.com 8 8 8 . 7 8 1 . 0 2 7 4
  29. 29. Credits Slide 11 : http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindseymatteis/2436672361/ Slide 16,17,18 : Gamer to Operator - http://markrondina.com Slide 19 : Mary Meeker - http://www.kpcb.com/insights/2012-internet-trends